Zara A Collection Fragrance / Cologne Review

Here is my fragrance review / perfume review of Zara A Collection! Thank you for watching!

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Just Add Light says:

I may have missed your review of D collection Steven…is it somewhere on your channel? Btw, can you detect the peach note in A collection? Would you say it’s closer to Versace PH or one of the Chanel Allure frags? Also, it’s interesting that you clearly get lemon since the citruses listed are bergamot and tangerine. Then again, the notes in Tone Indeterminee list neroli and tobacco, but all I get is nuts and caramel lol. I guess that’s what happens when you cut corners to save on cost……still, it’s a total steal at that price! Cheers mate.

Çağan says:

Zara-TEAHUPOO review plsssssss pls plsssss

Kingdom Athlete says:

Great review, I have been hearing so much about zara fragrances but what sucks is there is no Zara in my area.

Maurice Sas says:

Versace Pour Homme is my most complimented summer fragrance. Honestly i prefer Zara fragrances over celebrity fragrances. They make decent fragrances for a reasonable price and yes they are not unique but they just smell pleasant.

Mohammed Alzahrani says:

Can we see a review of Aqua De Parma? I am interested in your views on Essenza, and Colonia Intensa, Leather, and Oud

Steve Bollinger says:

Steven you said you reviewed D A and Y collections. I see your Y collection review, but I don’t see your D Collection review. Great video as always. Keep up the great work.


I still need to try ZARA Y !! but I still can’t buy it in California , I’ll definitely look forward for ZARA A as well. Nice review!

R. RiDER says:

Please shave, please

Hector Rivera says:

Great video as always Steven

Ari Rabia says:

Great review

Ari Rabia says:

Great review steven

Anmol Deep says:

Hey Steven, I don’t think you have reviewed D collection yet, I see your videos almost every day. I couldn’t find that review.

Jovi Romero says:

Very nice review

Stephen Groff says:

Can’t get y or rwa here in Zara’s in Cali must’ve been seasonal ?

pandora p says:

Zara certainly had made its own place in the fragworld. Thanks, Steven.

anas hafid says:

Great video Steven

E&W Fragrances says:

How can I get Zara online here in the U.S? Also, allow me to bring this to your attention guys:

No NonScents says:

Alot of R&D going into Zara! Great job brother!

panotcheese says:

Great video steven! I might try this one

Clifton West says:

I love all of the Versace fragrances. It was my first house to experiment with and I found a winner right off the bat.

Leon says:

According to Marc, VPH lasts. I guess that’s what Zara fails to grasp

Dion Pieters says:

To all you reviewers, I’m making a passionately plead for you guys to force Versace to make an EDP version of Versace Pour Homme. I really love this Cologne.

Daniel Fazendeiro says:

Currently using Zara for Him Black Edition… a blend of La Nuit de L’homme and Armani Code some might say… really impressed with it. Gift from my girlfriend and my first Zara fragrance ever… Looking towards to buy more of the brand

simpa256 says:

After giving them a proper wearing here’s my two cents about them… D. Yes, a copy of L’Homme but not a clone. It goes in that lemony ginger direction but it is not smooth. it is more soapy and harsh and doesn’t last very long. The dry own is different than L’Homme. A. Indeed it goes in the direction of VPH, but more to me, it goes in the direction of Allure Homme Sport. It has a certain creamy aspect but it misses Allure by a lot. Lasts poorly and lasts the worst out of the bunch. It is not remotely a clone of either VPH or Allure Homme Sport. Y. The opening is spot on La nuit. Extremely close. I’d say 98% But after 20 mins they start to be different as Y has qite a bitter note. Dunno if from cloves, patchouli or what but it is very prominent. The dry down is not La nuit. Lasts very poorly. They all smell good, not great and honestly, there are much better clones of those 3 popular frags than these from Zara.

Jose Alaniz says:

How do you keep up with using your collection of colognes? Don’t they have an expiration date? Great review.

OGAesthetics says:

do you know any fragrance that smells similar to allure homme extreme? except for the versace pour homme that ive read smells similar to the original sport one

Bgd TF says:

For the house of Zara, I have been looking for Zara Rich / Warm / Addictive, but no luck yet. Another great fragrance that I discovered today is Redwood For Men by Express. It is surprisingly good cologne, and it will be great to have your take on this.

Abhishek Dudeja says:

I really love Zara fragrances, I even bought Gold man because of its similarities with Paco Rabanne Pure XS, but unfortunately the longevity is poor. Doesnt last long at all. I’d rather go for the expensive designer ones because even though the clones smell great, performance is substandard

Ronald Erno says:

Great review as always Steven….

Chandra Budi says:

Hi Steve, have you tried Zara norrland?? Many say that it’s Terre D’Hermes clone..

Sia Hanson says:

Nice review Steven! I’m gonna try Zara A cuz I love Versace pour homme. Please also review Gendarme fragrances like Gendarme cologne and its edp version. Smells nice, very pleasant and inoffensive. More power to u bro! Greetings from the Philippines!

Bernie777 says:

Nice review, on this one. Zara is doing a nice job in their genre. I agree, I do like the way L’Homme is blended.Thank you, sir.

Omar Mitre says:

I think this one is more similar to Allure Homme Sport than VPH

Ali Raza Abbass says:

I’ve tried Y collection. It’s overall a decent fragrance, very close to the original. But first couple of minutes are extremely synthetic. Otherwise, a very good fragrance and needs to be in one’s collection simply because it’s dirt cheap and is very pleasant.

Joe Luke says:

I love Zara’s Collection 20 ml atomizers! I like how it isn’t plastic! Good job on your video, but I think we all know you only put out great content!

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