Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford | Fragrance Review

Yes this is the same fragrance mentioned in the Drake Song.
Yes this fragrance supposedly smells like Cocaine.

Notes: 01:54
Rating: 07:49


Lance Carter says:

I have, and it is incredible!

Christophe says:

correct me if I’m wrong, are you a protocol droid?

jesaliga says:

I obtained a sample and am wearing this now.  Surprising as this might be I have to say that I am very underwhelmed.  Glad I didn’t blind buy it.

Yum me says:

IMO even if they say this smells of the drug, you shoudn’t be mentioning it in here. There are youngsters who must be on this channel who’d get swooped by your comment to try the drug instead of the perfume lol

Hiro Protagonist says:

OK this was very enlightening. I just bought a bottle of TL today and couldn’t place a prevalent smell, although very familiar one. “It smells like a department store that has a lot of coats”… Exactly! That is the smell, spot on. To me it smells like a coat check at an upscale downtown club or restaurant in December.

donotseemecricket says:

Went out shopping for a fragrance yesterday with my girlfriend. I think this one was one of my top favourites that I smelled. I so wish I had the cash right now to buy it. Was able to get a sample tho.

Gabriel gaciu says:

Tl and creed aventus you can never go wrong with wearing out and I can totally see why people says it smells like cocaine and hundred dollar bills wit raspberry candies

gympapi says:

You should review Amouage Jubilation XXV I am sure you will like it.

P.F Changs says:

Nice studio apartment.

Gabriel Warnsley says:

im not really feeling this cologne what would anyone suggest if you want a nice smelling cologne but will not make you smell like a 40 year old man?

Jon Italia says:

You reviewed the shit out of this!

James C. Williams says:

Just out of curiousity Cody, which fragrance have you rated 10 out of 10?

Anthony Kpodi says:


Brian Murray says:

Just received my 5 ml of Tuscan Leather and just had to try it. I sprayed a couple sprays to my wrist and could not believe how weak it smelled. I then tried a couple of the other 5 ml of Patchouli Absolu and Tobacco Vanille I received at the same time. Both of these were excellent and long lasting.
Then I realized it might have something to do with the fact I was just loading some of my cattle onto the truck about an hour before. Geez, I guess I already smelled like leather and didn’t realize it as I never showered before spraying LOL. Just thought I would mention my trials and tribulations of colognes. Laugh for the day.

CeddieCed says:

I thought it smelled kinda feminine when first sprayed then I came back to it about a year later started back using this, Now I can’t stop sniffing myself

Lazzplayz Perez says:

I have no idea why people say this smells like cocaine. I can kind of see it, but it’s barely there.

Grey vetiver’s opening on the other hand – that smells JUST like blow. Please dont ask how I know this Lol

Tatenda Tdawg says:

is it worth it?

Dustyno Miller says:

Where is the best /cheapest place to get this stuff at?

Jon Italia says:

I have a question. Did you tell them it was called Tuscan Leather before they smelled it?

James Lee says:

reformulated?? My TL is so weak .. its not fake


I honestly bought a sample bc of Drake lmao..However its the best smelling Cologne ever.

rmccollum26 says:

Love your reviews. I’ve gotten several fragrances from your reviews. I ran across a fragrance called Rasasi La Yaquwam, could u review that frgrance {identical to TL}. Also a house called Shay and Blue, would appreciate your view on that house. Thanks inadvance.

robes08 says:

Thanks Cody for your take on this classic Tom Ford. Love seeing when I search a fragrance that you already did a review. Always look forward to hearing your take. Excellent as always!

itsmeeeeeeeeeee says:

Say what you want Doc but its not fair that you have never snorted cocaine. 🙂

ian broughton says:

I was about to make a snarky drake reference in the comments, but you got me man lmao

Obey Life says:

wait wait wait smell like cocaine… im now visualizing myself sniffing coke and saying that it smells like tom ford

NWOsupportersRdbags says:

I have a 30ml Tom Ford Tuscan Leather decant and a full presentation of Rasasi La’Yuquawam (Tuscan Leather clone) with around 22ml left for sale for $100 including shipping in the Continental US if anyone is interested. Thanks.

netweed09 says:

Well, if it does smell like coke, thank goodness for that as I cant stand TL so glad Im not missing out on much lol.

Philip Earl says:

I just recently left my comments on this frag on Fragrantica…..Now, back in my teen years i sold Cocaine. I’ll say this….Whatever notes the perfumer used to create his Leather accord is whats making it smell like Cocaine. I dont smell Leather…I smell Diethyl.

Tuscan Leather & Christian Dior’s Fahrenheit are two fragrances that smell like Cocaine of two entirely different processing methods.

Tuscan Leather has a Diethyl (Ethyl) accord that makes it smell like Cocaine.

Fahrenheit has a Petrol accord that makes it smell like Cocaine.

Diethyl or sometimes petrol is used to extract the freebase from the mash.

The main difference between diethyl & petrol is that diethyl is a pure organic liquid & petrol is a mixture of hydrocarbons.

Now, Fahrenheit gets its Petrol note from Violet…So the Perfumer had to have used Violet & other notes to replicate leather…..& that Leather replication to the noses of people who’ve smelled Cocaine, smells Diethyl & not Leather.

eastlake93 says:

Coach Leatherware No. 3.  is a good leather frag too.

alban productions _ says:

is this vegan?

brotherfrag says:

Pretty sure this has been reformulated. I had an earlier decant and the opening is just heavy leather. Recently bought a bottle and the leather is much more subdued but the raspberry note is more prominent.

kamerun1 says:

Tom Ford Oud Fleur is better than this stuff

Herb Reado says:

Nice review I brought the oil from amazon and it smell just like it to me,I only paid 5 bucks,One day I’ll be able to buy the real deal

dallasjames90 says:

Can you do a best unisex fragrance

Capt. - F/V Atlantica says:

cocaine? Speaking of appropriate occasions for this scent…apparently this isn’t suited for meeting with your probation officer

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