Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford Fragrance / Cologne Review

Presentation: 1:12 | Smell: 2:32 | Rating: 6:14

A fragrance review /cologne review of Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford. Thanks for watching!

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Bottle sizes available: 50ml, 100ml, and 250ml
Concentration: Eau de parfum

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Angel Tom says:

I buy this perfume in London airport trust it’s very luxury amazing smell I love it but expensive not cheap

Benjimikey says:

Leather jacket and this fragrance perfect combination

Sonny Etienne says:

Love your reviews Steven. You’re always informative. You being a teacher explains your expository delivery. I must say, I love Rasasi La yaquwam over TL. It’s emphasis of the raspberry note is what sets it apart from TL. Just my opinion

A says:

Are you kidding me? This smells like burnt eggplants in the oven. 500$ to smell like baba ganoush. Nothing classy about it… go cook some eggplant parmesan in the oven, your clothes will smell the same. Yuck.

Iza Garrido says:

OMG I smelled TL last week and I agree with you, the first thing that came to my mind while smelling this was the leather of the seats of a very expensive car; it reminded me of the time I had the privilege of riding a Maserati Quattroporte. Expensive leather scent. No doubt about it and the drydown is so irresistibly yummy !! I’m a woman and I can definitely pull this out.

Arpel4712 says:

I can’t imagine cocaine smelling like this. Oh well, I’m getting it anyways

Philip Earl says:

I used to sell cocaine, as well as cook it into crack. Whatever notes used to create the Leather accord smells like Diethyl…& thats what makes it smell like Cocaine. Dyethyl is used to process Cocaine. So the finished product smells like Ether. Sometimes my olfactory interprets the Leather accord as being Leather, & sometimes as Dyethyl. Which is why i didnt like Tuscan Leather at first sniff. However, after 2 years i now like Tuscan Leather….& i have gotten plenty of compliments on it.

Charlie Scott says:

It’s almost obscene how good this fragrance is. Will continue to be a staple in my collection as long as it’s in production.

Pollo Noriega says:

Hi Steven. I would like to see a review of tuscan Leather vs Acqua di parma colonia leather, maybe throw in cuir 28 as a bonus. or another leather fragance. Great videos BTW. Thanks!

brodank says:

My problem is that i have “smelled” lots of cocaine, but NEVER smelled Tuscan Leather. Guess my priorities are a lil backwards…

GCU ht says:

Too expensive mane, need an alternative or better yet a crackhead willing to steal this for a line of coke.

William D'Alexander says:

I asked if you could tell me where I can buy a sample of tuscan leather,,,, well, I found a site, but the site seems kind of sketchy…. can I buy a sample from you, I trust you??

mr1980chris says:

great review, I like how you included a list of similar scents, in case someone is looking for cheaper alternatives

David Wyatt says:

I love this scent. REally, it was love at first sniff, although (being honest) it DID really remind me of cocaine. There’s more to it than that, but the accord of all the notes in it is certainly reminiscent of my younger, rock’n’roll days lol. Phenomenal, delicate, smooth, rich leather scent. Can’t say I’ve smelled a better leather scent.

enzo Bar says:

Much better when worn under the shirt…..
One spray TL on the chest…. Aventus on the shirt…. go out for the night…getting home, shirt comes of and ladies get the warm leather amber drydown…..I mean after smelling aventus all night then kicking it up a notch at the end….. drove my GF bananas

James Lee says:

I got the new one from airport.. but it’s suck now : ( .. I got 12+hours on my skin on the old one, on the other hand the new one only last 5 hours, and it’s not strong and thick as the old one. I guess it is reformulated or there’s something wrong on my new TL

Nae G says:

I’m a fan of leather in general, but I’m especially fond of Tuscan Leather. Great for nights out and very unisex, even if it isn’t as complex as what I usually like.

Kah Yee Chong says:

Hi guys , thought I would point out that A commenter at Fragrantica points out that it’s actually Armaf Italiano Nero Uomo that smells like TF TL.

Heriberto Maya says:

I just love Tuscan Leather.  So seductive, upper class and just amazing.

Larry Johnson says:

A great informative review!

King Of Kings MC says:

I know a lot of people may get at me for this.. But I really hate this frag. I bought a decant two yrs ago.. Gave it a try and hated it.. Came back to it after my nose matured upon smelling other frags.. And I still hate it.. Its just extremely nauseating “/. Leather bomb is an understatement for this frag lol

William D'Alexander says:

Does this smell anything like John varvatos dark rebel,,,, I absolutely love that fragrence, but as with all John varvatos fragrences, the longevity and projection are terrible….??

Maurice Sas says:

It’s a very innovative,unique scent but it doesn’t work for me. I sampled it last year and i received a lot of negative feedback because it has strong projection. Comments like ‘ dirty old stuff’ and ‘fruit tobacco’ or ‘ashtray smell’ Carolina Herrera CH Men has also that leather/saffron vibe in combination with sugarcane and that one smells amazing and is one of my most compliment fragrances. Tom Ford is absolutely a gamechanger in the fragrance world but some of his private blends are not really wearable for me.

Nerdville17 says:

Like always ! An impressive and well polished review by one of the best frag dudes on youtube …. This is one of my favorites from the TFPB collection …. Fantastic review Redolessence ….. Continue to smell fly ! …….. NerdViLLe17

dachucktaylor1 says:

aint gonna lie drake put me on tuscan leather

أبو حسين says:

Great review Steven.

Inq Sheen says:

Can you please spray it on Jen & advise on how it smells on her? i’m would like to know how it smells on a woman. Please? Thanks

Connor Gmehlin says:

This goes to show how subjective scent is!! Almost every reviewer on youtube rates this fragrance so high, it’s always a 9 or 10/10 and in almost everyones top lists. However to me this is very average. It’s a very simple straight forward leather scent that has heavy undertones of ashtray…I was even asked if I was a smoker while wearing this, when I replied no the person said I smelled like I had just smoked a pack of cigarettes, wow!

Johnny ACL says:

Tuscan Leather is simply my favorite fragrance ever! So I have to disagree with your 10/10. It should be 11/10! 😀 Lol 

Take care, my friend!

Mike Sousa says:

Just bought it 4 days ago. Absolutely unreal fragrance. Like doing cocaine in a brand new Ferrari. Pure class

ien17 says:

just bought this baby today here in tokyo and im already thinking of getting tobacco vanille and costa azura

فارس الماجد says:

just a random comment i never seen a review on chopard’s house they have one of the best collections from (oud malaki) a very tobacco smell oud to
(1000 magila) a classy clean saffron sent i wish you can chuck that house. and thanks for the more than awesome reviews

crimsinspin39 says:

Women seem to like this on me. The dry down smells different on everyone I guess.

Levon Muradian says:

Defintely has a vibe of yayo. ive smelled it a plenty.

Jay grance says:

To me this fragrance is two things, raspberry and a medicinal chemical smell which is exactly where the brick of cocaine comes in right on the top and all the way through at least to me i get a numbing medicinal chloride coke smell and its just not sexy i respect the art of the private line but this one wont be in my collection.

Mark Earley says:

I get a marijuana smell from this fragrance which is a turn off I’m glad I didn’t buy a full bottle

john fredy says:

huge fan of your chanel. .. I love dolce gabbana light blue, Versace pour homme. . which one u recommend me from bond no.9 , creed, or Tom ford? please help me out… thanks

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