Best Men’s Colognes Top 5 Fragrances For Men

Fragrance Favorites Men’s Colognes for Winter Spring and Clubbing
0:29 Tom Ford – Ombre Leather
1:03 Bvlgari – Wood Essence
1:43 Giorgio Armani – Acqua Di Gio Absolu
2:37 Ralph Lauren – Supreme Leather
3:19 Dsquared – Wood
4:13 Giorgio Armani – Code A-List
4:59 Chanel – Bleu de Chanel PARFUM


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Trip em Reacts says:

She looks like an owl

Cody K says:

i wear Ombré Leather for my own confidence, not because one female doesn’t like it. don’t let an opinion change your perspective on something

Bape2 says:

Can you make a review on Aqua di Sale (Profumum Roma)

Teppie39 Miles says:

Recommendations? Searching for a colognes similar to True Religion (not Drifter).

Mike Sousa says:

Love the classical music bro. Nice video as always!

Sal Geno says:

beautiful Lady

moi _0320 says:

Hey Jeremy can you do a review on the Prada Luna Rossa Carbon Eau de Toilette please? I hear it’s very good, but I wanted a fragance expert to review it

Branden Barnalaby says:

Jeremy do you have a video with Armani Code Colonia??

Juan Arce says:

Please a review of polo red extreme

SaRiRuleZ says:

L’Homme L’Eau or
L’Homme ?!?!?!

Kamal Boss says:

Jeremy kannst du lalique Fleur Universelle empfehlen, oder hättest du eine gute Alternative für?

Gabriel Estrada says:

“I’m a fan of leather but only for shoes not for a perfume.” Same

Raymond Ching Chong says:

Dude reminds me of Barney from how I met your mother always in a suit

Hasan Shamim says:

Hi Jeremy. Could you please make a video on Invictus VS Invictus Aqua VS Invictus Intense please? TIA

warever37 says:

DAMN she’s drop-dead gorgeous!

WDVpaintball says:

I have one question.

I’m going to Newcastle on vacation this winter around the hollidays. Having some fun with friends. But i need a lady catcher fragrance. What do you reccomend?

Great video’s btw!

Treebeard says:

do you guys think it’s ok to wear aqua di gio profumo in the summertime? is it too strong?

mamacorine27 says:

Hi I love your videos can you 10 beat fragrances for women for spring and summer. Turks

Sabrina Nouanlasy56 says:

omg i need ur help u know any fragrance that lebanese guys use ive been having the scent its difficult to explain the scent please help me out but all i know all leb boys use it

Anvic10 says:

Kind of a random question : what is the watch you are wearing ?

Waz up says:

Where’s Lara

Cris Bailez says:

Kilian Amber Oud The best ❤️

Illajay says:

Jeremy, the Rick Ross of Fragrance,Bossssss…

Farouk Ferdjaoui says:

Good luck Jeremy

Reaper 0f Truth says:

Have you reviewed Creed’s Silver Mountain Water? Would love to hear your take on that fragrance and what type of occasions it would be best for. Personally not a fan of its opening but absolutely love the dry down.

icm65 says:

Tom Ford Not Too Fabulous LOL

ejones9924 says:

Give her Curve for Men

anana sokim says:

Bulgari always makes good parfumes..

Ali Zen says:

Cool girl and Mozart. Love it!

XxDomno87xX says:

I feel like, jeremy feels like being stabbed whenever she doesn’t like the fragrance haha.

Jaffar Ali says:

he pretty she pretty…pretty pretty all pretty…

Marki Marc says:

nice i hope you continued your reviews after the launch of your own fragrance

Wafae tv says:

The parfum one million make me crazy it’s very sexy for me

Best Brands Perfume says:

Tom Ford always makes these Powerful and often Dark Fragrances, I absolutely love many of theml but, ladies hate it.

Andrei says:

Why so much Armani lately?

Alexis Santos says:

Hey, Jeremy. I sent you a direct message on instagram. I would like to buy some bottles of your fragrance. Help me out. Its so important for me

Hmed Saif says:

How are you Jeremy!
banana republic 83, what do u say about the brand

Tony G says:

I work at a fragrances store and I say exactly the same thing “ don’t get channel because of the name “. Love the honesty

Isa Ramirez says:

I agree, Armani Code is elegant and sensual as a man’s perfume, I love it

MrArcady108 says:

Who is the girl?

Miguel Castro says:

Yes back to basics the classical timeless amazing Jeremy. I missed this confidence and nice to see Johana back

adrian bravo says:

Subtitles spanish please

Randy Harvey says:

Jeremy my guy keep the videos coming!!!! Im not going anywhere! Forget the haters!

N. Imenkamp says:

Jeremy was hältst du vom Comme des Garcons x Gosha eu de toilette?

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