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Hey there, Tiff Benson here! Thank you so much for stopping by my site today. Today we’re going to be talking about the six reasons why everyone loves Creed’s Aventus.

I’d love for you to share your number one reason why you love Aventus by Creed. I’m looking forward to seeing what you have to say about this perfume.

#6 [ THE SMELL ] So let’s face it. Aventus smells great, there’s no denying that. This smoky, fresh, fruity concoction will stand out wherever you are.

#5 [PERFORMANCE AND PROJECTION] Aventus is a 10 out of 10 for performance and projection. Aventus really lasts and lasts!

#4 [UNIQUENESS] Even though Aventus is hugely popular in the male fragrance community, I’ve never walked into a room and smelled a room full of men wearing Aventus.

#3 [STATUS]. Aventus is highly respected and valued in the fragrance community.

#2 [COMPLIMENTS] Expect to get compliments!

And the number one reason why people love Aventus is [THE WAY IT MAKES YOU FEEL] It’s your best friend in a bottle.

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MsJcmJcm says:

I’ll buy my hubby Roja Dove or even Marly over Aventus anytime.

Tom Cruise says:

1:05 Yeah cause it’s expensive 🙁

Ransford Anane says:

You should be creed’s brand ambassador.!!! U just sold it to me.. BTW are u from Ghana? Your name ‘Benson’.

Marlon Khan says:

when pep smell this their head turn twice.  not allot of pep know about it.

Emilio says:

What I love about perfume: The smell.

Carlos R says:

I like becouse of history who makes it, n also the unique smell

Justin Howard says:

Thank you………..
They don’t even know the number one reason at all. I do not want to go into the store and one of my “go to” fragrances are available for the next man to purchase so easily.
It is not so much the exclusiveness but it is the message it portrays. The Louisiana birchwood makes you feel that way actually.
Yes….this brother has done his research.

ch bodazaphfa says:

I’ve been wearing Creed Aventus for over a year now and I literally have women coming up to me and telling me that they just want to devour me…true story…still happens.

Ram Sanjeev says:

hi sister how to detect fake ones of creed aventus let me knbow im from india

Peter Johnson says:

“very very basic” subscribed.

The Guy says:

smh I had to buy it… you sell alot of smells to me…

RIP Mando says:

i have to say you’ve convinced me to cop a bottle. You’re so pleasant I will follow you going forward

ʆƖMMƳ says:

does anyone want to buy me a bottle xD

alan jackson says:

Tom ford oud wood…. Now that’s a Masculine fragrance

Ian Smith says:

I’m sorry Aventus does not even make my Top 10 or even my Top 5 Creeds (MI, SMW, GIT, VIW, and Erolfa are all better). If my life depended on compliments, I would wear Dior Sauvage or Invictus Acqua long before I reached for Aventus.

greg giles says:

I’m wondering have you ever purchased this cologne for a friend?

Trefoil Symbol says:

Hi Tiff ,Thank you so much for the your good reviews , if possible for you, could you do review about Black Afgano Nasomatto & Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille ?

Darius Jackson says:

I had 2 women follow me to the bar and sniff me lol

Artyom Shipov says:

To be frank, I’ve never been complimented wearing Aventus, either men or women. On the contrary, CH Men, for example, got me two compliments from my female coworkers. So, its all about the personal taste. Yes, Aventus is very pleasant scent, but very expensive. And, to me it’s more for mature men, rather then young guys.

Hector Castaneda says:

¡¡This fragrance is a masterpiece!! Just be careful there are a lot of fake…even on amazon! Nordstrom is very expensive but you get de real aventus creed.

Roy says:

I got a sample just to see if the hype was real and asked the girls I work with what they thought. all but one said it was amazing and kept smelling it over and over. when I asked one girl to smell it, she instantly smiled and her eyes rolled back into her head. smelled it a few more times, started breathing heavily, then walked away fanning herself saying “that’s what a good man smells like”.

David Power says:

I’ve only tried Irish tweed and was blown away how long it lasts, coming from cheaper brands. I’ve just ordered a sample of this to try it out and also aventus for her for my lady.

Philip Earl says:

Hi Tiff, what are your thoughts on Cartier Declaration Dun Sior ?

John Perez says:

I have not gotten any compliments from Creed Aventus.

Member Berry says:

This is a cologne, not a perfume ffs.

TheFuentes5551 says:

Is creed aventus still good after the reformulation ?

Besto Tom says:

Does Aventus project more?

yorksgeezer says:

overhyped cloying overpriced for narcissistic people who like forcing their tastes on others because if you are in the same room as someone wearing this you need a hazmat or NBC suit to avoid the stench

aussie084 says:

It’s beast mode on my skin and I don’t know anyone else that uses it where I live so I have the aventus scent to myself. It also gets me over the top compliments.

Clarentz Dor says:

i love the cologne which i happen to have by the way in the meantime those teeth and those lips are very distracted!!!

Terence Moore says:

Attractive woman with great taste. hummm….

Alcoholocaust says:

It’s great, but it doesn’t last. At all.

The Scentinel says:

i love how no two bottles smell alike. Wait…

hooman irani says:

At least in Orange County it’s not a unique scent . Almost everywhere in fine places you smell this specially on old guys . 10/10 for scent but for the price I get something more unique !

shez jackson says:

I stick to Arabian oud

Farid says:

THIS BRAND IS WAY OVER PRICED. I would rather get Versace, Gucci, or CK for 1/3 of its price.

Dkt B says:

@tiffbenson ok so if I can’t afford this cologne, lol, what are 4 more reasonable priced colognes that you feel are the best that perform similar? thank u so much. love your videos.

dreday livegamez says:

id love to skull fuck this shelia

withoutmalicexo says:

Those tiff benson lips :*

Jaime Hoyos says:

you are beatiful…

CreatedbyLeon says:

you turned me away from buying it when you said id get more compliments from men. i dont care what they think i buy this stuff for women lol

Mohamedali Ammar says:

Thank you for the video. 🙂

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