Best New Fragrances 2018 for Men

Mens Fragrances Colognes Brand New Judged
0:50 Versace – Eros Flame
1:50 Cartier – L’Envol
2:21 Armani – Code A-List
3:22 Diesel – Bad Intense
3:59 Salvatore Ferregamo – Signature
4:39 Abercrombie & Fitch – First Instinct Extreme
5:55 Lacoste – Pour Homme Intense


Kyrie Alom says:

She’s hot but horrible critic

ejones9924 says:

Thats a hard sniff

jake taylor says:

Sophie is cute and has a good personality but i feel isn’t very knowledgeable about fragrances. Her nose is still thinking like a teenager. I miss Nicole. Good video Jeremy. Waiting for Pure Strength to come out.

Wanda Santillo says:

Pretty Girl. Sexy! This girl made Jeremy blush.

Submersed24 says:

I really like eurpean girls more than American ones…

Petar L. says:

I bought Boss Bottled (not intense one) few days ago from respected fragrance store. Searched for the batch and it says it is manufactured 6 months ago. The fragrance is soo weak. I cannot even smell it after one hour. What happened to it? Does anybobody has the same issue? I am dissapointed really :/ Body spray last longer.

B4St1 says:

Does Sophie has Instagram?

julio carpio says:

When is The Versace Eros will be release in USA?

Francisco Serralvo says:

¡Hola amigo! What’s your opinion for the perfect fragrance for a sexy date: YSL La Nuit de l´Homme or Dior Homme Parfum?

james smith says:

Thumbs up for bringing Sophia

Fra We says:

Sie hat noch nie von ‘Armani Code’ gehört? ☺

ja ja says:

that english though

sofackingwhat says:

all the girls on your channel do the job honest! so thumbs up for sophie too

leon broc says:

Fände es gut wenn du auch abstimmen würdest wie du den duft findest und ein wenig darüber erzählen würdest. Habe l envol und uomo und mich hätte DEINE Meinung sehr interessiert.

Rozay’s World says:

I’m shocked she gave Lenvol only a 6… it’s def a great scent. Probably not as crowd pleasing as Eros though.

Jean Carlos Olmo Negron says:

Pliss do a review to 212 VIP Black by Carolina Herrera

Ryan Ng says:

Its wet, no wait its red hahaha

Wanda Santillo says:

Jeremy I have never seen you tongue tied around a woman before. I think you’ll really like this one.

Mike Sousa says:

Power bro!

drradon says:

What a brutal bloody rampage. 😀

Oscar Izaguirre says:

Please make a review of Versace eros flame!!!!

Gaby Pérez says:

Lara and Naomi please <3.

olivier Tardif says:

hi jeremy i cannot find eros flame di you have a link!!

Tobias Jongerius says:

Do a blind buy list

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