The Tom Ford private blends are an awesome collection of unisex fragrances that are of a rather high quality. Tuscan Leather is so beloved that Drake named a song after it.

La Yuqawam Pour Homme by Rasasi is a popular alternative that has had a solid amount of praise as being a very good clone of Tuscan Leather at a much more reasonable price. Which one is better?

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bajbajoc says:

Rasasi is one of my favourite brands (yes, that cheap Arabian), what they do is either unique or just enhanced goodness.

Alistair Thow says:

Tom Ford lost yet still won. Such is life.

Frank Katsaros says:

Commenting before watching…. own both, and it’s not even close. Tuscan Leather smells MUCH richer, lasts forever. Wanted to love La Yuq, but can’t touch the TL.

Now as for the best leather…. AdP Leather kills both. Epic.

Julius tims says:

Golden boy ass fucks both these like Carlos

Vinícius Aureliano says:

La yuqawan to me is actually better performer of those 2.

Robert Perricone says:

hmmmm if you appreciate the harshness of TL..then i guess you have to admit ..youre more of a niche “snob”? lol…its ok you can own it..lol…………I do like La Yuqawam better..easier to wear and lasts well…thanks for the vid. Be interesting to do a vid on the “toxicity” of fragrances..as it is absorbed by our skins…….and if we wear frags every day..does this “build up” have consequences?….interesting thought.

kigfd dhuki says:

Imo, TL is a good fragrance, LaY is not.

Oscar Perez says:

Man…I really really try and forget about the price of TL and judge them both based on scent alone. Own them both..love them both.But there is no way that LY is better than TL.TL is way richer..lasts longer.Now if you want to compare them based on price…well thats a dif story.Hands down LY is the better scent..not even close.At that price point,smelling almost identical its a no brainer.Great vid brother.

Julius tims says:

Fucken niche snob lol

Alex Chu says:

I just tested Tuscan leather today. Not my cup of coffee. Still get this odd fake leather feel.Tried liking it though, wanted that super masculine Drake type feel, not happening

BlaZe iT says:

La Yuqawam is sold out everywhere, where can I get it?

Omar Khouli says:

I have tested both, and immediately bought two bottles of La Yuqawam! For me, La yuqawam lasts even more than Tuscan Leather.

David Reynolds says:

La Yuqawam is much better….IMHO…not just the price but in virtually every catagory.

Natasha Brady says:

TFTL is far richer, deeper and smoother to my nose and wins hands down. Out of all the clones of TFTL i’d say Nabeel’s Arab Tradition is the closest and is probably the cheapest too but performs way above it’s price point. On my skin the La Yuk has a sort of ashy accord that is not skanky but a little off putting

Trevor Ek says:

I’ve been waiting for someone to do a side by side with these two. I have la yuk and nobody likes it, but me… I don’t think the added performance from Tuscan leather is a great selling point. I don’t need a scent to lasts THAT long and La yuk is already a savage beast. Thanks for the comparison.

FCM415 says:

They smell so damn close I can’t call it.

SerbianScents says:

I like the raspberry note better in La Yuqawam, it seems a bit sweeter to balance out the leather, like you said the leather is toned down in La Yuqawam, I became a savage and bought 2 bottles of Yuqawam, Godolphin from Parfums de Marly and 2 Nabeel Arab traditions, 5 Tuscan leather clones!! LOL let’s you know how much I like this scent

SeniorEng says:

I have La Yuqawam Tobacco Blaze, and its amazing with its unique scent plus the outstanding performance

Ron T says:

Good video. I own La Yuqawam and have a sample of Tuscan Leather. The dry down for me is so close that I can’t justify the Tuscan leather bottle purchase and probably won’t re-up on another sample when I run out. Have you tried Parfums de Marly Goldoplin yet? It’s sweeter than La Yuqawam but it’s growing on me,almost to the point of buying a bottle and selling my La Yuqawam.

Coluboi90 says:

I have never smelt TF Tuscan Leather BUT…bought La Yuqawam and think its a great scent.

jacked & juicy sequence says:

not a fan of Tom Ford fragrances at all…

Corey North says:

Where did you purchase your TFTL?

rex bello says:

I see your chanel blowing up to the top very soon… Love your humor, content and much details in little time… Bravo my Canadian friend!

pandora p says:

Very good comparison. But it’s Godolphin for me and I got it at the same price per ml as LYPH. I have not worn Godolphin for almost a year now so maybe I should not have bought it as my first niche in the first place. Thanks to your video, I will try to wear it this week.

Recep Ünel says:

New batches of TL are so weak… unfortunately 🙁
Rasasi killed Tuscan Leather. Sorry to say!

Dexter Charles says:

What about Alexandria Bitter Soft?

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