Best Fall Fragrances for Men

Top 10 Colognes for Men Autumn Fall 2017
0:59 Armani Code Profumo
1:35 Guerlain L’homme Ideal
2:32 Zadig Voltair This is Him
#10 3:42
#9 4:31
#8 6:27 Gucci Intense OUD
#7 7:23
#6 8:57
#5 9:39
#4 10:39
#3 11:26
#2 13:08
#1 15:21

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Biz Kindred says:

Great list here. Some of these i did not expect!

Frechter Almog says:

The master !

Abinash Subudhi says:

Jeremy: You are doing an awesome work bro. I am from Germany. I have some of the perfumes suggested by you. Sauvage, la nuit , the one and dylan blue. I like dylan blue the most. I get compliments too in office for this perfume. So, i got a 200ml.

Ishan Thakur says:

Hey Jeremy,
I’m a college student and I want to know is there any fragrance for our age group?
Like everyday or most days fragrances , since our group meet lot of people at this age .

I love your videos, I subscribed to you and your fragrance always help me get compliments not only from girls but from everyone.

I have been using D&G the One and ACQUA Di Gio !
Yes I don’t mind getting a experience cologne. Lol
Sometimes Quality matters.
Did I mention I’m a college student! Lol

Nikita Salo says:

Code Profumo or Pure malt?


I can’t find number 2

barron totti says:

It’s true that a lady has a positive effect on videos.Grab one 🙂

Adnan Grebović says:

You forgot Salvatore Ferragamo F Black, and you were swearing by it last year. Why?

Twin Turbo mustangz says:

Jeremy where do you buy your CH Prive from?? Amazon and Notino are the only places i can find it for sale. im not sure if i trust them. is Notino legit?

FerrariF2008Racer says:

Hi Jeremy, I was at Douglas earlier this day, trying to find Carolina Herrera CH, Mont Blanc Individuel and Thiery Mugler Pure Malt. However, I couldn´t find all three of them. Are there any comparable fragrances that gets kinda close to these three? I don´t like to buy a fragrance which I have not tested before, that is why I am asking. Thx for your help!

Tobias H says:

YSL L’Homme or YSL La Nuit de L’Homme ? What’s Vetter ?

Lion Heart says:

Versace Eros is too rich and gets very cloying even with one or two sprays ! I will never purchase another bottle of it I seriously hate the smell of it and regret buying it ,makes me sick ,smells like a bag of a variety of open candy lol

Lion Heart says:

Dolce and gabbana the one EDP smells good but performance sucks bad! Not worth buying at all,pure malt is ok but reformulation sucks and last like literally 40 minutes,Thierry mugler ultra zest blows it out of the water!

Robert Lauri says:

STILL smashing my head because of La Nuit De L’Homme…

Taha Alkhaja says:

Is versace eros better than versace fresh ? What about the performance ?

Viktor Basara says:

Make “every day (school,collage) fall fragrances”

On Üzerinden? says:

We all shook his hand dudes 😀

Anthony Ruiz says:

VERSACE !!!! I wore it once to a party and a female literally got on me and started licking my neck Eros is a lady’s man (;

Achim Idler says:

I already have Creed Original Santal. Should I still look for Mont Blanc Individual?

Vincent Bösl says:

Hey Jeremy! Wo bekommt man den Gucci Duft her?
BA ist mein Lieblingsduft, aber leider auch sehr teuer……

Shing Lo says:

Jeremy , May I ask which model is your watch

XeNoViZi0n - says:

Make another high school cologne video!

Pierreluc Tremblay says:

I really like TERRE HERMES EAU TRÈS FRAICHE. The bitter orange with vetiver is very good for falloir and not too strong for a 34 yo guy. Homme ideal edp is very dry thats true im waiting for cold season to give it à try. Im still in love with l’homme and la nuit de l’homme ysl and an honorable mention to MONT BLANC LEGEND, à Juice that ladies really like.

Adam Kovacs says:

the problem with gucci intense oud is that it just doesn’t exist… i can’t find it locally. i can’t find it online… (germany)

Nate Miller says:

You should do a best leather frags.

Tom Schroeder says:

Just picked up Merc Black Leather, and indeed it is easy to wear. Haven’t heard you recommend this one before, and it’s really enjoyable.

hellschatt says:

Versace Eros? Ok wth? Guys go with nr. 2 instead. Or better with the regular CH men if you don’t identify with the leather jacket too much.

Dimitar Iliev says:

Jeremy, is Versace Eros good choice for a fragrance for work (as a bartender wearing a shirt and tie, but sometimes a t-shirt and jeans at beach and pool parties in the daytime) I want something seductive and my doubt is between Eros, Ultra male, Dylan blue and CH men

Ivan Dobrichkov says:

I’m sitting in my chamber, smelling $1000 fragrances that smell like literal shit, niche lyfe for life

Andreas235 says:

Really dig your Videos Jeremy! Looking to buy a new club/night out fragrance – Ultra Male vs. Versace Eros (for a 25 year old male)?


I love that Prada let’s trade I want to get rid of f feragamo black who wants to trade or give me 90 buck’s

Londzale says:

It felt like he was pushing for Versace. Months leading to this video, I’ve been suspiciously getting massive load of samples in magazines of eros. Could this content be promotional?

ChrisLovesHouse says:

i actually shook his hand

Martin says:

Is this a general list, or a designer list? How would you place parfumes de marly compared to the ones on this list? herod and pegasus are amazing in my opinion.

zOrO2kX says:

Try to say it this way: Carolina HeRRRRRera.

Mark Zaiya says:

so why is La Nuit de L’homme not a top dog anymore what happened to it?

Infamous Aries says:

You should review 212 carolina herrera (original) and carolina herrera 212 chic btw I love sean John’s unforgivable its so versatile and nice

Seriously? says:

You can search in all youtube for a best fragrance reviewer
I bet u cant find someone better than this guy in fragrance community

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