BEST MEN’S FRAGRANCES 2019 | Men’s Colognes | Alex Costa

Here are the best fragrances for men in 2019!

Topic of discussion: What are your current favorite men’s colognes?
PS – do you like these videos where I talk more and ramble a bit about personal experiences? Or should I always be straight to the point?

BEST MEN’S FRAGRANCES 2019 | Men’s Colognes
It’s been a while since I posted a men’s fragrance video so I figured I’d bring you up to date on my favorite scents at the moment.

What I’m wearing:
Hoodie: Serge DeNimes
Watch: Hublot Classic Fusion

Colognes I’ve mentioned:
Dior Savauge:
Tom Ford Ombré Leather:
Creed Aventus:
Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme:
Dolce & Gabanna The One:
YSL La Nuit De L’Homme:
Tom Ford F’in Fabulous:

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son goku says:

I don’t know but I really like you you are my fashion icon

Chris Johnson says:

Tom Ford smells like an old woman.

Shamendra Pawulu dewage says:

allure homme means men looks in French

Walter Zulueta says:

Creed aventus the best cologne $$$$$

Esteban Sedo Cruz says:

2019 ???

Freddy Mnemonic says:

I honestly thought this was that scent bird crap!!! Nice video!!!

Lorenzo's Kitchen says:

These are what I’m using right now; YSL La Nuit De L’Homme, Y, Bleu de Chanel, Givenchy Gentlemen Only Absolute, Terre D’Hermès Eau Intense Vetiver but my favorite right now is Tom Ford Noir Extreme.

John Kennedy says:

Forgot how to do this math.. Can someone please tell me how much it costs “per spray” if I pay $400 and get 1,400 sprays per my bottle?

Gillani G says:

Sauvage is overrated. I would never wear that cologne.

langs13 says:

Sauvage is for guys that let their women buy their cologne.

layeb abdelghani says:

what about carteir déclaration

dante2595 says:

Armani Code Profumo also has its class. Very professional, sexy, mass appealing

Zachary Hebert says:

Try out Versace Eros 1million polo red and Gucci guilty

Franco Caruso says:

I love Tom Ford he’s a wicked men’s designer

Hovenchy says:

club de nuit intense man gets me SO many compliments. i ride uber’s a lot and as soon as i get in I get compliments it’s crazy

Scamp Man says:

The fuck did that candle say


I wore cologne and everyone says I smelled bad and since that day my life changed AM NEVER USING COLOGNE AGAIN.

D Harris says:

Armani black code is best

d korandji says:

2:18 my name is Daniel and you’ve just discribed me

Darkermandeeper says:

Frozen is my favourite of all time. Too bad it was discontinued

John King says:

would of been a great review of fragrances if you talked about the tones…and longevity…because i personally have La Nuit de L’Homme Eau de Toilette sitting in my Cabinet and it’s longevity is completely terrible…and has been getting complaints from alot of consumers for the same…it’s usually lasting 3-5hrs on people who typically have all day acceptance of cologne type of skin…people who don’t typically last for an hour…scent wise like you said…it’s amazing…but what are you going to honestly do with something that last a few hours then completely disappears…especially at the price point it should last for atleast 8hrs…

FitKubus88 says:

Already love this channel. I come from Poland and obviously English is foreign language but your accent is so understandable ! So easy to watching and listening

Shaun Wright says:

I’m sorry but that TomFord stinks to me. I got sprayed at a Macy’s and I HATED IT!!!

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