Zara Scent #1 Fragrance / Cologne Review + Giveaway!


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cristian ravelo says:

Fantastic, i would like too see them doing Spice Bomb.

Progressive Viewer says:

Another Zara fragrance I seriously considered picking up (along with Vibrant Leather). But once again, I’ll be holding off for the “real thing”. Although the scents may be the very close or even the same to the untrained nose, the reassurance and confidence that comes along with the originals is always what’s missing in clones imo..

mylittlevega1928 says:

Hi guys, thank you for the review. I went looking for this when you reviewed it a while back, it had a different name then. They didn’t have it to test at Zara but I do love santel 33 and I hope to get a chance to sample this in comparison.
May I suggest that you do a review of Zen by shiseido. Oldie but goodie, the one in the gold bottle. I hope to see if you know of any other perfumes that you could recommend that would be similar in it’s build.

Prof Horology says:

I’ve had Vibrant Leather, but the performance is abysmal. Been wondering about this Scent #1.

M M says:

Nice video, Carlos and you always a great team! I’m curious about Labo 33, I love sandalwood!

Vamsee Nunna says:

Do they have an Amouage Interlude Man clone? That should be good..

Sue Suehaikal says:

Good my friends

Petey Greene says:

Your like one of my favorite fragrance reviewers. I’ve blind bought a few frags from your videos and have not been disappointed. I have x batch ordered and can’t wait to get it.

coolgeek08 says:

How many fragrances do you have??

Angel C says:

Saludos 1 Millón Lucky o Privé??? thanks.

Angela L Pena says:

I’d love to see Zara make a clone of Feve Delicieux!

Diego Leal says:

Zara some good smelling scents, I love good clones like what Armaf brings to the table, but Zara’s products’ performance is just not worth it in most of them, even at their price point. I’d rather pay double the price of Zara for a decent clone, that one that I have to reapply every 30 minutes.

Rafael Lagos says:

I’d like to see a stronger clone of Santal 33 from Zara lol

Mazen Ashraf says:

i think zara Vibrant leather is their best

Marina says:

I really like the rich warm addictive Zara fragrance at the moment

Zakaria Bennani says:

i would like to see zara clone aoud lagoon by montale

dorian fischer says:

Great review guys, Zara fragrances are actually pretty good, my favourite one is vibrant leather. I’d love to see their take on pdm layton.

B BG says:

I was in the shopping center and tried out the new Gourmand Leather, seems new reformulation, performance is bad, turns very rapidly into a faint skin scent. Better pay a bit more and get Ultra Male. The Tobacco Collection Rich Warm Addictive is still ok.
Yet, I think I will stay away from Zara, inconsistency with availability, constant changing of names, reformulations, smells are not really special, rather poor performance. At this cheaper price point Armaf and Rasasi have much more and better to offer.

Cody W says:

I need to try this one out! Nice review! It’s cool that you’re allowing the winner to compare the two. If i win, I’ll let you know what I think!

christopher maria says:

Nice. Would like to try

JustPM says:

New to zara

NYC Fragrances says:

Nice Collab guys…My favorite Zara is Pour Homme Night III which clones YSL L’Homme Intense

thecardbutler says:

I woud love to see zara’s take on Prada L’homme tbh

Ofis Dorionas says:

I’ve never tried a fragrance from Zara. As for next time’s review, I don’t really have something in mind. I’ll just say Creed’s Tabarome, to enter the giveaway. Cheers.

Curtis Sigman says:

I’d love for them to do a clone of Fucking Fabulous from Tom Ford!

alexc says:

I would like to see Zara clone amouage sunshine!

Zman says:

I’ve never tried Zara but hpw about a Guerlain Tonka Imperiale clone

Anthony y Vanessa says:

Whats there best freshy scent?

nikhil23 says:

Apple juice by zara lasts for quite a long time. For ladies though

CaLi Reviews says:

it always sucks wen you fined a fragrance you like but it just doesnt performe well

Battery Geek says:

I’d like to see zara clone prada l’homme!

Mason Burt says:

I think Zara should make summer night fragrance something that would be anonymous and then opens up a lot

Steven Sturgill says:

Most Zara scents don’t push much past 3-4 hours. Great vid guys. Great budget frag for sure though. Zara has TERRIBLE names lol!

Shave- a-thon says:

Zara pulls these fragrances so fast so you have to pick up whatever’s good quickly. They’ll either re-release it or release it under a newer name and you never know if it will have the same performance. Have you tried Night Pour Homme II and III? Very nice stuff.

Loveisthekey says:

I would like to see Zara Clone Parfums de Marly Delina

Michael Petrizzo says:

I would like to see Zara do a clone of Acqua Di Gio Profumo

ExtremelySkilledGamer says:

If I was to list the fragrances in my collection could you possibly say which ones are good for winter at uni and which ones are good for summer? David Beckham Beyond Forever, Joop Homme, LA NUIT DE L’HOMME Yves Saint Laurent LE PARFUM, Paul Smith men, Police Original, Aramis, Boucheron Pour Homme, CK One Shock, Versace Dylan Blue, Diesel only the brave, Issey Miyake L’EAU DISSEY POUR HOMME, Dior Homme Intense EDP, Tommy Hilfiger for men, Eau Sausage (Yellow bottle), One Million Prive EDP, Dior Savage EDT, Paco Rabanne Invictus, Armani Code Profumo and Davidoff Cool water.

cfcduhhh says:

Make clone of Axe Tsunami, yes that.
It actually got so many compliments, but it can def be improved.

carlos gerardo fernandez luzardo says:

I would like zara to make a copy of Prada L’homme or Thierry Mugler pure coffee

p-dot-v-dot says:

I have both Tividen and Scent No. 1. The former is an EDP but the latter’s EDT concentration makes it a nice subtle work scent for me. Would love to see a Prada L’homme Zara clone, though.

Antonio Garza says:

Zara clone of Mont Blanc legend night

anonymousprofess says:

Great video gentlemen. I would love to see if Zara can make a clone of Xerjoff Nio.

some105 says:

Hope to see more Zara reviews 🙂 To me, half of them are good in smell and performance while the others are terrible. For example Seoul and Lisbon last a lot on me. Vibrant Leather though… I just don’t like it at all. If that’s what Aventus smells, I’m glad I can’t afford it haha. I need a L’homme clone from them asap 🙂

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