Best Spring Fragrances 2018

Top 10 Colognes for Spring Time Best Fragrances for Men
0:21 John Varvatos Artisan Pure
8:55 Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum

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Sonu Roy says:

lol, for a cheaper leather type of a frag i’d go for ferrari leather essence.

cosmin cosma says:

What about the other Aqua di Gio?
Absolu? …

Esteban Sedo says:

Bleu Noir Narciso Rodríguez. EXCELENTE

Michał Kotłowski says:

greetings from Wrocław (:

Spartan08 says:

7:18 hahaha omg he sure turned on the accent wow

Peter Peters says:

Wroclove! ❤️
Great video, thanks for the insights and keep it up!

Chris Fox says:

Love your work, seen quite a few of your videos in the last few days as i wanted to treat myself to some nice fragrance & enjoyed every one i have watched, even learnt how to spray in the correct manner, any way i went to purchase today and couldnt decide between the sauvage edp or the acqua di gio profumo…… so i got both. Keep up the good work

ahmet ayaz says:

gio profumo and artisan pure are great ones but the rest is mehh below avarage

C1up3r0s says:

Please do a review on the Sospiro Erba Pura 🙂

wazzucougr says:

You need a movie deal man. James Bond type shit! Props!

José Sánchez says:

Ok question for Jeremy, or any other fragrance fanatics. I have Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme, Dior Sauvage, and Aqua di Gio Profumo for my summer/spring rotation, I want to add a 4th fragrance, but I don’t know which fragrance would be a good variant. Any suggestions?

cosmin cosma says:

What about Prada l home l eau?

Twin Turbo mustangs says:

versace dylan blue gets me more compliments then Dior Sauvage. its not one of my favorites. but women love it

Danai Dimitroula says:


Vazcular says:

Try Summer in Texas or the humid South of America. Your Fall is our only comparison. Germany (in size) doesn’t equal almost half of America (The South). Your “Summer” fragrances are our Spring fragrances. This is for 120+ million Americans, if you care.

Everything Hot says:

Love you Jeremy from Pakistan.

Toon Lad says:

Thanks J mate, I just cancelled my Invictus order and going for John Varvatos Artisan Pure for my daytime spring fragrance.

Received Acqua Di Gio yesterday and I have to say it smells amazing. Going to spain in a few weeks and picking up Allure Sport Extreme, Ultra Male and La Nuit De L’homme from the airport (great prices).

Thank you for your Artisan Pure recommendation.

Peace brother!!!!!

JustAName says:

8:27 I see what you did there Jeremy. Your love for this Prada fragnance is deeply rooted and I can understand why. Society needs to adapt to it’s scent! hahaha

Naseem Syed says:

Some one plz tell meeeee does rawasi suck now compared to Mont Blanc

Ridendra Rana says:

Aqua Di Gio profumo is the Best in ever aspect

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing says:

Bro I don’t know how you do it but you make fragrance more than just a smell or some cheesy review video the way that you are passionate about fragrance is another level it’s like you break down the philosophy in the true meaning of the fragrance and everything else that goes into it I applaud your passion for fragrance it really makes for an enjoyable experience thank you Jeremy

devdoka says:

Anyone layer any of these with molecule 01, specially the Acqua di Gio?

Manufacturing Partners says:

The undisputed king of fragrance reviews for each season and occasion. Yet to be dethroned. Not ass kissing here. Respect.

John W says:

Jeremy, I appreciate your views, mentality, knowledge, and all you’re doing! I wish I could meet you! Thank you for setting the example for us as high status men!

Daud Aslam says:

Isn’t Chanel allure houmme sport like Versace pour houmme but pour houmme is cheaper I have pour houmme

Reign From Above says:

Thats right jeremy, leave the tuscan leather for the real men…its too hardcore for you and everyone else

Brenda Barney says:

You should really come up with your own fragrance I’d definitely buy it for my husband

DrivingBackward says:

When in doubt Jeremy will help you out

Nab hash says:

Can u do a review on Giorgio Armani price collection?

MrBohutin says:

When will be Top signature fragrances? Keep doing what you do, you are great! I love fragrances because of you!

Naseem Syed says:

So Hawasi sucks now???

Roman Luna-Goddard says:

M7 Yves Saint Laurent is very high on…
I think it smells great but nothing for the summer/hot days XD

Gilbert Gil says:

One of my fav channels! What do you think about jimmy choo ?

Danymite hazard says:

I HATE Dior Sauvage and Aqua Di Gio!!

Bartosz Bartosinski says:

Mont Blanc Legend vs Mont Blanc Legend Spirit?

Abdulla Talib says:

Hi. It would be better if you tell the approximate price for each fragrance.

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