Escentric Molecules– Molecule 01 Perfume Review


Hi there! I filmed another Perfume Review – Escentric Molecules– Molecule 01 Perfume. I hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think. Don’t forget to give the video a THUMBS UP if you do!! xo says:
Escentric Molecules 01 celebrates the hyper-abstraction of Iso E Super in two different fragrances. Iso E Super is a molecule that hovers close to the skin to create an indefinable aura round the wearer.

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antbrinIII says:

tiff, molecule 01 or sauvage

Cody Kanz says:

You can wear this by itself?

Jose Toledo says:

l just bought two bottles of prada luna rosa carbon it smells amazing. better than sauvage

Lift Out says:

Try Blue Beast with MZ-17. It also has Iso Super E in it.

Lincoln ohalete says:

girll u just made me buy this fragrance.

Mike Okhuiysen says:

How is the projection of molecule 01? thanks, lovely video by the way! 🙂

Jose Toledo says:

Tiffany. y need to revirw prada luna rosa carbon its dior sauvage clone smell it u love it

Anatolie Chirica says:


preskidd says:

Hey what’s up tiff, it’s ya boy prez and I have to I’m proud of you. I’ve known of this fragrance for years and because of you, Kevin Samuels , and coach Rob I finally pulled the trigger on this scent and I just got it this morning. I’m a frag head so I know this will be great. I have an idea video for you how about giving us your starting line up like what’s ya signature scent, work scent, sexy close corner scent, night with the girls scent or date night scent and daring scent. I know simply put scent has one up and it will be interesting to know what you would smell like. Keep up the good work. 1

Will LC1996 says:

Pencil Shavings…….yep, would never have thought of it but that’s about as accurate as you can get on this lol.

Theresa Baem says:

Have you tried the danish perfume house Zarko Perfume? Zarko also make amazing molecule perfumes. I purchased molecule no 8 – wooden chips and it’s such a sexy scent! Thanks for the review!

TodoProductos A-Z says:

i thougth it was a man fragrance

Tony Lewis says:

so cute

Cobraman82 says:

damn your lips

hwjr1 says:

tiff i just got mine today. I’m testing it out now . thanks for for your review.

Bohr King says:

Hi, Tiff. Could you review the perfume “Boudicca Wode” made by Geza Schoen?

Simeon says:

this lips are way to big, you should laminate your lips with a discreet lipstick color

Chris Shannon says:

is this Escentric Molecule 1, or Molecule 1? I heard that it comes in a binary set

Luke Wood says:

When you layer it with another scent is it better to apply it to the skin before the other fragrance or after?

The First Shall Be Last says:

It smells almost exactly like Bvlgari Black that came out in 1998. Yet it has a fainter smell and it’s slightly more peppery. It kinda reminds me of an antique furniture store. That’s a good thing btw.

Mr.C. Mr.W. says:

Sorry Mz. Tiff, But I Bought This And It Had No Scent To Me. But I Love All Of Your Other Reviews. I’d Also Would Like To Know Where Can I Purchase Samples Of Creed,So I Can Decide Which Ones I Want To Get For My Collection, Thank You In Advance. Keep Those Reviews Coming,I Trust Your Judgement!

Mark Ayres says:

Great video!

Shawns Day says:

I’ve seen jeremyfragrance talk about this also, I’ve heard it does great in high heat. Good review!

I A m Chazz Matazz says:

Tiffany.Could u plz explain to me why u are so Beautiful? its almost Enchanting.Also were can I buy this in London and what is the price?

BuddyKrispy says:

horrendous nonsense

jAyHanCe says:

such a beautiful face

Tiffany Gittens says:

I need to try that one… U look beautiful every time u do a vid

The Truth says:

Yo, I’m losing my mind. I literally just got stuck on how beautiful this woman is and I missed the whole video.

Bre Positive says:

Just got this in the mail today. My first reaction is ‘not impressed’. I don’t get the clean smell people are referring to. Will try it out for week and seee what happens.

Barts Face says:

Hey I heard that for some people it makes there pheromones smell like gasoline. Is this possible?

emigrate says:

One of the worst fragrances I have tried. Just smelt like pencil shavings

Dogmar Benguria says:

Beautiful review you are beautiful and very delicate, blessings

Pam Alkire says:

Your lips and makeup are insane​, super sexy. Is that important to prep in the morning? and how can I get them so plump looking? please help

1988remixx says:

I bought this about a month ago & was so excited. I was very disappointed. Smelled like your everyday cheaper mall designer juice.

Ǝ V R G O L D says:

Is it me or does it smell like the pages of a textbook lol just grab a textbook preferably a new, open it and sniff the inside get as close as you can to the spine and that’s about as close as I can get to describe this fragrance.

Dogmar Benguria says:

What a beautiful voice you have 🙂

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