Zara Vibrant Leather Fragrance / Cologne Review


Here is my fragrance review / cologne review of Zara Vibrant Leather! Thank you for watching!

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Max Shapira says:

Thanks bro!! you’re doing excellent job! Keep up the awesome progress!!!

Steve H says:

its not bad it offers more citrus then smoke. lataffa Al dur maknoon is pretty good clone

bacsy says:

It’s so weird. If I moisture before applying people could smell it afger 3-4 hours easily strong enough. For me its a skin scent after 6-8 hours and i can smell it as this like after 10 hours also. Although my skin is not the best if it comes to performance 🙁 but with this it works! So give it a try 😉

Amir Pi says:

Thx for the awesome review***,cheers bro PS. There is only one AVENTUS and the others:)

Francescomaria Russo says:

You should review Gourmand Leather by Zara. It’s almost like Ultra male by JPG but it has that Juicy Fruit Vibe …. Fantastic. Longevity on my skin is a good 8 hours and sillage is pretty good as well. By the way I’m following you most of the time,even when I’m on my lunch break at work. Awesome review as always. You and Carlos (Brooklyn fragrance lover) are the best.

Akaki Mtvralashvili says:

is this better then armaf cdni by armaf?armaf is long lasting?

Garry Carloni says:

Great review Stevesn! Zara is definitely an up an coming house!

Tal says:

It outperforms Aventus on my skin. 12 hours plus. With good projection.

Carlos Cruz says:

I don’t care if Zara VL is similar to Creed Aventus or any other $$.££.€€. perfume.
I bought it because I tried it in a Zara store and half an hour later 3 thoughts crossed my mind:
1 – It was a fantastic scent
2 – It was really an inexpensive bottle
3 – I would not forgive myself if I would not buy it

Since then I already used I’d about 10 times.
The first time I used it at home, my wife commented:
“You are wearing a different perfume. It’s fantastic… Tell me what it is without telling me the fortune you paid for it”.
When I told her it was a Zara scent, she didn’t believe. All she knew was that the fragrance was not any of the current frags I am using now.

Congratulations to Zara for making such a nice perfume

Ryan O says:

Your link to buy Zara Vibrant Leather takes you to creed aventus, happen to have a real link?

Jovi Romero says:

Steve… what’s your opinion of Zara 9.0 and Zara Impact masculin?

Richard Followell says:

I’ve had this one for about 2 months now. I really enjoy it, and I always receive compliments when wearing it. My only complaint is the longevity, but as you said, I simply reapply. I feel that it’s a great value for what you are getting.

Flavian says:

I am not sure if this perfumer did Musc Imperial for Atelier Cologne as well but they are similar. Own both….love both.
Longevity on Vibrant leather is a minus. Rich leather fromZara has the aventus thing going on as well but its more synthetic, yet lasts a lot longer (relatively)

Gerdchen says:

This Or insurraction pure 2 ?

afzaal1987 says:

Will Their Be A Summer 2017 Fragrance Recommendations Coming…?

simpa256 says:

I told the sheep on fragrantica that this projects for an hour and then no one can smell you. It does stay for some 4 hrs but then it’s gone. And they all were, noooo, it projects for 4, stays for 8-10… Bullshit! I applied so much on myself and no one could smell it after an hour sitting right next to me. That is why this is a pass for me.

yack limón says:

Is this the best zara fragrance?

a kazzuo says:

good to know.

Everything at once says:

İt long last in me 6 hours and more .

Cristian International Trade says:

With all respect, you should check Pineapple Vintage Noir.

Neon Light says:

If people are into clones… stick with the crap DUA pops out. They make oils to mimic high end niche stuff. Best to just save up and buy an actual decant of the real stuff than a gimmick.

Scott Piper says:

Mr. G, nicely done with the NAACP joke at the beginning. I had a good chuckle after that one. Completely unexpected from you but awesome, nonetheless! Thanks for the video!

jchem says:

This scent is really good but it just doesn’t last at all. i do 10 sprays and it feels like the scent is gone in 15 minutes smh!

Salma Loves Papa says:

There are many aventus clones but the price of aventus is still high. it’$ confusing.

Jacob Bonilla says:

Spot on review Steven. I tried this a couple months ago after seeing Sebatian’s review. I liked it but found it redundant for me being I already own a bottle and a half of Aventus as well as Insurrection Pure II . After I run out Insurrection I think I’m gonna have to check out club de nuit intense. I’ll definitely take your word that it’s the best clone, being that you’ve smelled every clone. CDNI vs Insurrection, what do you think?

