A*Men by Thierry Mugler Fragrance / Cologne Review

Here is a fragrance / cologne review of A*Men by Thierry Mugler! Thank you for watching!

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Icedout churchin says:

Can you review B*Men? It’s like the 1st men’s Mugler flanker ever right?

Gary J. says:

Is it possible for cologne to go bad? I just smelled this fragrances Ulta and almost threw up. literally. it was putrid. smelled like burnt tar and horrible mix of what i can only describe as rotten musk. I was actually offended as if I was sprayed by a skunk. reminded me of “Anchorman” movie scene when everyone was horrified at the fragrances one of the characters put on. 60% of the time it works every time. that one. worst garbage I have every smelled period. I can’t believe someone would put this on. smells like a dog that rolled in tar and feces. omg.

dinudorian1 says:

It’s a shiiiit smell!!! It smells like incense and something like mold,every girl i asked said exactly this!! I just regret that the metal bottle just looks so great in my collection…,but i can’t smell it anymore!

Luis Diego García says:

When it was reformulated and lost his strength?

Jamison Harris says:

Steven, would you perhaps know the latest reformulation year on this fragrance?

Mario Chanderbhan says:


Ed Gain says:

Best fragance ever. And versatile too, if I know that I will be with a lot of cunts on a particular day then I spray half the bottle and they all fuck off.

Blackdragon79 says:

I have pure malt that I got for Christmas. So far I’m loving it. I may get this one this week. Insert generic copy and paste reply. Thanks for watching and commenting! Lol

know body says:

I just smelled this and I swear on my life all I got was tobacco In the top notes. Not sweet tobacco. Not cigar tobacco. Pure plain tobacco like you broke a cigarette in half. This must be the tar top that Stephen is talking about. I just can’t get past it. I’m not impressed with this scent.

Icedout churchin says:

Hey would you recommend Pure wood or pure coffee? and is pure coffee similar to Original Amen?

Bre Mills says:

Great Vid! What brad of watch are you wearing? Looks great!

delboyengland says:

quick thing I received a bottle  that’s says amen and mugler in big  letters below but not the name Thierry  Mugler  and that’s it . Never seen that design on the packaging   box before . Yet the other bottle bought from same shop has  the usual design amen  then below Thierry mugler .

Stewart Metcalfe says:

I get a strong smell of urine of this scent in the opening .

Nick B says:

My goodness I sprayed this on my arm at Macy’s and can’t stop smelling myself lol. I’ll be getting this in the fall. Need to get my nose on spicebomb too

Shave- a-thon says:

At 1:47, the *batch code of PD 15314* is visible. That’s a batch date of Nov. 10, 2015. What’s interesting is that it’s the same batch coded bottle I purchased from Target dot com during their 2016 holiday sale. Target uses Perfume-Worldwide as their distributor (aka Scentmonkey). This gives a bit of creedence to my theory that many of the discounters are using the same 4 or 5 distributors. Some may not even actually have much stock and just have their distributor dropshp the bottles.

Our bottles look the same with just the first two letters of the batch code on the top of the bottle (PD). I was hoping you showed the bottom of the rubber flask. I don’t see the PD15314 batch code etched in mine. Earlier releases had two batch codes on the bottom of the box and a longer 7 digit code on the bottom of the bottle. Since my bottle had the Mugler Circle Club code on the inside which allowed me to sign up, I assumed the bottle was legit.

By the way, Basenotes has the *tar* note listed as a middle note and not a top not:
Top Notes
Bergamot, Helonial, Lavender, Peppermint

Heart Notes
Coffee Bean, Tar, Patchouli

Base notes
Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Caramel, Chocolate, Musk

Do you really find the top notes that sweet? My feeling is that anyone who loves the classics will love the opening of this as well as the changes whereas those who are used to the post 2000 fragrances won’t be crazy about this.

I’ll post this to a recent video, too but have you considered sending a demo video to the local morning TV shows for the holidays as “the cologne guy” who recommends the perfect holiday gift scent for a loved one? I can see you as a regular holiday morning guest.

Excellent review as usual but please start mentioning batch codes and dates!

dinudorian1 says:

Hi! I just subscribed to you’re channel thanks for the videos, good job!

Chris Taxiarchos says:

Love amen have been wearing it for many years I think they took the tar note out so it’s not as “dirty”..Still quite potent compared to other designer fragrances…but pure Tonka is even stronger!!

cromwell enriquez says:

finally, i was able to add this to my collection..im new to collecting fragrances..i was surprise on this scent..magical..so complex..boozy and oozing with just the right sweetness..dry down was amazing, i cant identify if but its very unique..sexy smoky..

Serge Allen says:

i have now pure malt amen and ultra zest and soon i,m getting pure havane but i like both amen and pure malt and i think pure havane is a bit better smooth smelling

small_town_g perez says:

Got this today and I could not stand it. Just doesn’t work on my skin.

Johnny E says:

I’ve hated this fragrance for 4 years….Today I sprayed my sample and totally fell in love! great review btw.

Nicholas Haralambidis says:

Romeo Gigli best cologne ever created

that Cologne guy says:

First time I smelled this I couldn’t get to the bathroom soon enough to wash it off, but now I really like it. I think it resembles Narciso Rodriguez for him a bit because of the heavy patchouli.

Rohan Kapoor says:

The reason of my collection and knowledge increase is you, Steven

Kyle Stevens says:

How do you feel about the new formulation?

mario kosteniuk says:

Where can i buy it if i live in Mexico. Thanks.

Banzan Buddhist says:

I don’t know why people like this scent, its disgusting. Pure Malt is the best.

Dusan Belovukovic says:

Felt no caramel at all

Rezqy Firmansyah says:

I bought an Angel after watch your review. And after sniff its sample in perfume shop, I hate it, but after several times sniff, I know I gotta have this one, hahahaha… This is my favorite fragrance. But too bad it just stay an hour to two on my skin, so I spray it on my shirt, so it last longer.

Pedro Carrazana says:

You’re great, particularly I like the women’s version better because the far note doesn’t exist

Michael McGregor says:

ewwwwwwww…oh no go away…with Armani and Thirty #J

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