Tuscan Leather vs. LaYuqawam

Compare and contrast Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather vs. Rasasi LaYuqawam.


Guy Redares says:

La Yuqawam is a real beast! especially the first spray out of a new bottle for some reason.
Give it some time, let it grow on you, it will become part of your body eventually.

Greggieboy76 says:

Cool vid, always good to see a new face. La Yuqawam is the best clone of any high end Niche fragrance, that I have come across. And Rasasi owe me some seriously $$ because I was the first person on YT or FB to talk about this one:-)

Darryl Gore says:

Very nice review, but I agree with the host. I have both and they are so close to my nose, that the price point makes it a no brainer for me.

SeniorEng says:

just for mansion, Pegasus has a clone and its called Craze by Armaf .. I didn’t like very much though

V. Noir says:

La Yuqawam is more fruity, there is a noticeable difference between the two, I wonder why you didn’t mention that. I prefer La Yuqawam, nice video nevertheless

freddiefragz says:

Rasasi LaYuqawam is my preference

Syed Aamir says:

Welcome Gary. La yuqawam is quality juice through and through.

Redolessence says:


Radu Caseti says:

It smell like yardley gentleman royal oud.

iceman none says:

Lol i just saw this revew and i went to get one at maxaroma for $53.00 wow hope i enjoy this just wanted to share blessing

anotherFragranceReviewer says:

Great review guys!

David Hays says:

Nabeel Arab Tradition is also crazy close and dirt cheep. I get 12 hrs longevity with it and to my nose, a touch more raspberry.

Rick N says:

Nice job!!! Keep ’em coming!!!

James Lee says:

To be honest, i own two of it, I noticed la yuqawam to be harsh at the opening. On my skin, la yuqawam is more leathery, only first opening has more fruity vibe. La yuqawam is just going very harsh leather and wood in my opinion while tuscan leather is well balanced from the opening to dry down. I do like the dry down of layuqawam, yes its very close to dry down of TL. But I just do not like the first 1~2 hour of layuqawam.

Jemarlon Johnson says:

You know this fragrance is the bomb when 3 vloggers get together to discuss it. 2 bottles of this beauty is on the way to me as we speak.

Dynamite says:

i have never smelled Tom ford TL but i do have the rasasi layuqawam pour homme and i am happy to have it insteasd of tom ford with a cheaper cheaper price, it smells fantastic

James Paps says:

Awesome review

Eddi3 says:

just got layuqawam today in the mail!

Brooklyn Fragrance Lover says:

Congrats and thanks for having me on your launch video.

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