Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford Fragrance / Cologne Review

Hey friends, back with a review of Tuscan Leather. This is one of my favorite Tom Ford fragrances as it is classy, sophisticated, and masculine and very well blended. Let me know what you think of this one and thanks for all of your support!

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ForeverFragrantKid says:

Great review! 🙂 As a woman, i actually like this one myself. Definitely one of the better private blends IMO.

robes08 says:

Great review on a classic TF. Thanks Ashton.

No Way says:

How many coke sniffers wear Tom Ford?

thepeeps07 says:

This is the best Tom Ford has to offer. It smells incredible. One of my top five scents of all time.

Timothy Khoo says:

Ashton!! Using TV box for TL video?? Sacrilegious!! Hahaha!!
But seriously, another great video mate!

Johmathan .B. Swift says:

Excellent review . I love this one too.
Wishing you the best that life can bring in
Happy New Year.

José Hernandez says:

MORE WIFE !!!!!!!

Chris Sétian says:

When i was in Paris this summer, i smelled hundreds of scents because where i live we don’t have any of the good brands. So i’ve tried the TL and i fell in love with it , i wanted to buy it but its so expensive ,so i researched about it & found out that La yukawam by Rasasi is pretty close. so i ordered it from someone coming from from Saudi Arabia.

mypoint ofview says:

You’re the only reviewer that mentions the gas/petrol smell and i get that too

Iceburg0032 says:

I dont have this one but I have Rasasi La Yuqawam and people say they are similar and I really like La Yuqawam so I know I would like this one.

eZiO71389 says:

TL is a masterpiece. It’s a winter beast

FragranceNewbie says:

My very favorite Tom Ford fragrances, but sadly I can not afford a 50 ml bottle. Good review though

Cee Mag says:

Tuscan leather… it doesn’t need to fall anywhere on the private blend shelf because everything else falls below it. Absolutely stunning in my opinion and I do love the whole line but this for me has to sit at the top.

lobsterpatriot says:

A friend actually once asked me why I smelled like cocaine while I was wearing this stuff. She had no idea I was wearing TL, literally just thought I might be holding out on her. Rumors confirmed. I get beaucoup compliments with it too. This rockstar will be in my collection until it gets discontinued or I die.

Carlos Colom says:

for someone that has never smelled this fragrance..is the leather accord somehow reminiscent to Bulgari black? like a petrol leather?

Eugene Chaika says:

Can you compare it with Parfums de Marly – Godolphin?

Lou Clifton says:

That’s another thing we have in common, Ashton. We both like to smell like baseball gloves.

johnsports32 says:

Really wanted to like this but every time I sample it I get a pounding headache.

lobsterpatriot says:

Already commented on this video, but I just can’t help myself. Goddamn this is one of the best fragrances ever made.

Fragrance Mafia says:

Great Review bro…

Fernando Blanco says:

Try to get a sample of Acqua Di Parma’s Leather if you haven’t yet, it is a genuine leather scent with smooth accords.

Patrick Echevarria says:

Love only 3 from the Private Blend…own 2,TV and TL. Plum Japonais being the third that I have yet to own. Soon soon.. TL is my most fav leather scent in my collection…

Tom Dickinson says:

Got this for Christmas, fucking amazing scent

theroblou56 says:

So…. Ashton…… do you agree it smells like cocaine? *winks*

wise hopes says:

maybe a masterpiece. but not a crowd pleaser. people around me didn’t like it. I prefer tobacco vanille.

Remkare Hgf says:

Why it does last long on my skin

William D'Alexander says:

Does this smell like John varvatos dark rebel,,,,?? I absolutely love dark rebel, but like all John varvatos fragrences, the longevity and projection suck….

ifty says:

Prefer ombre leather 16 over this one

ShaveNontheDarkside says:

deep fragrance…cold weather is best. acquired taste for some. I loved it. rugged brown leather scent.

fred norris says:

loved the opening of this frag but then i smelled of a dirty ashtray ended up washing it of my skin.

bugtoat says:

Has it ever come off as kind of “old lady-ish” to you? The more I wear it the more I like it, but a part of me thinks I smell like I should be rolling up to bingo on a Friday night.

Kerry Pope says:

Love the review Hate the fragrance.. It’s at the VERY BOTTOM of tom ford PB

Your Two Scents says:

Excellent review of a classic benchmark scent. I wondered what your take of La Yuqawam pour Homme and or Arab Tradition by Nabeel (discovered by Steven “Super Sillage” Sproat)?

Tal says:

i have this one, bought it cheap when the oil prices collapsed and russian ruble nosedived, but the retailers were forced to keep the ruble prices constant. but i wish i’d bought something else, though. have – and love – montale aoud leather, and it gets the job done better, scent- and performance-wise, and at a fraction of the cost. i should have picked up another backup bottle of italian cypress instead.

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