Bottega Veneta Pour Homme Parfum | Men’s Fragrance / Cologne Review

In this video I share my thoughts on the newest men’s fragrance from Bottega Veneta, called ‘Pour Homme Parfum’. It’s a masculine leather scent for men. Where on the P.A.G.E will this scent land. What’s your favorite leather scent.

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Kyle Chase says:

I pulled the trigger and blind purchased this (along with Thierry Mugler – green bottle) on fragranceX. I know you said it’s an acquired taste as you said but.. Fuck it lol… I trust your reviews man! Can’t wait for it to come in.

Jorda n says:

What’s in that purple and pink box? That’s a really cool box!

AB says:

Very good review! You should be doing stand up! Your a funny guy.

Arnold Arnoldsson says:

What is your take on Floris Honey Oud?

Derwin mcc says:

Great video Brother When can we see your fragrance line up for the fall

ShaqFu Fu says:

I got the Splash Mini bottles 7.5ml cheap on eBay. Can’t wait to try it sounds like it will be a blast!

mwpahl38 says:

Hey E(a.k.a. rich old man), I was wondering, how do you personally gauge sillage and projection?

Yann Olivier says:

sadly it is discountinued……. WTF !!!!! why ?????

Scott Wilbur says:

I like my frags manly and mature ie. some faves are D&G Pour Homme (Vintage), Eau Sauvage Parfum (2012) and ADG Profumo so this was right up my alley! Great review and I’m a huge fan of this frag and your vids. Next to get on my list of leathers. Bel Ami Vetiver!

ינון זילבר says:

This fragrance is not for the young. Its more suitable for a mumified body. Srsly it stankkkks. Tried it twice and couldnt get on board with it

Reaper Man says:

Just bought it and im pretty impressed how awsome you descibed it^^

Mr Barbarossa says:

Thanks for this great review

nedza15 says:

This is the only Exceptional rating for a fragrance that I have seen on your channel man. It must be phenomenal. It’s a pity its always sold out

Stewart True says:

Love the videos as always E! I’ve wanted to get some samples of this house because I’ve heard a lot about them… very interesting for sure

That's Nuclear says:

Enjoy your videos and review on this one! I like the extreme version and hope this isn’t another redundant… Great to see you back!! “Keep Rock’n Frags” ®

Casey Plunkett says:

Could you say that this scent is an upgrade to John Varvatos’s signature sent?

ricky johnson says:

Great video!. What are your thoughts on the Bottega veneta pour homme extreme version

Hugh Hefner says:

I don’t get the hype with leather based fragrances lol leather isn’t even an attractive smell

Putthatinur Pipe says:

Saw this on your fall list and then actually found in my local store. Didn’t think the carried the brand. It’s a phenomenal scent. Seriously considering pulling the trigger on this one.

therealParisHilton says:

the perfume version is not available on bottega veneta website US or even Europe?! only the EDT, is the EDT anything like the perfume version? should I buy it? or is it different? please, let me know

blue mustard saxophone giraffe says:

Happy Sunday! Thanks for the review! Sounds like Valentino absolu or guilty oud. Reminds me not to blind buy diesel bad! But I want to

Just Add Light says:

I wore Bogart Pour Homme once and an old lady said I smelled like her dead husband. I went home and cried. I was that turned on.

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