3 Colognes That GUARANTEE Compliments | Men’s Perfume Recs From Jeremy Fragrance & RMRS

https://www.youtube.com/user/Jeremyfragrance – Click here to check out Jeremy’s fantastic youtube channel. No joke, gentlemen, it’s your BEST resource on the internet when it comes to cologne.

Creed Aventus? Dior Sauvage? Bleu de Chanel? Versace Eros? Which colognes would you guess get the most compliments? For today’s video I wanted answers to this popular question, so I teamed up with my friend Jeremy Fragrance, whose opinions I respect more than any other’s when it comes to scent. It was no easy task for him to narrow it down to just 3 Colognes (check out the size of his collection!) Although he doesn’t recommend Axe, his answers may surprise you. Watch to find out what they are.

https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/best-mens-colognes/ – Click here to read the article: The 3 Best Men’s Fragrances

New to cologne? Want to know more? Want to find YOUR signature scent? I answer all your questions here:

Scent matters to the ladies, gentlemen. But other things matter too. Here’s what they are:

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lukas9990 says:

Oh not him again

nochu says:

yay i love jeremy

joe noor says:


agriā invicta says:

Hey Jeremy, what are the best colognes to wear while I sexually harass instagram models?

Nicholas Quintero says:

The original givenchy pi has always been my favorite. I don’t know what it smells like but I never found a similar scent

VT 24 says:

How i Wear Tobacco Oud:
*Picks up bottle*
*Throws bottle*
*Sprays Original Vetiver by Creed*

Every Day Discovery says:

I personally like Suavage by Dior. I’ve gotten plenty of compliments on it out in public.

Mid Valley Mercenaries says:

Love the cologne videos. Saves me money

Yos Frags says:

I wasn’t impressed with D&G light blue intense. And hate tobacco oud.

taypax says:

absolutely love Pi Neo

Jeremy Fragrance says:

congrats to 2 million subscribers my brother.

S G says:

Tobacco Oud is a bit too powerful. You need to wear the fragrance with Confidence and strength or else it wears you.

Fragrance Journey says:

Good stuff

Arjun S says:

Using Gucci guilty and givenchy gentleman both are nice

Blueblood says:

For getting women: Carolina Herrera 212, Eros by Versace and Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male!

socalpunk05 says:

Wish u had the actual list of cologne names in the description… not just saying them in the video.

Mohammad Usman says:

antonio, update your top 10 collection as well

Modern Fashion Men says:

nice one checkout modern fashion men and please hit the subscribe button

Clash TM says:

You guys are awesome

bgz027 says:

Hate the original light blue so much.

Jeremy Rider says:

Power to the Jeremy’s #fragrancearmy

Colm Corbec says:

Interesting topic. Fragrance often overlooked.

True Survivor says:

Guys, dont wear frsgrances for women. Wear something to Express yourself and pleases you.

Sidharth Nambiath says:

Can definitely agree with Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue. I wore that fragrance in Year 9 (3 years ago) and I can recall many compliments from it. One of my all time favourites, even though I don’t use it currently.

Criterior 18 says:

Congrats on 2 million! Keep up the good work!

petion ville says:

Could you do a review on escada men’s summer heat it’s dicountinued

The Darkest One says:

My biggest compliment getter is sitting just over Jeremy’s left shoulder – Creed Aventus.

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