BEST MEN’S COLOGNES FOR 2018 | My Top 7 Favorite Fragrances | ALEX COSTA

Here are the best men’s colognes for 2018!
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Topic of discussion: What are your favorite men’s colognes for 2018?

Happy 2018 everyone! It was about time to drop a new video on the best men’s colognes for 2018. These are my favorite men’s fragrances, the ones I’ve been wearing the most lately, and will most likely wear A LOT over the year. Of course new colognes might be released that I love (hopefully), so I’ll update you guys with a new top men’s colognes video soon! Let me know which of these fragrances are your favorites, and which colognes you’ve been wearing lately!

Stronger With You:
Azzaro Wanted:
Dolce & Gabbana The One:
Versace Dylan Blue:
YSL La Nuit de L’Homme:
Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme:

Watch (Hublot Big Bang Ceramic)
Diesel Sweatshirt (similar style):
All Saints Tee:
Diesel Jeans (similar style):
Adidas Yeezys

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RetroMania says:

Dior Sauvage is everywhere now. I was at the Goodwill store looking at cd’s and this old guy standing next to me was wearing it. lol.

Sherwin Clay says:

Sauvage is a can’t miss. But you’re right it seems like every guy has Sauvage. You’ll be walking down the street and you smell it everywhere. Aqua di parfumo is a good one.I am interested in Versace Dylan Blue for the spring and summer.

persie PRINCE says:

Nice collection Alex
For this spring check out
Aqva Amara
Lalique encre noire sport
The mystery you looking for

Johnny Five says:

Gucci Guilty or Gucci by Gucci. I also love that Versace you can’t wait to wear.

Negan says:

Hello there, Of those colognes I want the perfect one for school and dates and I dont know which one to buy, can you guys help me

rocker1889 says:

*Versace Dylan Blue smells like an 80 yr old man that forgot to shower and he’s covering his funk with perfume. I just can’t get into the smell.
*Dolce & Gabbana The One is the Shit! I wear this on dates and the women love it!
*YSL La Nuit de L’Homme is the king! Ladies love it! I wear this on dates also.
*Sauvage smells so good! I just wish the sillage was greater and it lasted longer on my skin. Hope Dior makes an INTENSE version.

alonso sanchez says:

I like using English blazer

Platinum Fish says:

Hi. I live in a tropical country. Never experienced winter. So, I’m kinda confused when you said that a particular cologne is a winter cologne. What exactly does that mean?

Mihai Veloran says:

Hmm i see what you mean about la nuit de l’homme, when i smelled it i really liked it but it smelled weak somehow, wished it was stronger, however indeed i see your point about it being more subtle/intimate etc… which i need to add in my collection, i like the electrique version.
Try Bottega Veneta Extreme pour Homme

DaSillyWabbit says:

wheres chanel

S I says:

Mine is def Bleu de Chanel; it exuberates elegance and class; period!

ERIC Parafinowicz says:


ChestyMD says:

I’m a creed snob lol. Aventus abs Himalaya are my faves.

tech solutions with Pruthvi says:

i think davidoff cool water is good casual cologne

Quân Anh says:

Let’s say, I’m a student, and I have a part time job as a waiter, what kind of cologne should I wear to work??? Or not wearing cologne while serving food to people??

Connor_King says:

What about Creed Aventus?

Christian De LA Vega says:

Love you video. I was going to buy Sauvage Dior but everybody wear it. Thank you for the great video

Boss_Hoss _Cigars says:

This guy is just copying Jeremy Fragrance. And he has a shitty Ovation guitar (with the pick in the strings like a noob). Lol. Your picks are not that good.

shadowwalker chellios says:

This guy is crazy, I’m never interested in what somebody is wearing, just here for colognes

Red Blue40 says:

Woodhue from Faberge was the best for me…sadly discontinued 30 yrs ago…such a sweet smell it had

joche rey says:

My very hot income tax girl complement me when I was wearing Yves Saint Laurent “La Nuit de l’Homme”
The only thing that sucks was she said
What was I wearing cuz she wanted it for her boyfriend 🙁

kevon davis says:

U gotta try and review. English laundry Arrogant its ah beautiful fresh soapy just. Amazing fragrance

James Weil says:

some cheap ass designer stuff!

