Zara Y Collection Fragrance / Cologne Review + Giveaway!


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Here is my fragrance review / cologne review of Zara Y Collection! Thank you for watching!

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Dave Carrizal says:

My favorite clone would have to be insurrection pure 2

23Chak says:

I really like the smell of La Nuit, and i was planning to buy a bottle should i buy this one instead?

Randell Christmas says:

Club de Nuit Intense & Club de Nuit Man, clones of Aventus & 1 Million respectively. Tons of compliments, helps me save on the originals. They actually got me in trouble once or twice. (Love getting in trouble tho). Great, great fragrances for the prices

The Kareful Koala says:

Hey Steven, my favorite clone is Insurrection Pure II!

Vws Sciroc says:

My favourite clone is Zara Vibrant Leather


I really want to try it , can someone tell me how can I get it in the US? I’m from California. Thank you in advance . Nice review !

Kate Riley says:

my favorite clone is rasasi hawas- clone of invictus aqua but much better, more refined, more interesting. As loud as sauvage because of Iso E and ambroxan but less annoying.

Nathanael Petit says:

I can’t find it on Zara’s us store and the U.K. Store doesn’t deliver in the us. Any suggestions?

Dylan Halls says:

Ultra male

Anthony Alan Tóth says:

Hey man, did you buy this one in the states or from the UK link you provided?

sajid k says:

i like your reviews

sajid k says:

steven u know zara seoul ?

ifishares says:

I’ve seen this one on Fragrantica marked as a clone of La Nuit but it was just after seing this video when I decided to try it.
I’ve tried this yesterday and I can confirm that is pretty darn similar to La Nuit.
Thanks you for bringing this up, Stephen!

I am Nicholas James says:

i bought this today. i bought 2 bottles! 1st sniff i was sold and it performs better

jkim says:

cuba royal – clone of one million

Javier de los Santos says:

Really liking L’ Aventure by Al Haramain. Too me it smells pretty damn close to Aventus.

Morbus H. says:

You have not said anything about the performance and sillage. Is there a difference to the original LNDL vintage?

Jake Weber says:

Perry Ellis 360 red is the best clone at any price point

A Sally says:

Steven what Zara store in NY did you pick this up at?

julio carpio says:

Right now I’m in Madrid and I wish I had money enough to buy them all!!

Sharku says:

Tabac Rouge Phaedon

Kaushik Sinharoy says:

But Zara do not lust long… Is it true….!

james weaver says:

my favorite clone is armaf craze of pdm Pegasus.

Ufcfan 4201 says:

Al Haramain L’aventure

Benjamin Mcfadden says:

I love versace signature, which might be a clone of channel homme sport extreme.

Anas fahim says:

Is it long lasting?

Carlos Cruz says:

By the way… I would like you to notice that ZARA has a new damn good Aventus clone . Do try ZARA NIGHT POUR HOMME // IV EAU DE PARFUM 100 ML

Joe Luke says:

I can attest that it is in fact a great YSL La Nuit De L’Homme clone. I did a side by side comparison yesterday after I purchased a 20ml bottle from a local Zara, and I was pleasantly surprised how close Y Collection is to the loved La Nuit. It is slightly more fresh (mid of the fragrance life) than the original La Nuit, but honestly, it is around 95-97% similar to my nose.

So looks like Redolessence executed this review almost perfectly! It will be my official replacement for La Nuit just as long as Zara keeps it in production, I will continuing buying. I can’t justify the price per ml of Parfums Vintage’s version so I won’t even try that fragrance and will stick with Y Collection. So after a long time searching for a good quality La Nuit clone, it is finally here with Y Collection! Thanks again!

TADDs101 says:

20 sprays?? Really

A Sally says:

Great review Steven. Does this one resemble the vintage formulation or current formulation? Thanks

Mosarof Kabir says:

Thanks buddy! I was just looking for a review of this fragrance and got your review. Keep up your awesome reviews.
Oh, and my favourite clone is Insurrection ll Pure.

Mateusz Konkolewski says:

Nice video Steven!!! My fav one is Rasasi La Yuqawam, which basically is a clone of Tuscan Leather by TF.

Anmol Deep says:

I smelled git in New York City and I must say tres nuit is pretty close to it. Great review!

elber escalante says:

I love club de nuit intense

Serg S says:

I love walking past the hip young employees and just keep repeating, Nope I’m good, just here for the colognes….LOL

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