What is going on Fragrance Friends?? Today we are taking a close look at the latest release from COACH: COACH for Men Cologne Review.
Have you tried Coach for Man? What are your thoughts on this desginer fragrance from last year(2017)? Comment below…

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Kevin Sinanan says:

To me it smells pretty much like Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo Casual Life

Undercover fragrances says:

Great review and I real enjoy the video .

Toon Lad says:

Bro that Tee is sick!!!!

I think due to the performance I will pass on this and maybe go for Bleu De Chanel as an alternative to Prada L’Homme for the office.

Great review though mate.

Peace from the TOON!!!

Gerardus De Loos says:

Thanks Max for the great review !

Roberto Musitano says:

Hey Max, can you do a “what’s good for the office fragrance” review. It would be a great help. Really struggle in this area

Chris says:

I agree Smells nice just a mass pleaser bomb

Kool_Moe_B says:

Nothin special but u can’t go wrong scent. I own this one and Jimmy Choo man intense which smells very much alike except Coach has a little more depth and last longer.

namo730 says:

This smells nice but nothing new it reminds me of blue de chanel. That is it nothing more

Spartan08 says:

1:58 Subjective*

reginald mcneill says:

This stuff smells great! I was skeptical until I wore it in Jamaica. Tons of compliments at the bar. I got nervous because my wife was with me. Lol

Axxess Mundi says:

It’s a great scent for its price but its weak. 2hr max sillage. Good for the glove compartment for a quick impression.

Raymond Solis Jr. says:

I’ve heard its too much like Invictus

Greggieboy76 says:

Very good take on this one – enjoyed the review Max

RafoRH says:

Hi Max nice one, what about Alexandria Fragances ???

Kenneth Cribb says:

Max thank you for a wonderful video. I love this fragrance, have heard that Coach is making a stronger version or release in the fall of this year, came from a Coach Frangrance Rep ,looking forward to that release.

Small town scents says:

Definitely get the Bleu de Chanel in the opening. Not a fan of this one at all. After testing it it’s a pass for me.

beefcurtainz69 says:

More garbage we don’t need

Isaac Hodges says:

I don’t have any of the fragrances you mentioned. How do you think it would fit into my work/office frag rotation?

Michael Bullock says:

Great review and I enjoyed it

Marcelo Alvarenga says:


iceman ice says:

Bro thanks this is why i fallow your videos because you go right to the point, and explain correctly what the fragrance works, keep the good work.

I am Nicholas James says:

I had a sample of this. Its been getting loads of ‘hype’. I tried it from my sample and found it uninspiring, boring, a real yawn fest and i didnt enjoy it at all. I’ll stick with Sauvage for the Ambroxan fix needs. Pass 100%. Thanks for the review.

OGAesthetics says:

its a pass for me. have to many similar ones

Sal Geno says:

I like Ultra Male by Jean Paul Gaultier better. I put them in the same ballpark. Fruity sweet party/fun scent

Lorenzo M. says:

layer with abercrombie and fitch first instinct or bleu de chanel and it’s money

Meek Rodriguez says:

I like your videos

James Underwood says:

great review !

Jim R says:

Coach for Men would have been a great fragrances…if released 4-5 years ago. Now, it’s just another fragrance that smells a lot like others….yep, Jimmy Choo/Invictus morph isn’t a bag guess.

Soothsayer says:

I really liked Jimmy Choo Man because it gets powdery on its dry down which is just lovely. However, I looked it up on fragrantica and saw a lot of hate towards its longevity. So this might be the one for me considering a lot of people saying that this is close to Jimmy Choo Man with better longevity. =]

duplomacette says:

Another great, accurate and honest review. Thanks!

Scentoftheday_ IG says:

It’s a pass for me. I own enough of the “safe”smell good fragrances.

Bruno Giambroni says:

Good review, boring scent lol

hazel calica says:

cant wait to have.. i have smelled it once and i love the juice!!

dachucktaylor1 says:

This is a good scent. I recommend for anybody looking for a light scent.

Derodrick Rhodes says:

Great Review… I have this Coach and I love it!!! Nice Scent

Meek Rodriguez says:


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