WOMEN LOVE LEATHER | Which Fragrance Is Better Tuscan Leather or Ombre Leather?

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Tom Ford is a super genius and in 2007 he release his Private Blend collection. Some of the most beloved fragrances in the world came from this entry in the line. Tuscan Leather, one of the best leathers on the market, and in 2018 he introduced Ombre Leather to the market.
In a head to head fragrance matchup who wins? Let’s see……Enjoy!

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Stéphane Perreault says:

Totally worth owning both !! ( I do ….) 😉 First !

Davalian Scents says:

I’ve only smelled Tuscan Leather but I agree with when to use it. Thanks for breaking down when to use which fragrance sir. Really makes things easy for the CIA!

The King of Games says:

KS I would love TF tuscan leather vs PDM godolphin, they are really close imo, so that will be interesting, I think

xskalibur says:

When I smelled Ombre Leather, I thought it smelled just like Tuscan Leather. To be fair, I hadn’t smelled Tuscan Leather in a while.

O B says:

I agree ombré leather is a bit fresher and I’ve smelled Tuscan leather but I decided to buy rasasi’s version and I truly enjoy rasasi’s because the performance outshines Tom fords but good stuff nonetheless, good video brother.

John Cardenas says:

Tried both and Ombre leather is a beast gor a designer last well over 10hrs on my skin, while tuscan only about 6

Massimo says:

Love Tuscan Leather more. If victory had a smell, it would smell like that.

stantino129 says:

I like them both, but I have to be honest KS in my opinion Rasasi La Yuqwam is better than both in the regard that Its not as harsh as Tuscan yet its not as lite as Ombre. Its right in the middle

Ro Man says:

Ombre Leather is a performance beast on my skin. A word of caution – do not spray it on your jacket. It will keep the scent for days 🙂

Mystic says:

You are a style god. That suit is incredible.

by Kevin Samuels says:

Ladies Love Leather!

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