Arne L says:

Nice review als always! I just bought Aventus and ive got some other parfums de marly fragrances and one amouage on my purchase list. Would you recommend me buying a whinecooler to keep them safe ? Im not sure if I should worry about my expensive purchases being toned down or having possible performance issues. I do live in Germany and it can get quite warm in the summer time. I would appreciate your opinion on this. Greetings

Guinea54 says:

This one smells great to me, i really liked the sample i have.. Id love to buy it for 29 dollars but can’t find it anywhere… But it sounds like it got reformulated again.. the sample i had it lasted longer than the pineapple vintage.

Ignacio Salazar says:

Now a days, it seems that so many fragrance companies are jumping on the Aventus bandwagon. I don’t blame them, but I think it’s about time for another breakthrough scent to try and take its place…with its own scent.

M Shlock says:

A softer overall Aventus clone that I feel is a little more peppery on opening. Very nice! Definitely a quality product vs. chemically Club de Nuit Intense Man. I still love the Vintage Pineapples. Yup, perfumer well known Jerome Epinette. Has had some hype and was a little hard to get — eventually finagled two bottles after both my Zara’s had none at first, weren’t familiar with it, and didn’t know if they’d ever have it again as they couldn’t find the SKU! Grades?
9/10 scent.
7/10 longevity
5/10 projection
6/10 presentation
9/10 versatility incl. Fall, Winter Days, Spring, Summer Nights

Agreed, Steven, it’s a 4/5 overall.

Hikmat Sher Afridi says:

Another clone of Aventus. People will create clones until & unless Creed lower Aventus price to $20-$30 for 120ml. LOL. Thanks for the video review. I have Club de Nuit Intense which is 99% close to Aventus.

Alberto Gonzalez says:

Awesome review. I need to start sampling some of these Zara fragrance. The hype about the company is through the roof. Any recommendations for a first timer? Aventus is “king for a reason.” I finally sampled it and it blew me away. I now understand why it’s a male favorite.

Abrakadabra Hokus Pokus says:

Vibrant Leather can’t be 4/5 becouse of awfull perfermance. 2.5/5 max in my opinion.

Steve Preater says:

Hi Stephen. Stephen here. Are there any ‘clones’ of either the One or Spicebomb?

Giordan Quesada says:

Great video and review as always! Have you ever tried Face à Face by Façonnable? PLEASE you need to do a review for this one, I just can’t believe no one talks about it! I’m pretty sure you’ll love its presentation and smell.

Javier Ponce says:

I’m a lucky one! It performs incredible on my skin! I’m actually so glad this happens, as it would be ridiculously expensive to buy an original Aventus in MX. Thanks for the review! I always have trouble choosing when to use which fragrance

yack limón says:

Zara 9.0 vs Vibrant leather?

dspada67 says:

Excellent take mate. I totally agree. ACDNI is amazing , I get a lot of complements on it compared to Aventus itself! Cheers

Christopher Lewis says:

Nice play on words NAACP that was gold I can see your tired of Aventus plagiarism but you stay positive.

The Scentinel says:

Thanks Steven. I’m glad that your thoughts basically echo mine from my comparison video. Your description of Aventus 3D smell is spot on compared to VL.


I smelled 3 Dimensional I RESPECT THAT! We should get together again soon bro…. Great video as always bro.

The weird guy says:

there is a really good fragrance in the projection and longevity department by zara it’s called extreme oud it’s really good as well it’s a bit sweet but compliments monster

Alfie Armstrong says:

Ive bought this and Aromatic Future (Sauvage clone). Aromatic Future doesn’t smell great, and performance is terrible. Vibrant Leather smells decent, but again, performance isn’t great. Also, do you know which Zara fragrances are the Valentino Uomo and Dior Homme clones that you mentioned?

mateschitz says:

Just bought it for 7,99€ in Italy 😉 And now, I do regret that i didn`t buy a second one

Jerry W says:

Great review bro, can you do one that is unique and a certified panty dropper. Thanks!

Eds S says:

I’m pretty much a noob in the fragrance game, but in browsing message boards, reddit and fragrantica quite often I notice people keep bringing up differences in formulation based on year of production for some fragrances. Would love to see a review where you compare the differences in formulations of a single fragrance.

Tom Schroeder says:

Just received a bottle of this, and it is exactly as you described, Steven. Very pleasant to wear as much as desired any day, given the price point. Thank you!

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