Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford Fragrance Review (2007)

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M says:

davidoff better than this

biggerm82 says:

Marc, you’re still the best reviewer on yt. Life catches up though.

Mystery Reviewer says:

Tuscan Leather + Pineapple Vintage = Tuscan Pineapple.

Athens Finest says:

To me, Tuscan Leather, Tobacco Vanille and Adp Colonia Leather are my favorites scents right now. All three perfect 10s

Joy Amin says:

this is one BIG review, im sure many waited for your take on this bad boy.lets see what the Guru says, thank you so much

robes08 says:

Welcome TL to the perfect 10 club.

airline45 says:

“PERFECT 10 CLUB” video please!!!!

Red Salmon says:

Love the scent! Just out of my price range. LaYuqawam Pour Homme is not. $77 for a 2.5oz is good enough for me.

V. Noir says:

Review is great (best frag reviewer from Youtube IMHO) but I really think that La Yuqawam is better (and I’m not talking about the price here). Check that one if u haven’t Marc. Of course one can say that La Yuqawam is a copy and I’m OK with that as I don’t like copies either, but the thing is the raspberry note in La Yuqawam is amazing and the fragrance smells incredibly good, top quality. I


Love this juice. Great video as always buddy.

TypicallyUnique says:

How have you not reviewed this yet!?

Grig says:

First!Liked before it started!

TheBigp767 says:

Damb right Marc…damb right

DeMoreo Reddick says:

Love the review, hate the scent!

GhostTech1 says:

I think the first formulation of Clive Christian C did it better, unfortunately it was reformulated shortly after launch (with more reforms to follow) and was never the same. But Tuscan Leather was the first, so it deserves the highest accolades & certainly worthy of a 10/10 rating.
Great review!

M I C H says:

Anything rappers like I’m not buying. Hate these snowflakes.

LucidScents says:

great review, really enjoyable to watch. tl is one of the corner stones of the tf pb collection.

mus31 says:

Finally, robes!!! By far my favourite from TF!

Donaris Montalvo says:

Thanks Marc for this review This was my 3er fragrance of the prive blend that I got.

yes sir says:

Dude get offf the drugs

JmeJ83 says:

Anything less than 10/10 and i would of unsubscribed!!

TopPGIn2014 says:

Great review as always

Love Incorporated says:

Honestly, I don’t like this one. I like the raspberry note in it, but the leather does not appeal to me. Tom Ford Oud Wood, Tobacco Vanille, Noir de Noir, Plum Japonois and Vanille Fatale are all better to me than Tuscan Leather.

Plastic Bubble says:

Have you tried the body spray ?

Osman Hacikeles says:

Very good review as usual. Try to put your nose on La Yuqawam Homme by Rasasi. In my opinion is even better. You not gonna be dissapointed 🙂

Cee Mag says:

The brick image pun made me chuckle. My favourite fragrance of all time.

AGentlemansJourney says:

This is a fragrance I cannot wear. Its a bit too heavy to my liking but it does smell of very high quality. Just a little to deep to my nose. By the way, can you please check your private FB messages. I even tried calling you.

Sean Rahmings says:

I really wanna grab this one and Plum japonais

Xanovia Scents says:

Awesome job man… Thanks so much for giving this absolute classic the full Robes08 treatment… ^_^

Rich Mitch says:

Literally went to the shop and got popcorn and a big bottle of pop to watch this review

Bob Bob says:

Fanfuckintastic review Marc. The bricks pic made me laugh. I know what you’re saying about the supporting notes but that was one of the things I disliked about TL when I tried it.

I wanted that raspberry note to be stronger in TL and I found that in La Yuquwam. Leather and raspberry with the raspberry loud and proud up front. Simple but so good. I read too that, due to reformulation, TL isn’t the powerhouse it used to be. Haven’t personally tried the newer stuff, though.

netweed09 says:

can I give it a 4/10 like I did in Fragrantica? I just can’t stand leather, or anything pungent-like sorry

# freespeech x)

Adriano Bello says:

YES !!!!!!!

Francisco Guajardo says:

It sure does smell like it but it does smell nice luxury lol

Mrzayas81 says:

Amazing review as always, thanks a lot for taking the time to record it

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