Zara Vibrant Leather w/ Sebastian (Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews)

Vibrant Leather if a fragrance that was released by the clothing designer store, Zara. This fragrance resembles a very VERY popular niche fragrance. I remember watching Sebastian’s review a while back and being so intrigued by the way he talked about the fragrance. So it is an absolute honor to have him talk about this fragrance with me to you guys! Here’s our take on the original version of Zara’s Vibrant Leather.

Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews:

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Rigdun Labro says:


H2Ono says:

Great stuff, Chris! Agree with all you and Sebastian, stated! Thanks, Sebastian! Salute!

JoeSCENTMe says:

I may need to pick this up. Love the collab. Hope to do one with you some day. (Mr Sillage / Sebastian )

anonymousprofess says:

First!!! Yeah!!! I need to get to some of these frags from Zara!!! Sounds amazing.

James Underwood says:

Great job to both of you. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. Best regards James Underwood

Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews says:

I am actually really curious about Jerome’s creation for Zara Home but not a home fragrance called Absolutely Sublime. Too bad I don’t think we have Zara Home in the states! Although most likely it’s already been discontinued from the stores knowing Zara! LOL!.

Joy Amin says:

great to see two of my favorite people and reviewers in here…thanks so much,ill try to get the new edp and see how good that one is

ish c says:

No NonScents says:

Great take guys!

Taffy J says:

Love Sebastian! This was a really nice conversation, very natural.

TheChazas says:

Vibrant Leather is re-released in EDP two months ago, but it is basically the same scent with weak performance, I would not call it a clones, it is just slightly similar with the fruity citrus vibe which is now very popular.

simpa256 says:

I tried the new one. Honestly, I wore the old one… I go bamboo vibe which gave off pineapple. I wore it in April I think, and it had terrible performance. I sprayed a lot, and no one could smell m after 45 mins. I couldn’t feel much of it. So it was a pass for me. Then, I tried the new one. In much higher heat. Honestly, it lasted around 4-5 hours now, the bamboo was umped up, seems to last longer. Dunno if its the same juice like the last one but it feels much more synthetic than the previous one. Take this with the grain of salt. Maybe you two could get the new one and do a compare. I told myself not to get Zara frags anymore, other than ones that they keep in their all time portfolio. Because I have a bunch of them that are gone now and I hate that. Their Teahupoo is such a great take on Invictus Aqua. And now, they are gone and I only got 1 bottle. 3AM is always there, one of the best that they have to offer. And they watered it down so so much. I have 3 versions from all 3 last years and every one is weaker that the previous. This 2018 is the same smell but weeeeeeeeak!! The first one wasn’t that powerful but this one now is just horrible in performance.

SciGuyFRAGS says:

Great review man! I do love collaborations and sebastian is one of my favorite reviewers. I haven’t tried anything from zara the nearest store is very far. I also want to thank you for introducing me to cafleurebon I have been on there site since you put that video up about getting free fragrances and I just won a bottle! In case you were wondering it was YeYe Parfums Y.O.R.K. keep up the good work man! #sillagesoldiers

adam jacques says:

You guys are both great. Love the colab! I hate that I don’t have a Zara where I live because I have heard some good things. Maybe someday they will pull their heads out of their asses and make them available online.


Really cool collab! So good to see you guys in the same video! I’ve been trying a few from Zara and I’m very impressed with what they have to offer!

Just Add Light says:

120 oz?? Oh. My. God! LOL Sebastian likes it MORE than Aventus?? O. M. Double G!!! My head is exploding!!!!

waltherP99BG says:

Nice job guys

Mafiosi Gwapo says:

My two trusted reviewer’s…

sorryremix says:

Wonderful collaboration & great info ! I am pleased to be back watching ur great reviews !

Tru Dat says:

Zara just released Vibrant leather parfum. It’s the best clone of Aventus. It has been released in the states as I have three bottles.

Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews says:

This video came out awesome! Thanks again.

Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews says:

THANK YOU so much for asking me to do this COLLAB! 🙂

Tim Weed says:

Great review guys. Never tried any Zara frags,but it sounds good. ✌

Glenn Davis says:

@mrcologne76 here great video brother.

H2Ono says:

I loved mine, but sold it away…Then, couldn’t find it anymore!!! ZARA, we know how you roll , now!

Jesse Dominguez says:

Is it fruitier than Insurrection pure 2??

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