Ultimate Leather Fragrance Battle! | Will Cheap Or Expensive Fragrances Win?

Hey everyone! Today I’m back with my wife and I’ve got her doing a leather fragrance battle! This time we’ve got 10 fragrances, 5 of them are more expensive and 5 are more affordable. They go head to head as we get her thoughts on which group is the better group and then get her top 3 leather fragrances overall. We’ve got a bit of everything with scents from Tom Ford, Ferrari, Carolina Herrera, Mancera and more. Thanks for watching!

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Tom Ford Tuscan Leather : https://www.notino.com/tom-ford/tuscan-leather-eau-de-parfum-unisex/

Ferrari Leather Essence : https://www.notino.com/ferrari/leather-essence-eau-de-parfum-for-men/

YSL Noble Leather : https://www.notino.com/yves-saint-laurent/noble-leather-eau-de-parfum-unisex/

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Carolina Herrera CH Men Prive : https://www.notino.com/carolina-herrera/men-prive-eau-de-toilette-for-men/

Ralph Lauren Supreme Leather : https://www.notino.com/ralph-lauren/polo-supreme-leather-eau-de-parfum-for-men/

Atelier Cologne Gold Leather : https://www.notino.com/atelier-cologne/gold-leather-perfume-unisex/

Varvatos Dark Rebel : https://www.notino.com/john-varvatos/dark-rebel-eau-de-toilette-for-men/

Mancera Wild Leather : https://www.notino.com/mancera/wild-leather-eau-de-parfum-unisex/

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freddiefragz says:

Good video

Thuvarejan Akilan says:

Hey what do you actually think about CK One Summer 2017?

Ronald Erno says:

Thanks for this review…Just got my dark rebel today and got compliments….

Marc Cossette says:

Sorry guys, love your channel, but why did you choose to showcase John Varvatos’s Dark Rebel instead of Dark Rebel Rider?? Dark Rebel Rider is the most leathery fragrance out there. It’s truly unbelievable, from start to finish. If you get a chance, get a sample, you’ll see what I mean. It’s a MUST for any collector that likes leathery fragrances. Keep it up!! Love to watch your reviews!!!

Wastavo Molinaro says:

Wow guys, amazing battle, it’s the massive appealing that the cheap fragrances have, just keep on saying that to my niche lovers friends, anyway Chelsea always great on her take and except for the Ralph L I own all if those cheapies so great news for me ✌

Sam Ellison says:

No Memo? African Leather is the jam.

John Wen says:

john vavatos dark repel rider ( is more leather ) vs dark repel ( is more smoky ) ?? which is more alluring! Tks A

Satyajeet Dharmadhikari says:

You haven’t included Bvlgari man in black

Julius tims says:

No golden boy? Ahh booo how do you compare it to noble leather?

Vinícius Aureliano says:

Her hair is looking awesome

Myreviewmedia says:

Damn this came out as soon as I was deciding to buy DR or DRR still don’t know might just get both. Great vid

simplysurprising says:

you def should try bel ami

Brian Wade says:

I love these comparisons videos; they are a lot of fun. I think I always say that, but I do. You and your wife work well together on the videos. Great job.

Michael Rodriguez says:

Next video should be a vs battle between the bestsellers from 2000 to today.

RyzFragz34 says:

Awesome vid as always! Nice to hear the wifeys thoughts. Love your channel bro.

Bruno Giambroni says:

That Dunkin’ Donuts hat, though

Alex Poulin says:

trucker hat game is strong

Bigot Avatar says:

Interesting. How would all these fare against Mona di Orio’s “Cuir”? That one is a true beast.

minibus1351 says:

to me Tuscan Leather is just a masterpiece.

allloveable says:

yall are cute.

Satyajeet Dharmadhikari says:

I have Leather essence and I really like it. And Gold Leather is just awesome…

samaat66 says:

Another good one

Ken White says:

Cool 80s leather sweater!

Kenoji8 says:

Heh, I love DR so much. Have you tried DR Rider? It is pretty good. About the same kind of scent, just with a twist of saffron and some aldehydes. Quite fresh. Where the original is like a campfire / house fire, Rider is like a greenish oak/pine fire. It is quite nice.

Daniel Nickles says:

Please have your wife pick the best colonges for a guy in his 30s and 40 s.

T.j. Bennett says:

Most favorite episode ever. Just so much right. Thanks as always

ScCrash26 says:

My favorite fragrance YouTuber!!! And Ashton is there too… :p

Austin Lawler says:

I think your a great youtuber ashton, never give up on this please man! keep making videos for us

Travis L says:

I like Noble Leather but I think it leans feminine.

Joy Amin says:

awesome video brother.shared with my group.we needed this

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