Hello everyone! I have a special guest on my channel today (Claire), and in this video she’ll be rating some of the most popular/hyped men’s colognes in the game – and to mix things up a bit i’ve added a few of my personal favorites into the testing;)

Stay tuned for the ending battle to see which cologne beat the rest – battle style & to watch as Claire has ME test some of her favorite offerings form Mary Kay.

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• Dior Sauvage
• Dolce & Gabbana The One EDT
• Paco Rabanne Invictus Aqua
• Carolina Herrera CH Men Privé
• Azzaro Chrome
• Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme
• YSL La Nuit De L’homme
• Paco Rabanne 1 Million Privé
• Nautica Voyage
• Acqua Di Gio Profumo
• Parfums De Marly Habdan
• Atelier Cologne Bergamot Soleil




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Khoi Thinh says:

I feel like this is your rate, not hers. You influenced her too much. just saying!

No No says:

Lol @ the tear…

Jeremy Maksuta says:

Dude your doing it wrong bro first spay doesn’t matter I like your vids but you and Jeremy do it wrong some stuff smells amazing first spray turns to shit so makes no sense like new aqua smells like old lady’s on the dry down first spray amazing

محمد صلاح says:

which one of the aigner fragrance for the men is sexy and suitable for the summer

SprayedUp&PrayedUp says:

her nose is trash lol wow

Justin Macklin says:

not sure if ill be watching much past the 6 min mark, shes so damn ditzy. i think a lot of guys like that though.

IAF028 says:

Claire is cute

sanele hadebe says:

I enjoyed this video


Honestly, ur friend/girlfriend is very disrespectful with some amazing fragrances

a8f8c2448c3271db58b7bb0f32811a7a says:

Invictus and Million?… She’s got no taste 😀

But still i like how she rates the fragrances

One Army says:

Sounds like u couching her

Misce. says:

which is cheap and sexiest fragrance ?

The Kung Fu Channel says:


fa g says:

She don’t know any thing about perfumes how she judgment !!

Love Incorporated says:

Cute girl, but I don’t trust her nose

Bruno Gama says:

Vídeo de m…..

joshua setiawan says:

5,7? wow.. smell the middle note and give your score again.

aptx 4869 says:

nice fragance selection

Brian Parker says:

that goes to show you the less pricy scents are just as good if not better than the more expensive hype up ones

Chriz Tantiado says:

She looks like Christina Grimmie and her impression

Eugene Krabs says:

Thank god lol…. I have been using Nautica Voyage for the past 3 months lol

max larsen says:

She likes freshies for sure

a8f8c2448c3271db58b7bb0f32811a7a says:

I don’t get why people always compare the top note…..You have to wear the heart note all day, not the top note….

Jean pierre Mogollon Luque says:

I think she would like BRUT… after shave lol

Daymon Rondino says:

You influenced her opinion too much bro. Next time let her think for herself

PCspray says:

I was looking for this.

Just the right amount of detailed information, common facts and overal profile of a fragrance. With a hint of personal appreciation and nuances, plus just the right amount of charisma to not be distracting from the juice but bring some personality to the review.

The lady-impression’s dynamic is handled with aplomb but not over-confidence which is refreshing. But the testing methodology is probably too harsh and too loose at the same time , too many fragances but only top notes, you could see that pour girl didn’t know what to make of La Nuit de l’homme because her nose was probably gone by then. That’s the only flaw in this otherwise amazing format.

9/10 Glad I found this channel

Joanne EnnaJo says:

ahmmm nope. find a diff girl next time.

William Schaffer says:

Claire has the sweetest voice and what a cute laugh. I love the way she shakes the paper. you guys should try coffee beans between attempts to clear the air. She “has notes of an entertaining friend “. opposite sex friends can last forever. great vid.

max larsen says:

its better to prespray the fragrances, otherwise girls brain will be filtering out notes and also she starts halucinating after a while 😀

gooch 305 says:

spray on some Nautica and go for it lol

Jafet Vargas says:

I personally don’t like Sauvage by Dior…

tranmer32 says:

Great review! I am simple man. My wife’s favorite is Acqua Di Gio Profumo so my new favorite and signature is Acqua di Gio Profumo!

amazoner0cks says:

this girl doesn’t know shit.

Zeeshan Tufail says:

argh her laugh. so irritating

amazoner0cks says:

Unsubbed after this video, you are a nice guy, but this girl know shit, you keep on influencing her, and this rating is a disgrace.

Cody Kanz says:

Damn, Brad I never noticed this video had over 100K views! Good job on these videos man you deserve it.

Josh Riddle says:

Dude let her wait tell it drys a little she is not smelling the real stuff ugh

achille295 says:

2:50 7.63 Haha best grader ever 😀

ziggy8757 says:

shes kind of hot

CleanBoostedHardstyle says:

no Creed aventus?

LCdaniel5 says:

bruhh im happy i bought the invitas acua

Vizo says:

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo they call it “friendzone”… i got it now.

Professor ASMR says:

Claire is adorbs.

Mund Ster says:

Like I said Im sucker for summer!! Spray nautica everytime she’s with you! <3

pure shadow says:

she gonna crazy for the cologne this shit works

Nobita Nobita says:

This review was weird and you talked too much, buddy.
She love Dior sauvage, why did you try to say it’s generic and said something like “wtf, i don’t understand why you gave it 7.5”.
You seem to love The One and she didn’t. After she gave it 5.7 which disappointed you, you tried “force” her to re-think and reluctantly gave it a 7 just because she didn’t want to hurt you.
For La nuit d’lhomme, you didn’t do that. I believe if you did the same thing, La nuit might get a better score. Personally, La nuit is overall much better than The One imo.

For perfume review, you should be fair, not be that biased.

Hmmm m says:

7:51 she got a little excited 😉

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