Bleu de Chanel EDT vs Bleu De Chanel EDP

Which is Better Fragrance Cologne Review Men’s Bleu De Chanel vs EDT and EDP Winner:

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Johnn VM says:

So hardcore!

izdagrimeyone says:

I love the ” oh you don’t have to here” then in very professional way is like kick rocks birds skat skat get outer here. I have EDT a year before EDP came out so I dont know what it even smells like.

epic man says:

Wow that blonde is literally the worst type of female/person to ever come across with in any giving time in life… ugh gross annoying and tends to act too good for you hahaha epic fail … Jeremy way to run away from that rude person hahaha run bruh run!!!!

R C says:

Thank you, will be picking up the EDT tomorrow

Joshua Broadwater says:

1:23 “PaRfeUUUm.” *cringe*

mj Tunechi says:

This reminds me of borat hahahahahah

michael mourad says:

Worst fragrance ever smells like cheap soap

Sir Jag says:

1:40 It’s probably better to get one person at a time to to give their opinion rather than a have a group do it because, like this one, one person’s opinion kind of influenced everyone else’s response. Peace.

augustya says:

Same is what you also told for Dior Sauvage the EDT is more piercing and aggressive than the Sauvage EDP that is what you said right Jeremy !!

Wavy B says:

Parfum is better

Александр Сорокин says:

плохо что я не знаю английский)

Henry Callaghan says:

hahaha that was funny

Roi Rabinek says:

just bought the EDP because you said before you recommend it. :/

Danillon Pujadas says:

Itsthe same with Terre d’hermese edp and edp

Mr. Angel says:

My future wifey’s favorite fragrance on me is Bleu EDT and Egoiste…..thank you jeremy for getting me into this hobby and boosting my confidence 🙂

H M-N says:

Would you do a creed fragrance comparison?

i brainwash myself says:

The blonde girl has the exact same voice as Ivanka Trump. That might explain the princess elitist behaviour

wilson martin says:

u r touching my heart with your hrdwrk and your passion about fragrances 0———3.55——–7..

Mojo Jojo says:

girl on the left with white shirt was cute uwu :3

Triple C says:

Jeremy didn’t seem interested in them Asian girls. They looked hot to me…

Epic Magjicka says:

I like blondes hair.

samantha wilson says:

Would you pick this scent over Eros?

Nico Strasso says:

For a split second I thought that was Ivanka Trump, she probably smells cheap

5m4llk1ng says:

thank god you ran away from the blonde..

asmir music says:

100$for fragance ?

Harry Rag says:

You blow like the wind. You preferred the eau de toilette then you preferred the eau de parfum and now you prefer the eau de toilette.

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