Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum

Fragrance Review Dior Sauvage EDP

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Jayson Natividad says:

Which is good? Sauvage Dior or Dolce and Gabbana THE One?

John W says:

Jeremy, how many sprays should a guy apply of any cologne? Thanks for your reviews my friend!

Delano Van De Luijtgaarden says:

I got a lot of compliments of girls with this parfum

nazih naz says:

I want to know what you wear mostly

MisoMichel Karr says:

Oh my, I LOVE this fragrance. I’m a lady and I wear the eau de toilette . Shhhhh…

bently629 says:

Where is he from ?

Nick says:

How is the performance of the Dior Homme Eau for Men?

Limesti says:

Hello Jeremy, I just discovered your channel a couple of days ago and today I bought my very first fragrance ever.. Dior Sauvage EDT. As someone that isn’t a big cologne wearer, I will only wear it occasionally for special events, dates, get togethers but I wanted something versatile that I can wear at anytime and also something to fish for compliments from the ladies 😉 Thank you so much for your knowledge and information provided on this channel. You’re awesome !

Brianna Clark says:

Am I the only girl watching this? Lol

pat de jesus says:

..can u send me a christian dior homme cologne as a gift i’m a poor guy,cant afford to buy one


sauvage is trash yo

The Green Manalishi says:

I got sauvage edp for my birthday from my girlfriend and the next day I got a compliment from a random girl, I think it’s a scent that can be quite harsh up close and more pleasing when you smell it in the air

Lorenzo occhipinti says:

I got it for this hot summer, I live in Italy, maybe I had to bought the EDT version?

Jerry Jackson says:

I heard so much about bond no.9 and thought I would see it on one of your videos

Geryan says:

After I finish my bottle of Versace Pour Homme I will be getting the Sauvage Dior. My all time favourite was Mont Blanc Legend but this just beat it!

Sergio Emiliano says:

But avatar is not a fantastic movie :/

Lebon Lurzan says:

Why is it that all the German girls’ English accents all sound the same

Bryon Drill says:

The cool down smells better then the fresh spray.

Feroz Kaamil says:

Always helped me to decide my perfumes. Cheers.

Siddharth kumar says:

Hey Jeremy please make a comparison video for Dior sauvage and Aquia de gio by Armani

German Olaiz says:

2:50 1812 overture nice music choice, Jeremy

TechFit360 says:

Brother I wear this to work and every office I go to I have ladies coming up to me. Then when the other men see the response from the ladies they want to know the name of this cologne! Great Video! New Sub!!

SW15H says:

I just made a video called eau de toilette

Paul Guthrie says:

Can you do a review of the Polo Line by Ralph Lauren

Jon Doe says:

I think this might be really goood for a younger guy to pick the cougars up with a more mature smell just my opinion.

M T says:

I listened to every word, until you said Avatar is a good movie.

akash mali says:

Jeremy your the best man and you tell me which one better EDT & EDP ??

iVAR carisle says:

what online store did you buy dior suavage

Puran Yash Kapoor says:

Thank u so much for this video. I was confused between these 2 and thought of buying the more exp EDP. but since the fragrance is kuch better on the edt and it’s almost same performing and long lasting I would rather go with edt.

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