Valy V.D.M. says:

Ești roman

Annie says:

Hi, thanks for sharing this informative video. I found your video after I bought the One by Dolce & Gabbana for my 15-year-old son. I hope it still suits him. I do realise it’s more for fall/winter. Maybe I should look for another scent for spring/summer too. 🙂

Scott Murphy says:

1. Prada luna rosa carbon
2. La nuiet de L’homme
3. Allure Sport Eau Extreme
4. Prada L’homme
5. Versace dylan blue

faddys1234 says:

Alex which colognes are good when in medical university ? i was sauvage but i get told often ‘are you wearing sauvage’

Jb Seph says:

Thanks for the vdeos
Seph frm Philippines.

Narcissists Explorer says:

Armani mania my favorite

1nnu3ndo says:

Without seeing your video until now, your top two have actually been my two main fragrances at the moment… good taste!

z 4u says:

hy sexy

dieburnbot says:

Prada L’homme

Nola BELLO says:


But why do you use the word “Cologne” when all the fragrances you speak about are EDPs or EDTs. Don’t forget Cologne is also a version of perfumes like EDPs or EDTs, in fact, colognes are a weaker concentration, lighter than EDTs if you must know.

I think you should correct yourself and not loosely use the word cologne when you should be using the word perfume or fragrance ( not bashing you..just constructively correcting)

On the other hand,
** the “Stronger with You” from E.Armani is a dupe of BLEU de chanel..reason why you got loads of compliments

** the Azzaro Wanted is a dupe of Invictus by Paco Rabanne

** Dior Sauvage is a dupe of BLEU de Chanel …..if you would like to know DIOR literally mirrors Chanel in everything….for most Chanel fragrances, there is a Dior version, just like their website too…they are seriously competing with Chanel.

Plus, I must say your taste is very stable and good, you know what you want…because all that you listed are more or less the same but come in different brand names…. I have also heard the Versace is a dupe of Bleu de Chanel.

Thanks for the video and keep up the good work

Eric 94836 says:

Davidoff Cool Water

bongkoy Lim says:

I hate sauvage first time. Overtime it becomes my favorite.

Jackson says:

Idiot, talking about mysterious colognes who’re not the choice of the masses, but only showing us THE mainstream scents…

Fred Garvin says:

You need Valentino uomo intense!! Trust me.

Am M says:

lacoste energized

Cesar Cordova says:

A bit to late for winter colognes don’t you think

Dimitar Nikolov says:

Chanel blue it’s one of my favorite…

Sarocktim Bora says:

How is aqua di gio it is also one of the best isnt’t it?

`Taken says:

One good video bud
I mostly goes for Armani Code
For daily basis things
Also dior aswell
And GIO for a club or a date

Christian Sosa says:

Well these colognes are the ones I wear the most so I feel that it will be the same this year unless I discover some more:
_Ecko Blue_
_Perry Ellis Portfolio Elite_
_True Religion Drifter_
_Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel_
_Kenneth Cole Black_
_Kenneth Cole Vintage Black_
_LaCoste Booster_
_Claiborne Bora Bora_
_Versace Pour Homme_
_Kenneth Cole Reaction_
_Guess Man_
_Creed Aventus_
_Versace Eros_
_Dior Fahrenheit_
_Drakkar Noir_
_Jimmy Choo Man_
_Wings for men_
_Perry Ellis 360° for men_

Alex Koursopoulos says:

You should try Gucci Guilty Black, it’s my second favourite after Eros. Also are Eros and Dylan Blue way different? I have never wore or checked Dylan out but from your description they don’t sound way too different.

Alex Costa says:

First of all – thank you guys for an amazing 2017!
So excited to see what 2018 has in store for us. Let me know what you think of these fragrances, and comment below with your FAVORITES for 2018! Have a great week, everyone!
– Alex

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