Zara Vibrant Leather Review | THE NEW AVENTUS KILLER!!! 💥💥💥

Zara Vibrant Leather Review | THE NEW AVENTUS KILLER!!! 💥💥💥
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Zara Vibrant Leather Review | THE NEW AVENTUS KILLER!!!

This is my Zara Vibrant Leather Review. We have another Aventus Killer in our hands. So Zara is turning out to be my favorite store to pick up quality cheapies. First we had Rich/Warm/Addictive from the Zara Tobacco Collection which also included Intense/Dark/Exclusive and now this fragrances that sells for $10 more than Rich/Warm/Addictive called Vibrant Leather. The name is a little confusing to me as I hardly get hints of leather in this. Yes it’s there but the lemon and bamboo are key notes here as those two notes with perhaps the leather make Vibrant Leather smell like Aventus. In fact this is a fruitier Aventus. A more juicy, lemoney citrus Aventus. I’m happy with Vibrant Leather. As I find Aventus to be a great everyday scent if you want to not worry about any other scents but wear something great and classy but I also found Aventus to be a bit too cold and woody. This is big, bright and juicy. The type of scent I love to spray all over on a warm spring or summer day and wear out and smell great almost all day. And I have to say run, run to Zara and get yourself a bottle of Vibrant Leather. Because this one is going to come in so handy during the coming warm months! 🙂

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Ametromansguide says:

here’s a cheat from zara if you want something closer to aventus zara makes a fragrance called aromatic future which smells identical to the ambroxan note in dior sauvage. plus it’s like 11 dollars if you layer them together its much closer to aventus as it will have the ambroxanambergris note

Guinea54 says:

finally got to try this.. i wish i just blind bought it when it was available for 20.. awesome fragrance.

Biz Kindred says:

I’m really looking forward to trying this. I’m going this weekend to pick up Rich warm addictive. Might be picking this up as well!

Temet Nosce says:

I just bought a bottle and i have to say it is Aventus light or summer edition.Very pleasant fragrance.Smells simlar but to me is smells like a watered down Aventus.

Giggra says:

wow thats a long time for an eu de toilette. I need to check this out. i believe we have a new Zara in one of our malls. nice review.

Armin Figo Dante says:

nice review i will try that soon sebastian , can you try to review oud exclusive by zara , they said similar to M7 by ysl

alphanumerix1 says:

Another average clone. Probably below average in terms of the other clones even. Another hype train fragrance which people will start selling as soon as they realize how hyped they are including rwa. But hey that’s just my opinion.

Borgie Santos says:

yea smells kinda like aventus. Aromatic Future for me smells really close like sauvage. Also try Zara 9.0 which for me smells like Dior Homme.

Nizar Zito says:

I bought vibrant leather today and i really like this stuff sillage &projection is moderate ,and i tried the exclusive Oud and wow its amazing quality/projection o will buy it this week

ACE AURA says:

I love insurrection pure! Are you sure this one is better and if so I couldn’t find it online anywhere for that price???

Carlos Silva says:

I agree with you 110% i love creed aventus and i have also club the nuit but this one is so fruity…love the sweet pineaple vibe i wish it could have a bit of smokyness…or its asking to to much..loool.
Did you try Zara Wood Noir…please try and make us a review.
thank you

sukcesor100 says:

for me, it doesn’t last long. Nice fragrance.

OhSoCalvin calvin says:

I have never got as much questions and complimented on a cologne by strangers as much as I do/did on this one.

john Kemp says:

Have you tried Pineapple Vintage Noir.

javier lugo says:

spot on review, amazed how similar this is to aventus

sean rourke says:

the Zara store in San Antonio ,TX, has Vibrant Leather they haven`t received Rich Leather ever,The Weekend collection 3 A.m. is the same but more Pineapple I think,Aromatic Future is also great

Julian Tudor says:

sebastian do you know a girl called adele aracri ?

FlexYoFace Chase says:

Would anyone be willing to send me a bottle of this to Utah? The nearest store is Las Vegas and I don’t want to pay $50 on ebay god damnit!


bro I bought mine in Walnut Creek I own it.

Alex says:

I actually tried this and I agree it does have a sweet citrus opening. The opening is amazing. I smell a lot more birch/bamboo on my skin, the leather is also there but very soft.

Benny Prity Sahi says:

I wish they had this online at zara..sux they don’t.

Daumantas Matonis says:

how long does aventus lasts on You? : )

M Shlock says:

OK Sebastian, I think you’re on to something here though you may not literally be the first. I obtained a couple of bottles. Initial impression is that it is indeed way too Aventus-like not to be recognizable pretty much minutes after spraying. A less-pineappley batch despite a super fresh-squeezed ripe citrus fruit opening, and a little more peppery perhaps early on but, wow, is it ever like Aventus. Nice! I think it will last above average but have average sillage. Winter days, Spring, Summer Nights, Fall. I can’t stop smelling it, had to spray it on my other wrist too, and Aventus isn’t that kind of fragrance for me as much as I love it (and refuse to buy it on principle). I may report back on Vibrant Leather but this seems to hold as much promise as it piqued my interest. Thanks!

Now, your man-crush Jeffrey Dame scent me (LOL) a poster and sample of Sky Father. Well!?

Dinos Billis says:

nice video! I recently tested rich leather and I was impressed.It reminded me aventus.I did not noticed if they had vibrant leather.I will check it out …

Jason Cartieri says:

I actually went to Zara yesterday and tried this. I did two sprays to the sides of my neck. it was so strong. I was considering it, but passed for now. yes it is a clone of Aventus but reminded me so much of CDIM. Maybe not as strong as that one. I have that one but don’t like at all. I think I might go back again and spray in a different area. How do you usually spray this one so it’s not so cloying?

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