La Nuit de L’Homme Review by Yves Saint Laurent | Perfume Review | YSL LA NUIT DE L’HOMME

LA NUIT DE L’HOMME Yves Saint Laurent for Men –

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David Fawaz says:

I like this fragrance but had to give it away reason being every time I put it on I get a bad headache and I don’t know why

Preme says:

Good afternoon Mrs Benson, I am Yohiness Preme from Atlanta and I just watched your review on the YSL fragrance. I just have to say great job and all the success to you. In my opinion
this fragrance to me.. though it comes off as a casual, playful, go out and meet new people fragrance.. it’s real agenda is for those cool down, 1 hour out of the shower, quiet moments with your favorite lady and or etc.. I say this because I have and do enjoy getting my share of compliments and added confidence every time apply it. im so glad you attractively stated this fragrance is lacking in performance! because it is, however.. I find that it is still adored by both the wearer and his victim. For this reason I have always found this fragrance to be the most appropriate tool when Im in need to be around and enjoy that special someone. Even if its only for a short period of time. Thank you for the video

Jonathon Noecker says:

Did you use the toilette version or the Parfume version?

James Andrew says:

If you have to pick one, L’Homme or La Nuit de L’Homme?

victor salas says:

I actually bought tester of this one, and i actually got a 2011 batch for $40 lol and it was the only tester he had 🙁 if he had more, i would have bought all of them

bloodymirgoku says:

i wanna buy a Perfum for men what would you recommend for me that lasts 4-6 hrs by the way you are Gorgeous.

Rawaha Anjum says:

Ur such a sweetheart tiff I love u with all my heart and all your work is appreciated

kionne123 says:

I sprayed some on my wrist at a perfume store in the mall. I walked the mall for a hour and no longer smelled the fragrance. For almost $90 USD I would expect better performance with projection and longevity. Maybe the intense version will be better

Muziqness says:

This is my favorite sent and also one of my top compliment getters. I think I may have the original version as I do not have projection issues at all with this. It’s actually quite loud for a full day. I purchased my bottle around 4-ish years ago. I didn’t know it has been reformulated :(, so sad to hear that. Looks like I’ll need to conserve the rest I have.

Hemen Kareamg says:

I tested at the store when I came home after 2 hours I couldn’t smell it any more on my skin. but dior was still smell strong

Red Cobra says:

Noooo it does last fr I use it all the time and it spends days on my shirt

Remy Wash says:

Wow I was going to say that the longevity is great …..on me I can apply once and when I wake up in the morning I would still smell it …..maybe I have the original

William Fraser says:

One of my most charming fragrances

Nuwan Wijayalath says:

I love La Nuit de L’Homme. I love everybody who loves La Nuit de L’Homme. No other perfume like this one. I smell it when i get angry, nervous, or feeling bored. it instantly fix my mood.

samuel abiodun says:

I own a bottle and it’s AMAZING

G Nye says:

one of my fave fragrances before they reformulated it. For the amount of money this fragrance sets u back the performance and projection is a total joke. I agree with u Tiff, stop messing with our fragrances!!!

cholito1989 says:

I just subscribed. Just promise you’ll keep the mens fragrances going. lol. As for should I buy, or not? Dony Buy! Once YSL Realizes they are loosing $ they’ll be begging to bring the old formula back. At least to where they legally can. From my understanding some of the notes are now banned from formulation due to 3% of the worlds population having allergies. Dumb…

Mark says:

This is my favorite scent, but I hate sauvage

Slow Life says:

can you please review supreme bouquet by YSL thank you

Dewayne Thompson says:

I have both L’homme and La nuit…i like both, average performance on me. both smell really good.

Alexander Nmoma says:

I have the vintage, I think it’s strong actually have a good amount of it and it came with oil base after shave balm

Davon Barber says:

i own it, but its not n my top 3

victor salas says:

Occassions, id say this is strictly for close encounters, for this formulation

Pete King says:

I smelled about 10 different colognes and this was by far the best. I bought a bottle thinking it would be my secondary and i think it’ll be my first. I’ve had no issues with performance. That said, I spray on my clothes, not my skin

Aerol Ford Paguntalan says:

I have 2 vintage bottles, 1 for keeps another for a great price.

James Paps says:

My god Tiffany you need to stop being so gorgeous. I cant keep going broke buying all these fragrances lol.

Modest661 says:

You are a dream!! a Sit down on a night out with you would be Mesmerizing!


i bought a bottle couple of months ago and i can tell you honestly that it is the best fragrance of all time. the scent is just amaaaazing! i can’t really stop smelling myself all day long when i wear it.

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