Dolce & Gabbana The One (Light Blue & Versace Eros)

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Mia Lia Sia says:

Ce la vie la la la 🙂

Lysol Disinfectant Wipes says:

I was feeling him and into the description and everything and then he mentioned Viva La Juicy and what an incredible women’s fragrance it is. The fragrance is like for little girls. Way too sweet. Like for a High School girl or something. This is why I can’t take straight boys’ fragrance tastes seriously! I need to find a gay dude on here with a fragrance channel. Now I don’t know if I want this scent. lol.

José Angel Esparza says:

it is amazing..

Fizyx says:

I’ve given several girlfriends Lolita Lompicka bc I love it so much

SharonKnowsBest says:

Der Song im Hintergrund haha

Cademan Lillywhite says:

great track playing in the background ..

ilya Chulkov says:

What she name of the song that starts at 6:00 ?

tl1049a says:

Smells like man. Bottom line. The base might as well be whisky, hair gel, and cash.

Tommy lim says:

hey Jeremy, could you please do a review of Dolce & Gabbana The One Eau de Parfum ? Like where we should wear it, what kind of situation.. or.. anything else.. i really want to learn from you..thanks by the way.. 😀

kryz Hamid says:

Everything smells good to this guy lol

Mark Ayres says:

Jeremy looks disgusted or disappointed in the thumbnail.

MrSimjam1980 says:

Could you layer the one and bleu de Chanel so it lasts longer?

Inanna Vorenus says:

what is the name of an Opera adversiment of this perfume????
please i was lookin for it everywhere

Ronnie Rocha says:

lol just great!!

José Angel Esparza says:

I notices the effect immediately.. she wouldnt leave my side…

Mark Ayres says:

I love the smell of Dolce and Gabanna The One. I smelled it at Macy’s.

ilya Chulkov says:

name of the frence song

Ishraq Haider says:

the one – idk why but it’s really not for me

Hagop Kevorkian says:

Hi Jeremy, can you make a review for D&G the one collector EDT version please.
Thank you

mtawali13 says:

hahaha I cant hahaha I just cant!! Please someone watch this guy in 2016 then come back to this. He made a huge transformation

Austin Lawler says:

Dude the one lasts forever on me idk what people are talking about

William Morgan says:

I have smelt nothing like “the one” and bought it instantly in the shop

hugh myron says:

Anybody know the background music?

Buried With You says:

I actually don’t like this cologne. it smells like a cigarette mixed with the inside of a grapefruit and an old dryer sheet. I stopped wearing it

Giga Nadiradze says:

what about the one GENTLEMAN?

Kannabisss says:

Tht Dolce Gabbana The One Smells So Fucking Good… Legit gives your brain an orgasm. The reaction where this guy tilts his head back, I did as well.. definitely The One to buy.

pocok77 says:

Jeremy! Willst du mit mir Drogen nehmen?

Elvergonzales says:

I thought tjis guy had more subscribers he definetely reserves more

JR216 says:

I wore Versace Eros to work today and someone said it smelled like WD-40

pronita barua says:

The way he described was way different than the others who say like top note, base note etc etc, but i was wondering why the light kept on getting on and off. Spooky

lmouky GIS says:

waw let me know the title of the song pleas !!

radhika narang says:

Could u review Elizabeth Arden untold?

Saif Shaikh says:

does anybody know the backgroind song ?

Londzale says:

“Vladimir Putin wouldn’t wear YSL” xD haha

Nace Slak says:

Jeremy! I love your videos and really respect and agree with your opinions on artistic side of fragrances. I own DG the One and now I bought Exotic velvet leather and as I could not imagine before, for me, it’s smells so much better than the One. I really want to hear your opinion about this one. Anyways, keep doing great work!

That Fella says:

Is this cologne too overpowering for teens to put on? I’ve smelt it before, but I’m not sure if it’s too “masculine” or “mature.”

juan eduardo arteaga ibarra says:

Is the one EDP better than The One EDT?

Dat1boi05 says:

I love the channel, these videos are always helpful when I’m trying to check out a new scent. Keep it up!

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