10 Fragrances that Women LOVE

Men’s Fragrance Recommendations
1:09 Paco Rabanne Invictus Aqua 2018
2:37 Dolce & Gabbana The One EDP
4:01 Prada L’homme L’eau
4:57 http://geni.us/FIrFx
6:55 Valentino Uomo Noire Absolu
7:36 http://geni.us/uI4kw
9:17 Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum
10:44 Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Absolu
11:12 Dior Fahrenheit Le Parfum

WINNER: http://geni.us/uI4kw

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Top 5 Fragrances for Men:

Top 5 Perfumes for Women:

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because i'm Batman says:

i learned alot about fragrance by my girlfriend. like the smell from the botle isnt persee a good smell from the skin. so in other words. some scents are not for everyone. my top 3 now are 3:Michael kors ,Extreme blue. 2: Dolce&Gabbana ,pour Homme(gift from my gf) fresh, smells like spring 😉 1:Trussardi uomo the red.

Nab hash says:

Can u do a review on Giorgio Armani prive collections??

Gordon.G says:

bin nicht g….y Einfach so, von Men to Men

trollking99 says:

Cute German accent and her face at 8:00 so funny

anthony barton says:

Best girl imho great girl next door look

teen wolf lovers says:

She has delicious breasts

Nashwa Perfumes says:

she is beautiful

FMA tili says:

Scheiss auf dolce und gabbana ja gib mir balenciaga ja

philbio66 says:

she is beautiful.

Abhi K. says:

I think noir absolu was one of the worst releases ever lol. So strong on incense and cinnamon. It smelled disgusting to me when I sprayed it.

south91201 says:

Hi, i never seen you test on the ladys:
1. La nuit de lhomme lintense.
2. Molecule 1+2.

AllSmileszX0 says:

Why did you have to choose such a dumb bitch for such a good video.

Oyefule Femi says:

review gucci intense oud please

Damiri Adil says:

I got Sauvage last week, from Canada.

Marvelous Mario says:

Smokin hot girl, but she seems high as fuuuuuck!! You could tell on her nose. LOL

Ahsan Feroz says:

In Dubai available at AED 120. One of the strongest Fragrance ever smelled.

Miles Dixon-Gross says:

Jeremy Fragrance do you get all of your clothing tailored? I absolutely love the details you prefer, especially your shirt collars. I’ve been dying to find a collar like that on an affordable side.

nina georgi says:

Was für eine Hübsche, die würde perfekt zu dir passen ;-))

Gordon.G says:

Der kleine Frauen(Mädels)verführer, der…+++!!! 😉

Kriini ツ Kriini ツ says:

That tits bro

Jonny D says:

i just see boobs

StanleyRC1 says:

No rating for Sauvage Eau De Parfum

Man of Steel says:

Who gives a fuck about her opinion
Stupid cow can hardly speak English

Sweet Blend says:

Nice video….check out also-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngh30Wkpu5w

Phil says:

hell i would love if she would spreat her legs for me

sudishbhat says:

Hey nice work and a lovely channel there! I watched a lot of your videos and I was wondering if you could please make a video dedicated to Indian and Middle Eastern perfumes. I have never seen any Ajmal perfumes feature in your videos, I believe they have some really good cheap replicas of Creed perfumes for eg Ajmal Silver Shade (replica of Creed Silver mountain water) etc. Another brand I wish would feature more on your channel is Rasasi. They also have some really good cheap fragrances such as Rasasi Wow woody. Anyway great work, keep it up Jeremy. 🙂

Rez Gazi says:

She is one of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen. So authentic and pure personality. Wow I have a crush on her! 😉

Rujuta Kulkarni says:

Just Curious… what do you think about Armani Si? or Armani Si rose?

ihonestytruthful says:

Why is she showing her boobs ??

Wet Pussy says:


Ethan Gillespie says:

BUT Dolce And Gabbana The One is so old, I thought that one was out of your lists?

Gordon.G says:

Ich feier Dich echt!!!! Genial, wenn man an seine Träume glaubt und sich diese dann wirklich in die Realtät übergehen. Ich finde Du bist nen echt cooler Typ!!!
Weiter so und immer ehrlich bleiben!! Gordon Gere

Kresst says:

Bought Dunhill Icon racing just now. Little hard to find. The link to the cologne in your description isnt the exact same. Had to search around for a bit. Great video guys!

max lex says:

Interesting woman.

Hunter N says:

All she needs is that accent and I’m hers lol

mohammed ali imran says:

She’s sweet & innocent…

nig nig says:

First time I wore Dior Sauvage I was in a pub in the USA, this hot girl came over to me and said I smelt amazing, she ended up coming back to my hotel. I’m 45 and fat. This fragrance will always be my number one.

Jas Gill says:

She adorable

John Angel says:

Is she what they refer to as Incarnation of Perfection?

archiee em says:

cute : )

Jesus Martinez says:

Hola chica!!!

Mohamed Bikary says:

Does anyone the background music played in the 3rd perfume?

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