Zara Rich Warm Addictive Review | Best Cheap Fragrance ?

There has been a lot of talk about this fragrance lately, is it really worth all the hype ?

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Kologne says:

Great take. I reviewed this a few months back.

Iceburg0032 says:

I have a a bottle of this and its 1 of the best cheapies in my get a tad of tobacco and a dab of honey and a spoon full of coconut.

Alex The Scented Man says:

Jesse, Thank you for the video.  Keep doing what you do!  Always enjoy your videos. Let’s get you to your first 2K subs!  Just grabbed 4 bottles of Zara Fragrances… R/W/A  grabbed two bottles so I don’t fear spraying a little more juice than usual.  🙂

Miguel Oliveira says:

On my skin 10h+ longevity and 3h projection

LucidCode says:

By the way, Zara in Calgary was clearing this out before spring for $10 for the two 100mL tobacco collection bottles. Unreal deal!

LucidCode says:

I bought 6 bottles of the tobacco collection. Wonderful juice!

kwaaddo says:

Bro, I’m in class. Will comment later. Just wanted to be first lol.

kwaaddo says:

I agree with every single thing a out your review. Was in jersey on Wednesday and there was a Zara store 25 minutes away. I almost threw it away when tested it. I didn’t like it so I picked up just 1. Luckily while I was waiting to pay, it just changed on me. Went back, picked up 2 more. Performance sucks on me too. I get 4-5 hours with maybe 30 minutes of projection. I don’t have Herod so I can’t speak on the similarities. I do have oajan though and I get some similarities. Are oajan and Herod similar or do they have same DNA. This makes me wanna get Herod though if performance is better. I’m gonna order a sample soon

Jeremy .Scott says:

Where can you but this there isn’t a Zara around me

A Scented Soul says:

This scent is beautiful!

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