Best Budget Fragrances – Affordable fragrances and body sprays (Men’s Grooming) ✖ James Welsh

Here are my favourite budget fragrances. I’ve seen a few budget fragrance videos that discuss high end fragrances, but I didn’t think that £40 / $60 was a budget item! So, I set a limit of £20, and found some amazing alternatives! Let me know what you think!

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Zara Fragrances:

Lush Fragrances:

Ted Baker Body Spray:

Lynx Daily Fragrances:|


Flutechito says:

Great video! I too love Spice Bomb (also Burberry London). You mentioned Ted Baker body spray but do you know of any brands that are more available in the States that are similar to both Spice Bomb and Burberry London? Thanks. =)

Sajjad Ali says:

if you have Facebook account or another , I want to show you some dark side of my face , I need your help , its so scary really James please give me answer

Ethan Goddard says:

+James Welsh

Milo blanchard says:

Woah are you the asos guy

Yusuf says:

Topman Eau de Parfum No.16 is so goooood imo

Manvydarfest says:

Bazooka is a really good spicy scent

Sajjad Ali says:

I’m now following you on instagram and I already sent you some pictures please see them and tel me about

Bloke says:

Is it true that with colognes, u get what u pay for ??? I mean I hear of many clones that claim to be exactly like original and also get good reviews but are they really worth it ? Dont u think quality will be a compromise? Do u know of any clone ones that smell just like original and people cannot see the difference ?? for eg. these days there is talk of Armaf being a better substitute for other expensive ones

RocketBoxcat123 says:

If you rub it in on your skin it stunts the longevity.!

Sudip Chakraborty says:

Really he talks too much

Shane Khan says:

Haha I’m going perfume shopping

NavyBlueManga says:

love the vids, you should save your icon videos as png. to take out the white background and then pt them in your editing program, it would look better.

Sajjad Ali says:

I ordered some product like @innisfree green tea and iaso and also black craviar . . I talk with them online they told me we can’t help you

Victor Ligorii says:

Do not rub fragrances… It destroys the composition. Good Video!!!

Diana Melison says:

What do you think of Hollister No.351 & LYNX deep space for body sprays and A&F Fierce for cologne ?

Abraham Lyncoln says:

Do a Google search for Devil Dust Fragrance For Men. You’ll thank me

Emdadh Syed says:

Those Lynx fragrances gave me a headache when I smelt them in Asda the other day, I personally think women’s perfume is far better than men’s so I use Lady Gaga’s fame haha most men perfume are so over powering but I do think Bleu de Chanel is my Fav from all the men perfumes

Fragrance Source says:

What do you use to edit your videos?

Rio Cappuccino says:

Great video… but please don’t rub the fragrance!! lol

peter somers says:

Check out perfume parlour mate. They make perfume dupes but in oil based like lush such good idea for a budget

Matthew Winston says:

where did you get your shirt? it looks like a shirt that i got off of asos from the clothing line ADPT but in navy… but i really like this color

Ethan Goddard says:

For anyone reading, I really recommend the fragrances Burberry touch and Burberry Weekend. These are both top of the line, great smelling, very mature fragrances. What’s better is the fact that they’re on sale in Debenhams for around £22. There is also a woman’s Burberry touch fragrance! It’s great value too as the container is quite sizeable, also it looks great on top of your desk! Try it out guys 😉

Sajjad Ali says:

that’s because I’m from Pakistan and those products just from the united state and some other countries .

Bloke says:

please suggest sumthing masculine tat DOES NOT have vanilla or choclate or any of that note or too much of flower…just fresh citrusy wood. just like Givenchy Blue label my fav…any other u know ???

Ritz Haque says:

Zara perfumes disappear within a couple of hours tbh!!

Alex Holmes says:

Most larger perfume/ aftershave manufacturers openly admit that the reason for the high price is all down to marketing. Also, i thought you weren’t supposed to rub scent into your skin?

Sobhi Sohrab says:

would you please do the Indian version of fragrance video!!!!!

JordyT1998 says:

how about an australia version of these.

René Agerbo says:

Talk to much

Shack says:

Nice products……I personally don’t use any fragrances or alcohol based products due to my sensitive skin…..I’ve recently used some essential oils as an alternative…..fall in love with the Frankincense oil…..smells so nice and refreshing plus its good for my skin….People always keep on telling me how good I smell

Sonny Jim says:

Great video! Your hair looks frickin awesome. Im a huge fan of Hugo Boss The Scent – smells impeccably masculine. Expensive at around £70 but a bloody killer.

Cam says:

There’s a few Zara perfumes that do last – I don’t mind spending money on quality fragrances and I have a bunch of them, but then again I don’t really spend money on other stuff.

Griffin Cannon says:

Nice and informative video. But I would like to advise to try not to rub your wrists together after applying the fragrance because that dilutes and dissipates the scent molecules and try to just dab lightly. Just some advice. You don’t have to use it but give it a shot.

Nathan Cheung says:

Fix your audio, it is only playing on the left ear for me. Use audacity or something.

Steven stjonat says:

Stick to hair……Its what you know……..

Bacon and cheese has been stuffed into a crust says:

Hair tutorials lol

Sajjad Ali says:

James I have dark spot on my head , please tel me what would I do ?

Anurag Reggie says:

James can you pls do some diy hair product vids cos so many people i know think hair products have horrible chemicals.

Donalee Curtis says:

ooooohdef gonna cop some of these for the boo

Tilly RJ says:

Next have good cheap perfume

Nerd with Style says:

much needed!!

Neemzzz says:

great video, will check these out

Ryland Morrissey says:

can someone give me the dollar equivalents?

AquilaLiberum says:

I really like your content, and as a Lush employee, it was lovely to hear us getting a shout out! Keep up the good work 🙂
PS. You’re beautiful.

Max Innes says:

Amazingly helpful video, thanks so so much. But out of all the moisturiser you have used which one is the best for oily skin? I can’t find any that work with my oily spot prone skin!

What's The Scents In That says:

the two lynx your talk about smell like tobacco vanille and pure malt

Leo Hill-North says:

Jamie you have the right idea of a cheap price range! haha, thanks for this 🙂

Marty Drury says:

Great video. Rubbing in fragrances destroys the scent molecules. You are better off dabbing the wrists rather than rubbing them. I agree that some people out there think sixty pounds is a budget fragrance.

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