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Vitaliy Volnov says:

Привет вам всем!!! Девочки на канале, одна лучше другой )

KillJoinGim says:

Лайк за русскую девушку!

Александр Михалыч says:

I told you like russian ….. Your russian language sounds like my english )))))))) Good moRning comRad )))

Stephen Pruszenski says:

Thanks for your many positive reviews on Montblanc’s Individuel men’s cologne. I just bought one on Ebay and it smells fabulous – a definite 10.

Nik Man says:

Cheap caries a negative connotation so don’t use it !!! Affordable is a better alternative

Angie Watson says:

Can you rate most seductive perfume for women for the intimate settings

Hadhoudtn says:

Thanks to your videos I ordered Moschino UOMO ! Not that amazing but it’s really an interesting fragrance ! I Think it will become my everyday fragrance ,it’s really versatile in my opinion. It has a good smell that is different from other fragrances and it’s not agressive at all !
I would love to see you try a very cheap and underrated fragrance called “Hoggar” of Yves Rocher and also the “golden secret” of Antonio Banderas. A lot of your viewers will thank me :p

freetime is football says:

Jeremy can you review one time Roma Passione from Laura Biagiotti, I like it a lot for the summer time

Xristina Moutsou says:

JEREMY THE KING.nobody can surpass you

dirkt says:

Like the girls with strong and honest opinions: a good one!

Johnny Moreno says:

Rocking it in black,awesome!

K. Mikail says:

Jeremy can you make a review about the new givenchy Paris Fragrance

Collin Grotbeck says:

Where do you find these ladies?!

Hazy Abigail says:

For woman please

Autonomous says:

jeremy your sweater is awesome

Jeremy Neireiter says:

please do a review of the Hugo Boss line. I like HB Orange very well.

Nature's Catchers says:

What is for women in Rasasi….

Dirk de Pree says:

nice girl and good clear honest opinion

Erik Smith says:

Keep making the great videos Jeremy. Had not heard of the Silver Scent before watching this. So i ordered a bottle. Arrived in the mail today and i enjoy it. Its a powerhouse for sure

Phil Hawk says:

music pls ?

Anthony Johnson says:

God help me is that woman hot!! Wow…

Alejandro Tapia says:

I want that girl

josh pakrovsky says:

Can u do a video what girls like in a man and turn offs. Girls say what they like in a guy but sometimes nothing on there list with some guys, so my question is what overlooks all what they like?

rob paxson says:

Jeremy, what about reviews of scents produced by brands known for skin care, such as Jack Black, Molton Brown, and Billy Jealousy?

TryingtoFindYouLeftMeLost says:

marrry that girl she shot

Boxer 22 says:

Hi Jeremey, I’m a new subscriber. Is there anywhere I can get cheap real testers online?

josh pakrovsky says:

Do video on if guy not so attractive what would interest them now.

Alex .z says:

Omg i like you Jeremy but that girl just can not talk russian …

I guess she’s not nice …

Tyler Lucas says:

I got so excited when you reviewed Versace Blue Jeans! It’s not my #1 “go to” cologne but I really like it and it’s great for the price.

Eli Harmoning says:

Great videos! Definitely helpful and know your stuff! Thank you! Can’t believe how much the scent game helps. Probably don’t read comments but will you do a video on like mixing fragrances or how that works if you can change throughout the day??? Also, what’s your opinion on dolce gabbana light blue and fragrances by Carolina Herrera like 212 men?

dirkt says:

Also nice you pay attention to the cheaper choices. Sometimes we need a good no- brainer for everyday use. Thanks!

the timid company short films says:

Can you plzzzzz do another top gourmand fragrances with more praline notes for women plzzzzz and 1 of clean office daytime fragrance that can be worn all year around.

Derek Borow says:

I think blue jeans smells feminine

farted111 says:

Montblanc 6 broke my heart

Mike K says:

Truly love the way you put all of the links in your description below ! Great Youtuber !

max larsen says:

I liked this girl she was verry smart i wanna see more vids with her

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