6 Simple Cologne Tips For Men | Fragrance Advice

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In this video men’s style, grooming and fitness expert, Aaron Marino from http://www.iamalpham.com, goes over 6 cologne and fragrance tips to ensure that you are smelling great and sending the right message.

Fact: in the first 10 seconds of meeting someone new, they are forming opinions of you based on non-verbal communications. What you wear, how you stand, handshake, eye contact, and how you smell, all impact how others view you. Aaron Marino of alpha m. has teamed-up with his favorite online retailer to bring you six cologne tips to ensure you’re always smelling great and sending the right message.

Six Men’s Fragrance Tips

1. Less is more – give yourself a light dusting with 2 to 4 quirts depending on the fragrance. Learn how the cologne reacts to your chemistry and body.

2. Apply to pulse points on your neck and wrists – with pulse points, the blood flow is more and the heat dissipates the scent and spreads it.

3. Change is good – update periodically to keep it fresh

4. Rotate your colognes – buy 3 to 4 colognes and rotate

5. Find a cologne that you LOVE! Aaron’s six favorite colognes of all time: The One, Cool Water, Guilty, Acqua Di Gio, and Brit Rhythm

6. Shop smart – don’t waste money buying your cologne in a department store. However, you have to purchase from a reputable online retailer. FragranceNet.com is the best place, bar none, to pick up your designer fragrances at discounted prices.


Thomas Stevenson says:

Try Perry Ellis 360 Red it smell almost exactly like aqua did gio but more spicy and better!

José Angel Esparza says:

loose the earrings man..

videos4mydad says:

It’s difficult to trust your ‘recommendations’ if you are being paid

Rayndolf!!! says:

patting your wrists is bad

Anton Vinoj Costa says:

Awesome man. Haha I always enjoy your video. Thanks for advice

Dudz says:

Acqua di gió was the sample I had in my hand and I was thinking whether or not it was good



Daymon Rondino says:

Do NOT rub your wrists together when wearing fragrances!

Logan Sanders says:

My favorite cheap cologne is Unpredictable for Men. It smells AWESOME!

trent atkinson says:

You should add different colognes for the time of day.
Chrome by azzaro is a nice soapy cologne for everyday use. Never wear it out on a date
Mr burberry is versatile because it combines citrusy fresh notes with a nice woody spice undertone making it eligible for all say use.
Spicebomb is to be worn only at night time when you’re out on a nice date. Soaks into the clothes and skin well and isn’t overpowering. Exudes sex and confidence.
Fahrenheit by dior is another one. Apply an hour or two before going out because of how insanely powerful it is.
Eros is another versatile one.

And yes, I work at a cologne and perfume shop

'afif Salim says:

The fact that Alpha love Acqua Di Gio, Gucci Guilty and Brit Rythm, makes me feel like I’m half of Alpha because those are my 3 fav perfumes and still got them in my current rotation now lol

Big Mike says:

I have to laugh because he then said in his 6 fragrance mistakes video that you shouldn’t pat or rub your wrists lol!! And the fact that he now wears the Creed fragrance Aventus haha. Still credit where credits due he admits mistakes and is still a kick ass youtuber!!

Itz Me sTaTiiCz says:

u dont deserve 2 .6 milion subs

JaCk MeOff says:

what the fuck is on your eyeball its driving me mad i wanna pull out my knive and carve out whatever the fuck that is!!!!

michaelsgodloom says:

Bruh literally we have the same taste we own the same colognes Gucci, Armani, Dolce, n Burberry wtf that crazy

José Angel Esparza says:

I like Aqua Di Gio.. but i wanna change to spice bomb

Stevo K Atkinson says:

Is it true that rubbing baby oil on your neck and wrists..help projection of the scent your wearing?.

Hatden Braley says:

Gotta love Cool Water

DL Lambert says:

first, fragrancenet.com is a great website for mens colonge. Ive used it for several years. I dont wear colonge as much now. I use axe body sprays often. I used to buy mens scents at major dept stores. you could get free stuff or add ons. I like the tradional scents; ralph loren polo, Hugo boss, stetson raw vanilla, passion for men, polo sport, grey flannel. Id advise guys or younger buyers to avoid fakes & knock offs. Mall kiosks or retail places may have fake colonges. get real products. dont use a lot either. that wastes it & makes you look foolish.

Javier E says:

Dolce and Gabana the one smells amazing, women love it and when you hug them you can tell it’s made a statement.

Jason Tay says:

Aaron for president anyone? Donald Trump has lots of appointments to make with Mr Alpha M to learn how to be a man from him if he wants to be even 1% as cool as him

Honey Ham says:

He gives the bad stuff to his dad LMFAO!

Rhinehart Cristen says:

this guys got excellent taste

Pearson James says:

The One edp is also awesome.

Jasper Jean says:

Hi Aaron, love your videos, dude! I found this old video so i hope you get this message. Can you make a video about preparing to wear a cologne? Because when you go to the shower, you use soap and the soap has its own scent already and you have to use deodorant as well for the sweating but again, it has its own scent as well. So wouldn’t that mean you mix multiple scents? Some say use unscented soap and deodorant but they don’t really work. Please help!

Victor Smith says:

aww no versace 🙁

Hearing Colours says:

2-4 squirts? Damn… I’m lucky to get even one squirt.


FYI: Do NOT spray your testicles

Mike 69 says:

He said not to pat it together in the other video about aftershave

Krabz Core says:

I highly recommend to put perfume on the side beard. Also on hair especially wet hair and also on shoulders because people will smell it much more.

If you have more dry skin you just need to use vaseline on the skin like on the side neck then this region will stay wet all day long and so the fragrance

Brayan Espinoza says:

Bleu De Chanel, I’ve tried other ones. Polo Blue, Dior Sauvage seem to be great. But there is just no better than Chanel.

Damon M says:

Been wearing Cool Water since Snoop mentioned it on Lodi Dodi…I love Guilty and Acqua Di Gio too. Currently wearing Lacoste Sport (Green Bottle)

ricoko100 says:

fragancenet sells fakes dudeeeeee. do they pay you? they have tons of negative reviews. check before you buy from them.

vinood kunna says:

I dont buy online coz they always come with fakes.go to departmental store rather.

Joey D says:

wheres the drakkar at! HAHA


Quick question. I suffer from atopic eczema and I’m kind of scared to spray cologne on direct skin (parfums dry out the skin which causes redness, itchiness and worsens the eczema). I spray some cologne on the collar of my shirt and wrists, but what will the effects of the cologne be? Will it last longer or shorter? I never smell my own cologne after a couple of seconds and the colognes are of good quality brands (Jean Paul Gaultier, Paco Rabanne, Dunhill).

That Guy says:

I wear the same shoes every day XD

Kriegy c: says:

Just remember that one scene from Anchorman..

“Sex Panther.”

Michael Dobson says:

one million vercase Gucci

dude really says:

I just don’t like smelling like air lol

anno Jonno says:

mostly wear body sprays

That Bowl Of Cereal says:

Should I feel ashamed my cologne is James Bond cologne

Reaction Therapy says:

Top 6 Personal Colognes
-Versace Man
-Versace Euo
-Perry Ellis Red
-Gucci Guilty
-Lacoste (white bottle)
-Nautica (cheap for a great smell!!)

Mark Austonian says:

How come his neck is always RED ?

Patrick N says:

Can you make a video is colognes are safe?

Brian Madikizela says:

thanx … this is so helpful

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