3 Fragrances Women LOVE on a Man! (Most Complimented Colognes)

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Jeremy Fragrance is in the house! In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro says that he has the best content about fragrances. He’s not a ‘cologne snob’. His goal is getting attention from compliments, smelling good for spicy senoritas, and wearing the right fragrance in the right setting.

Three Most Complimented Men’s Fragrances

Acqua Di Gio Profumo Parfum
The ‘old’ Acqua is fresh and every girl loves it. This one is a better version of it, with an addition of incense and patchouli. It last 3xs as long as the old version, and it’s a year round fragrance. It always gets great compliments, and the scent DNA will last like a black leather jacket or blue navy suit. It will always work.

Spicebomb Extreme
It’s a winter fragrance that’s warming, spicy, Oriental, and a typical note of vanilla & cinnamon. The scent character is perfect for dinner – it cooks warmly without being aggressive.

Creed Aventus
It’s piercing and attention grabbing. It’s strong but after lingering, it’s citrus based and aromatic. It also features ambergris which gives a nice transparent woody vibe. It’s extremely expensive – Dior Sauvage is a great alternative that’s less expensive.


Chris L. says:

Love the video but when he was describing spice bomb….what does oriental smell like? Seriously is it ginseng, top ramen, I really want to know.

King Daedae says:

This guy is like the warren buffet of cologne making everything sound extraordinary

Kyle Roberts says:

A lot of people don’t like patchouli, actually.i have the classic Acqua di Gio,and its gets a ton of attention.

Gipsy Avenger says:

Ambergris  aka  whale puke.  Illegal in the US but not in France.  Makes the fragrance stick to your skin.  Sorry man Aventus is awesome but IS NOT worth $300-$400 a bottle. Too many clones out there that get almost every aspect correct.  Do some research.

Otto Toto says:

Aaron, ” So Jeremy, mind if I call you Tiege?”

Tomfoolery says:

I loved Gucci Envy and wore it many years. Was so mad when Gucci stopped making it. Is there anything similar out there?

Kevin Cam Lima says:

Awesome! These guys are the best duo.

Cole Smith says:

4th most complimented frag is tiege hanley for those who want to know


I like the scent of SANDALWOOD. What do you recommend? Thanks.

Yoav Rachman says:


Aiden Hamilton says:

Jean Paul gaultiere is the genuine best.

27madnoor says:

Aaron , man ask Jeremy about his suit ….where does he find those amazing suits this striped one is great .where from ?

Александр Лузан says:

Guy, you look like Frodo compare to him)


Aaron I have been watching your channel for a long time and like you dont endore products or immoral behavious you shouldnt promote youtubers that plagiarism other content creators. I would suggest you and everybody to watch The Fragrance Runner video that he made explaining how jeremy ripped off his video that won him the fragrance foundation award.

Ashikur Rahman says:

alpha you look little uneasy with your guest’s height !!


TOP 3=

Peter Chou says:

If I put on one of Jeremy’s fragrances or a panties dropper, my wife won’t sign the paper.

Alfonso Lopez says:

My envy levels are spiking

Jason Zhou says:

insane genetics in this video

Idris Fashan says:

Half of my collection is credit to THAT MAN! I picked out so many awesome fragrances for different settings, ones I never would have expected to work. Very helpful. WATCH. HIS. SHIT.

Jeremy Fragrance says:

Aaron you are mega cool, you are always welcome in Germany and I come back to Atlanta next Year.

Rob Lopez says:

may as well just suck each other’s dick with all the compliments you paid to each other

Val Kitty says:

Ah you guys are so cute! My husband is 6ft3 too I really never would have guessed Jeremy was that tall until now!

awesomesöös says:

It’s weird that you guys didn’t even consider one of my favorite AB Spirit Millionaire by Lomani. Smooth, nice and settle, but attention caller. @alpha m.


Always like Jeremy….the other guy is kind of IRRITATING……….

Casizz says:


JT 559 says:

Who gives a shit how tall or short anyone is…it’s about fragrances…

faris Bazli says:

That puprle shirt dude gave his arm few times but u ignores him hahahaha

Jerome Daye says:

Bruh that Creed is 300 wow

Xander17 says:

No, taller bloke @ 0.57, that’s how you choose to live and why you dress the way you do and splash smell liquid on your bod. So much narcissism to think all blokes think the same as you.
And i like how the short fella is so excited to declare he goes crazy go nuts with personal grooming so he can fuck a lot of chicks. check him out ladies, he’s a keeper.

Then there’s the over the top exictement about a liquid you put on your body to hide your natural stink…aw you gotta spend so much time and money on grooming otherwise the ladies won’t go to bed with you.

If you’re controlled by your dick, man you have to pay for it. I think this is the male version of the female insecurity of wearing makeup to be attractive to others.

Odis Brown says:

Absolutely right about aventus expensive stuff but worth it

Ken Able says:

Is he 7 feet tall?

Shravan Paul says:

How tall both of you?? Looks odd but nice combo

The moustache Mafia says:

Bleu de chanel ?

Born2succeed says:

A short Italian and a tall German. Awe…stereotypes that are real lol

Rimiji says:

He’s on his knees and Jeremy’s zipper is unzipped. Great video guys.

Dan Van Hoose says:

Big gay ass pussies.damn bastard weidero.

Artie A says:

Both of you as a team go HARD good to see a bunch of us GUYS can come as one in Peace and like cologne.. I will be grabbing Aventus soon.. i have Profumo.. Sauvage.. The One.. Prada Luna Rosa.. and a bunch of others that are my favorites

Jimmy Bruhl says:

Invictus is the best I’ve ever tried….and everyone likes it.
My signature smell since for ever.

David Hummel says:

Jeremy, finally picked up Aqua di Gio Profumo yesterday! How many sprays of this do you use? I don’t want to overwhelm people but I want to use enough so I get compliments. Thanks! Love your channel!

Regina di Spade says:

Wale poop, only in premium perfume

Todd Victorson says:

I dont think creed aventus is all that. I bought a sample size on eBay and wore it once, never again.
The colognes that get me the most compliments are hugo boss no. 6 and Versace eros.
I also love dolce and gabbana the one.

Jeffrey Jewell says:

Aaron how tall are you? 4’3”?

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