Emporio Armani Stronger With You Fragrance Review

Cologne Review Armani Fragrance Stronger With You for Him
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Shubham patty says:

Thank you.

Sheldon Berry says:

I wear it very great fragrance

D says:

Heyhoo ich hab mal eine Frage, ich suche nach einem Parfüm welches nicht allzu stark riecht aber seinen Duft auch nicht so schnell verliert also lang anhält. Das Parfüm sollte nach Früchten und Blumen riechen am besten ein Mix von beidem, etwas was erfrischend und fraulich riecht aber nicht Mainstream ist. Wäre echt lieb wenn du antworten würdest, an dieser Stelle möchte ich noch erwähnen, dass ich deinen Kanal neu gefunden habe und dich direkt abonniert habe! Deine Videos sowas von informativ und hilfreich 🙂

Franck Manet says:

I tried it a few weeks ago. Well… it smells good but too « girly » for me.

Kurt Pullen says:

I have this, its a good smell but gives me vibes of 1 million though

Kura says:


So, I’ve really just got a question for everyone in their personal opinion.

What would you suggest as a first fragrance to really start myself off? I’ve not ever been into these sorta things but decided that i want to start presenting myself better in the future so, where should i start?

Any feedback is appreciated, thanks in advance!

Saira Sikandar says:

Would love to hear your opinion on Jo malone. Their fragrances have become very populair in 2018 but are they worth the hype?

john merry says:

I bought tom ford fougere d’argent recently whats your view on this

tiochocabron says:

just go and watch” the video of jeremy fragrance doesn’t want you to know.” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❌

Joseph Mulpeter says:

i love this fragrance, i’m more likely to pick up a fragrance from your review than the ladies reaction though haha

Patryk Głozak says:

Hi Jeremy. What is better in your opinion, dior sauvage EDT or EDP? Could you answer me please.

Hoodie Papa says:

It’s good stuff. My wife loves it.

WeeziePop says:

I like this one, it smells good and performs well.
There’s a new one coming soon, Stronger With You, Intensely.

Irish Bambinero says:

Jeremy what is your personal preference between stronger with you and spicebomb extreme for winter time ?

Julia Kowal says:

I love this fragrance!

PHNTCZ says:

I got lots of compliments from both men and women when I used this one.

It works really well here in Sweden.

NA'VRYVE says:

Pls don’t overhype it, Jeremy ahahaha

rhang zhoj says:

Just on point _Road to 1M Jeremy

600 Marko says:

Jeremy, you need to make a video on ’REPLICA’ Jazz Club by Maison Margiela. This fragrance drives women crazy!

David A says:

Eros vs. Stronger ?!

John Redd says:

Can you make a video on how long should a cologne shelf life be.

xXxrootxXx says:

this fragrance is a nasty ultra sweet symthetic mess, it is a strong cloyingly sweet fragrance and it lasts a while. Doesn’t seem like a mature fragrance more like a teenie bopper lol. good for young boys not men

Rosario Sandoval says:

Review of Mon Paris YSL Eau perfum of woman please

Sowmya Pokala says:

Hi jermey… I want to know what is your take on Estée Lauder- Beautiful
Please do a review on it.

25redinc says:

I got this las xmas. It smells like a smoother version of 1 million. I hate the opening of 1 million it smells like a sweet spicey mess.

Farhan Kaiser says:

Hey brother…..i have a qstn….im interested in perfume collection also bt perfumes have an expire date of 3 years max….so if i have several perfumes at once then i dont think i will be able to use them all within 3 years…….i wanna know your point of view on that . if you give my reply then it would be helpful. Love your work.

awj1 awj1 says:

Maybe you’ll make a list of women’s scents for the night-time. Fragrances on dates and beds.
For spicy meetings, you probably know what I mean.

Vasilis Roumeliotis says:

i hated this one ….the performance is sooooooo good and projection is soooo good it made me sick

BrendaR4 says:


sofio gued says:

i have this fragrance and i use it in cold time in office and dates i just love it it’s so warm and en fact it gets a lot of reactions the best compliment i had with STRANGER WITH YOU is that i smell delicious girls love it guys

Savvy Life Strategies says:

Good review, Jeremy. Happy New Year.

Jeremy Fragrance says:

Whats your Take on Stronger With You.

Marianna Romero says:

Pleasee review Tom Ford Noir pour femme!!

Jay James says:

Love it,
my wife gave it to me as a Christmas present . Saludos desde México.

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