A Women’s Fragrance, Perfume A Man Should Wear! (Try it Guys!) Lovely Perfume Review

A really nice fragrance that smells great on guys too! Give it a sniff. Thanks for watching! Please subscribe, rate, and comment. I know commenting is a pain right now though. :/


Huy duc Nguyen says:

Hello mr. Brian i do love some woman fragrances, they are fanstatic, but i can’t wear it you know, and i wondering why they didn’t release any fragrance have scent like that, in men fragrances LOL.

Shalonda M. says:

I agree with you about the fragrance community, i’m a woman and I like to wear Pi by Givenchy.

MrSteve4380 says:

Nice watch BTW. What brand?

Joe Anthony says:

Great take bro

MrSteve4380 says:

Nice vid, will def try it out.

theloyalone100 says:

Hey!  Based on your review I decided to order this fragrance. This is a blind buy but your enthusiastic description persuaded me to try it along with being a fan of Sarah Jessica Parker.

young weezy says:

I hope this doesn’t turn all the girls at my school off

Nishan King says:

I got this because of your great review and I love it. Ordered her other one Covet, it has a unisex vibe I hear.

Lanier Smith says:

There are lots of so called “women s” frags that are great on men. Some off the top of my head are Mistuko by Guerlain, Gris Cabochard, Prada Infusion d’Iris, Chanel Cuir de Russie just to name a few. Lovely by Sara Jessica Parker was my first dive into Ladies scents and thanks to Katie too. If you are interested in the story behind Lovely you should get the book “The Perfect Scent” by Chandler Burr. http://www.amazon.com/The-Perfect-Scent-Perfume-Industry/dp/0312425775 (The ex NY Times Fragance Crittic) it tells the story of how Lovely and Jardin du Nil were created..one in New York and the other in Paris.
  Oh yes, if you like gourmands you should at least smell the very first oriental ever made…Shalimar. Lots of guys were that one too. Well like i always say, wear what you love not what they say you should love.  

Jonas Johnson says:

Thanks for the good review. I like trying new things.

young weezy says:

I hope this doesn’t turn all the girls at my school ofd

Roses Of Time says:

My BF wears all my perfumes when I am away from him as he says he wants me close to him at all times…

Akrydésa says:

I ordered this one as well and I can’t wait to recieve it! I heard by a lot of people that it’s similar to the “Narciso Rodriguez – for her”. I definitely tend more to manly cologne scents that are very musky and not sugary, sweet scents eewh. So I really think it’s not a problem for you to wear this one!

Phillip Walker says:

I am wearing this fragrance as I write this.  Katie Puckrik clued me in on it as well.  It is a nice woody, musky, scent with a hint of florals.  I think of several men’s fragrances with more floral notes than this one.   

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