Jeremy Fragrance Contest Review // Top 10 Fragrances For Men // Izaak Gutierrez

This video was so much fun to shoot. Again thanks to Jeremy for a nice opportunity and congrats on 200k.

Erika’s Top 3 –
Versace Eros –
Yve’s Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’homme –
Coach For Men –

Crystal’s Top 3…Well, 4 –
Ultra Male –
Coach For Men –
Versace Eros –
Yve’s Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’homme –

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mills7777 says:

yee i have like 30 plus frags and eros is my fav hands down its nuts shame its to much for the summer

pspjerry says:

izaak is god the first 20 seconds

Connah Jay says:

I love my YSL la nuit… I went to Macy’s today and had a session at the men’s fragrance counter. Smelled most of these… Eros definitely was the one I will add next to my collection. Side note, we all smelled Ultra Male… Waaaaay to sweet. Then Savauge, very old man smelling… Might need to try in my skin to get a better nose.

Rajveer singh says:

Jpg ultra male or Armani code Profumo

Cyrus jix says:

Please do ck euphoria intense

PurpleRhino says:

I love your outfit here Kristal :)))) Crystal? Kristal? Or Crystelle?

Beautiful clothing choice 🙂 love the colours too <3

Davv says:

You guys are so good i really had fun watching this <3

iamdxpe says:

Is she a virgo? The girl on the left ?

El Nido says:

Great video

I thought Dior Sauvage was going to be on the podium lol.

I would love to know how they would rate the original Le Male as I am trying to choose between it and Dior Sauvage.

Thanks David

Flavio Gonzalez says:


Роман Кравченко says:

What was that, number one choice Versace navy blue bottle? “Versace – ” ?

ali esmaili says:

What happened to the prada and salvatore ones?


no manche la chava le los lentes se ananda moneando con los perfumes ya hasta se quedo visca no manches

Kyle Coley says:

I love crystal’s expressions. She’s so cute, it’s addicting.

diom adad says:

Omg i came here cause i could not decide between eros and ultramale for a club/cold weather fragnance….now i still have no idea wich one i take

jlra1966 says:

You all rock!… Love the energy you all project and transmitted, and very well chosen.

bud row says:

Thanks for another great video.

Ernesto Campos says:

Obvio que es un canal en inglés pero yo los saludo en español. Buen canal buena información y las chicas super mega sexys

michael pitbull says:

I like the Wanted Azzarro but doesn’t it smell like the original Dial soap? I finally found out what it smells like by accident LOL!

Jennifer Bennett says:

Do you think Ultra Male is to sweet??

Jumper says:

No spicebomb?? :'(

Patrick Bateman says:

Love the far left girls smile, Goddamn. Awesome video

Mad Progress says:

Great video, did you use the reformulation of ysl lnl or the original?

Jony Nazaria says:

Versace eros very sexy

Maralk Frack says:

I choose Ultra Male and the girl with glasses.

johnny gallardo says:

Is 2018 still the same version of La Nuit de l home

Z31Rider says:

Lol… “If you wanna kiss a girl” I have a 2014 batch La nuit. It does the job with the Ladies.

Jeremy Fragrance says:

brave young man, you did a great job bro

Ronneil Camara says:

I did like this review this time unlike your 3 Invictus review where you tricked us when there was really no Intense present. Thanks for this video, it really helped me a lot!

andzelo majkelo says:

I love this Crystal girl, and Im using Ultra Male, this cant be coincidence, give me her number now

Thilo says:

Wow how cute is crystal with those glasses.

max larsen says:

Armani Colonia is not in jeremys list`?

Felipe N A says:

Great Video!

tpietropaolo01 says:

Haha girls love Eros I own it but kinda hate it..I really never reach for it..idk

Jennifer Bennett says:

WOW! those are some beautiful girls!!

Jeremy Fragrance says:


LenG says:

4:27 When she says : Why is your tongue blue *BRO* ?

*That hurts*

The Chairman says:

Erica is so cute and so much fun. Thank you for bringing sunshine into my day :))

Viktor Feher says:

Good to see eros and jpg ultra male,i have now adg profumo i had eros ,but ultra male never tried,and i need one sweet fragrance aside adg profumo!

MoahGentle says:

Question is, What would girls pick from Eros, Dylan Blue, Pour Homme and Man Eau Fraiche? Cause I’m planning to get the latter two but now I’m thinking about getting a sample of Eros and try/see the reactions. The Coach is in plan since a while but will most definitely pick up a bottle of it. Seems like a safe, pleasant everyday scent to me.

Anon yme says:

versace and la nuit de l’homme ♡♡♡

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