Dolce & Gabbana The One GREY Fragrance Review

Fragrance Review First Impression Dolce & Gabbana The One Grey

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Jeremy Fragrance says:

Whats your Take for who has smelled, on Dolce Gabbana The One GREY:

farouk krendi says:

what the hack jeremy with that girl who need for her boyfreind hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Ian K11 says:

Regards to Jeremy the Mr.Grey of the Fragrance Game

Filonid M says:

Do a New retake on bleu de chanel parfum

Clap Forboobies says:

Calling it grey seems like it’s for elderly grey haired men

Hamsza Nait says:

hi jeremy iam from morocco and I started to learn German Because of you , thnk u very much i love u

S K says:

Do a review of the Gypse Fresh. It is made with help from the perfumers from Creed I heard.

Guinea54 says:

Thanks for the review. looking sharp in that maroon suit. My favorite from this line is the royal night.. It has the best performance and the most unique.. still retains that dna but has a lot more stuff going on. It’s like the one with a lot of balls lol.. Cheers mate.

Gaby Pérez says:

Jeremy please do a review of the new Dolce Gabbana the only one for woman. I’m really curious about it <3.

Pacific Rim Adventures says:

do you have a fragrance travel atomizer that you can recommend?

panotcheese says:

I wont be suprise if D&G will release D&G the One Grey Darker. Lol

Jose Toledo says:

Hi jermey please make a review of mr burberry indigo in my opinion it is similiar to aqua de gio porfumo

skadoocher123 says:

Smelled this yesterday at Macys. I could barely smell it, way too light.

Pat's Purpose says:

1:58 Jeremy making the girls come instantly with his smell. <3

Joshie Bear says:

Have you ever done a video on making fragrance last longer on skin? Everything I wear disappears in an hour except for nuclear Sauvage.

John Klonaris says:

Wow the lady’s went crazy for it !!

Hamsza Nait says:

Thanks for listening chiiiildren! This is Three Dog! Owww

FREXED says:

Its about Grey from 50shades ?;’)

MrGnald says:

Great review as always. The “Albert Einstein” of fragrance reviews. Btw what’s the name of the song in the background from 3:28 to 5:23 ?

Jose Toledo says:

Jeremy please review mr burberry indigo

max wieland says:

Mach mal eine Review zum Buchclub

Jose Toledo says:

Mr burberry indigo vs aqua de gio porfumo please jermey

diori26 says:

Jeremy what fragrance do you recommend for Summer price and quality?

TaktischesObst says:

Thats the kind of review i missed keep it up Jeremy

Timothy Armani says:

Great, bro. Some friends are asking for a review about parfum de marly Layton, worth it or not. Cheers

Mario Francois says:

I swear I can see you on a billboard

Benjamin Monessa says:

I always had this question, If Jeremey lives in Germany, why is it that all woman he approaches speak fluent English?

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