Jeremy Fragrance: The Best Long Lasting Fragrances

In this series of videos we are bringing to you perfume tips&tricks by famous fragrance reviewer – Jeremy Fragrance

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saqib sawar says:

I bought Acqua Di Gio after watching your video but it is not long lasting. This fragrance disappointed me , it just last less then 30 minutes

Corona light says:

What happened to notino? It doesn’t exist anymore?

Albert Tapia says:

Gotta love dis guy

Pos aditude says:

can you make a long lasting one for females?

HellGod67 says:

Half of the fragrances on your list last only 5 hours… that’s not long enough. I believe the one about eros tho.
I like the feeling of spraying a powerful frag on myself, like it’s going to go nuclear any moment.

Peter Scott says:

Just bought Versace Eros it has to be the best fragrance out there,

Barking Spider says:

Acqua DI Giò is so overrated. Awful cologne.

Mark Dayoc says:

I personally like Bentley Intense. One spray on chest and you’re good for all day. Great fall/winter scent.

Arunabh Arora says:

Hey Jeremy
I have been following you for the past 6 months. I go by your word and received many compliments for the fragrance you suggest.
Also i would like to inform you i really love the suits you wear. And the timepiece on your wrist.
It would me great if you could tell me which watch is it ??

BrendaR4 says:

So cute, really.

Mr YellowDickSwagger says:

i sprayed Eros on my hoodie when i first got it and didnt wear it and i smelled it 3-4 days later. only like 3 sprays but 3 sprays of that stuff is alot

Aykut Tümok says:

These are kid, synthetic, unnecessary, boring sweet trashs.

Bezo Balo says:

Since my Childhood Im hanging on Tommy Hilfiger!!!!!! But Dammmn since a half year I only use Versace Eros!

Chawn Crawley says:

Every damn video…all he does is talk about Aqua di Gio.

Michael Sidorov says:

What do you think about Gucci by Gucci and Gucci por homme II?


Colognes don’t have a age limit guys….what croc of sh*t!!!!

Xenomorph says:

Versace Eros long lasting? You must be joking, pal.

Travis says:

A “stinky”

Hussain hunk says:

Got a 2018 batch versace eros edt 200 ml totally disappointed by the sillage ans longetivity started my journey of fragrance but totaly disappointed from frist fragrance itself

Abdullah Farokhzad says:

Versace Éros is a monster , I’ve tested very perfumes but eros beat them all with just 2 sprays

Omar Farooq says:

they don’t last long all lies

Armin Bolt says:

I don’t like Parfums de marly pegasus

Nik Man says:

Chill with the twirls dude…. u r not Cinderella

Jacek Blaumann says:

why your videos are always overeposed? talk to your camera man 😉

Eno 509 says:

I really supprise to see the price on midnight in paris now an 24 gold

mian jalal says:

Jermy u told alot abt d nd g the one. Well its top mid nd base notes are same.just like a simple perfume.

KxK96 says:

Here’s from my experience:

Pour Homme by Dolce and Gabbana.
Burberry BRIT by Burberry
Gorse by Laboratory Perfumes (this is a UK fragrance, not widely known as it should be, but damn, it’s delicious and very long lasting, i highly recommend it)

Edward Garcia says:

Does all your pick are la parfum or eu de parfum or eu de toilette?

Sara B says:

This look suits you perfectly. Keep fresh and young

Aakash Bhattacharya says:

Hey Jeremy….PLEASE can u give your reviews on L’occitane eau de perfume/toilette…..please….

Kaiser Yetib says:

one question,
is Versace Eros for the summer ok?

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