Zara Gourmand Leather Fragrance Review (2017)

you want Jeap Paul Gaultiers Ultra male at one third of a price?Check this fragrance out…..this is straight up brilliance from the house of Zara
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Szotak Andrei says:

Ahh, damn it. I’ve seen Gourmand Leather sold on their website for 15 $, but didn’t buy it cause I hate the entire Le Male line-up. Then got a sample of UM, liked it, went to the website to order it… Sold it. K.

panotcheese says:

Great review joy. I wish there’s a zara shop nearby

Yeezus says:

I got this last year, it’s like Ultra Male with more powder and more citrus notes.

pandiyan naidu says:

Ya i agree zara perfume last more on shirts than skin thank you.

James Underwood says:

Great video as always. keep up the good work my friend. Regards James

Michael Bullock says:

Great review and I enjoyed it and I wanna try it can you send me a decant

Tommy says:

Hey Joy, can you make some videos showing Bangladesh? Maybe you could interview some people and their opinions on fragrances? I feel like different cultures react differently to scents, it would be super interesting to see how people in Bangladesh react to fragrances and see the difference with the west. Just a suggestion, keep up the great work!

biggbertz1 says:

It’s amazing believe the hype

Rahul Kumar says:

please speak louder

razscott says:

This is some decent juice! I got a 5oz sucker, very good performance too 🙂

Navid says:

I own ultra male and its just superb.. I also tried Gourmand Leather at zara store and i can say its 95% similar to Ultra male.. Only difference i found is Ultra male little sweet and has beast mode projection and Gourmand Leather is just decent.. still its worth paying 1800 INR or $26 for 100ml.. I also tried 2 more zara frags which i found very close to Invictus & Creed avantus.. Joy bhai looking forward for your reviews on the other 2 as well.. Great review BTW 🙂

Kevin Willemsen says:

Great video again Joy, here in the Netherlands the leather series are available for a long time atleast a year without pause. Also on sale a lot of the time. They are 14,99 euro and on sale 9,99. I got mine rich and gourmand for 9,99 each great fragrances and dirt cheap.

Tanmoy says:

Joy da , can u pls do a review of the house Designer Imposter? But in India i cannot buy unfortunately, just have 3 bottles gifted by brother.

Nyanasigamani Maran says:

I bought it as a birthday gift for my friend back in late 2017. I think, I need to get one for myself now, hopefully Zara outlet in Cheras still have some bottle there

Filipe says:

I live in Portugal and you can buy this and more other Zara fragrances for just 10/20€ , i bought last year Gourmand Leather 150ml for 15€ its crazy , but all of them have performance issues , i stopped buying zara fragrances !
And in Portugal the people don´t buy these fragrances because you have better options sometimes.

PRo Ficiency says:

joy please check out alexandria fragrances, they are a clone house that make fragrances better than the original

Scented Waters says:

I wish there was a Zara around here. Great review bro

Emil Tricic says:

You have to try Zara Tone Indeterminee, i have tried pretty much all of zara fragnance releases since 2012 if you can find it i higly recommend it just amazing, great video as always

Roberto Hubarti says:

jooooyy do bodyshop activist please… is there any similarities like that with more longevity

bfxgmjxfgb gssbjj says:

Is there anything you can do to make a weak cologne last longer?

Frank Lester Delos Reyes says:

Have u tried Zara Teahupoo?

Kya News says:

Please make video long lasting budget perfume please…

Pratik Surve says:

Good afternoon!

RafoRH says:

A JPG Ultramale clone is verygood. Nice review like always.

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