10 Colognes Women LOVE On A Man | Best Fragrances For Men

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Video Summary:
1:09 – 5 Way Tie For #10 Spot
2:04 – #9 Spot
3:42 – #8 Spot
4:12 – #7 Spot
4:26 – #6 Spot
4:48 – #5 Spot
5:11 – #4 Spot
5:30 – #3 Spot
6:06 – #2 Spot
6:34 – #1 Spot
6:42 – REAL #1 Spot

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LIl Pontoon says:

Is this Scentbird a scam?

icejames14 says:

I’d love to hear your thoughts on wearing fragrance while in uniform- I’m talkin ACUs, OCP,s cammies etc.

Vince van Cauteren says:

1. Terre d’hermes

Olli Heikkilä says:

Police Icon is me personal favourite for the price.

Real Men Real Style says:

Sorry guys – the code is RMRS25 for anyone who used RMRS and it didn’t work!

Raymond Moore says:

I love the mass hysteria about Creed products. Absolutely, nothing unique about it. I have asked numerous woman about Creed and some say “not bad” others say “Creed? I spoke with a girl today that says spicebomb is desirable. 200 dollars cheaper. Stop buying the over priced hype.

lovell andrew says:

Great top 10 list I just picked up Dior Sauvage man that cologne smells great my Number one is Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Ultime I luv a lot . My stand by if I run out are Jean Paul G. Lemale and Issey Miyake Pour Homme I definitely will check out your choice Real Men Real Style great info. lovellandrew

Luisito carreno says:

stop trying to be a alpha m you sound like a fagget

Anthony Dennis says:

Antonio, have you used Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille ? It is Daniel Craig’s favorite, and mine.

ronnie mori says:

…do you have a gun collection video?

John Kant says:

Real Men wear BRUT

Daniel Strickland says:

is it bad form to be in a store that sells your sent and give yourself a quick spritz from the display sample?

OldSchool Gaming says:

Can u get this to Sweden? It doesnt say on the page?!

Zachary Smith says:

AF Fierce is pretty good for me, so is Joop at times

max larsen says:

i just mention, to be sure no one makes misstakes out there, (Blue de chanel) can ABSOUTLY be overpowering you do not want to overspray any chanel fragrance, max 6 sprays of blue de chanel because it has a piercing sharpness to it just an advice, many people get the illusion of the BDC being a “weak citrusy fragrance” but its actually a elegant spicy ” sharp” citrusy kind of smell

Ride Share Chi says:

Haha my man! Sucks so bad that they don’t have creed aventus. I owned it and someone stole it at a house party I hosted. Pathetic

max larsen says:

Hahhahahahhahah old spice, thinking of grandpa when u said that, anyways dont underestimate it, it has been the old “Le male” or “Aqua di geo” long time ago


My top 5…..By Killian Back to Black (date night or when out on the prowl). Creed Aventus (gorgeous scent for all seasons and occasions – worth the price tag). Amouage Reflection Man (office, formal event, big compliment grabber) Dior Sauvage (everyday, casual especially outdoors. Another complinent monster) Le Labo Rose 31…. (this stuff is just awesome and ladies love it….dont be fooled by the name it has a very dark rose note in it but lots of masculine elements too.)
Honourable mentions…..Dunhill Icon, (similar application to Dior Sauvage) Xerjoff Nio, (gorgeous citrus and woods mix for the summer) and Prada L’Homme.

mmafan3 says:

Versace never let me down….

YouSuck921 says:

Sad to see that my favorite Drakkar Noir isn’t on here

Marc SP says:

I like Montblanc, great compliments i received

Lisandro Genao says:

Very good selection and I totally with you list

B ma says:

try creed milliseme imperial,you will love that amazing fragrance.

smokey robinson says:

got me a bottle of Versace Eros the 4.3oz bottle…….holy smokes this stuff is excellent!!!! I feel like I have the king of colognes

James Kuykendall says:

heeeyy, I like old spice 😉

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