Yves Saint Laurent Tuxedo from Le Vestiaire Des Parfums Collection REVIEW + GIVEWAY (CLOSED)

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Atıl Burak Temiz says:

very nice review as always. Very interested in this line up form the house.

I really like Dior’s privee line.

thePHOTOphilic P says:

I usually mess with creed on the luxury side….however the tuxedo might have my number

The Fragrance Decant Boutique says:

Another great video!

mleckinger says:

this line sounds great! as an iris fan, Trench sounds interesting as does Tuxedo. Keep the great content coming!…liked the new setup 😉

Eddie says:

Favorite house creed, chi-town. i see a lot of people from illinois.

manny44 says:

oh hell yeah, good stuff. My fav luxury line is Diors. USA!! Chicago!!

John Thigpen says:

I am deciding between the YSL Saharienne from this collection vs Tom Ford Neroli portofino. How would you compare these two?

David Torres says:

Have only tried 2 Serge Lutens =) USA. Great giveaway Carlos good luck guys.

Slow Life says:

oooh god i love tuxedo it is just one of my favourit of all the time and also i love caban.

NoniePaa says:

My favorite line is Frederic Malle. Thanks Carlos.

Diego Feliper says:

Very interesting fragrances. My favorite luxurious house is Creed but it’s very hard to decide. Maybe if ask me this question in an other time the answer would be different.

spodonne says:

Excited to try out this line! YSL always makes great everyday scents, but Tuxedo seems like it would be a great high class event scent! Thank you for another great video!

Gabriel Garcia says:

Ive got tuxedo. and its spicy and lots of pepper leather but soft on the edges. made to a formal occasion. i feel it does speak like a true ysl dna. i would love to try caftan. Nevada

ehlesdee says:

Nice ASMR vid, Brookie 😀

theblindsniper says:

I like the new set! and more cats is always nice hahaha. As for my favorite luxury house, Tom Ford so far has been really on point with what I like. I am in the US. 🙂

n sternberg says:

Would love to win these! Thanks for the reviews. I like the Guerlain Exclusives. And I love your new set, complete with kitties! Nancy Sternberg Goodman

Hikmat Sher Afridi says:

I like your style Carlos, & Bloopers are awesome to watch. Thanks for your gorgeous giveaway.
With due apology & with your permission can I participate in the giveaway by giving my relative/friend address based in US.
YSL Le Vestiaire des Parfums whole line is impressive but way too expensive. My favorite perfume houses: JoAnne Bassett, House of Matriarch, Slumberhouse, La Via del Profumo and Abdul Samad Al Qurashi.

hugosf says:

I like TF line =P

Hamed Noohi says:

PDM is my fav line , maryland usa !

One Punch draven says:

i dont understand
is it tuxedo or caftan?

Romany Gerges says:

would love to try these samples, thank you Carlos, my favourite house is Dior and I live in Boston, Ma

David Assis says:

My favorite line is Profumum Roma, caftan really interests me. I live in Ny

MrSmelly1977 says:

These sound really nice. Great video and excellent picture and audio quality!

The Fragrance Decant Boutique says:

USA, Dior house. Hope I win…

Chase Williams says:

Tuxedo kinda intrigues me because I prefer more masculine scents. and I really haven’t been able to put my nose on any luxury lines but Dior, Creed and Amouage really intrigue me. great review!

hickorydickoryduck says:

Boy, it’s hard finding info and reviews on Trench, thank you for your thoughts on the line though.

MoroccanMelody says:

Hi Carlos. Love the new opening showing the perfume shops. Very inspiring! Also loved the cat video. More cats please!

Cubaknow says:

Awesome video Carlos . I just bought tuxedo and saharienne. Have you tried matriarch coco blanc?

Game Over says:

I would like to try those samples. My fav is Dior Prive if that counts. If not, Creed/TF equally.

Another Fraghead says:

Very nice! Your mini-reviews are twice as long as my regular reviews lol!

Johnny E says:

Nice review Carlos, you’ve sparked my interest. I don’t own any YSL frags but now I’m super excited to try these. My favorite Privé line would have to be Christian Dior. Much love from Houston TX.

Kevin Anthony says:

I love Tom Ford, and I’m from the USA.And your Channel is great..

Stephanie Renner says:

I love channel! I’m in the USA. Such a cute cat!

Jim B. says:

I like the Tom Ford line !!

Kenneth Lanahan says:

Gotta say I enjoy the Dior luxury line quite a bit. US based.

onlyonemike Barber says:

Great review! Right now my favorite is Creed and Bond no.9. Ft.lauderdale,Fl

Bill Cool says:

Love Roja And Creed, in US.

No Way says:

Damn, I love Tuxedo..

memo1923 says:

NJ and my line is creed Carlos, big fan

sa shah says:

La collection privee by cd.this background is also good

Mike Ghent says:

favorite line is Maison Francis Kurkdjian – live in Dallas Tx

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