L’Homme by Prada Fragrance / Cologne Review

Presentation: 1:07 | Smell: 2:01 | Rating: 4:49

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A fragrance review / cologne review of L’Homme by Prada. Thanks for watching!

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Ahmed Mostafa says:

You are completely right, this one its ok but really not like as I expected as it’s not cheap. disappointed.

Jo5ue1 says:

You should stick with niche Fragrances, not ever cologne needs to smell weird to be called a great fragrance. I think who ever buys this cologne buys it for its cleanliness vibe and not because they expect something that transform into some crazy smell that only fragrance snobs would appreciate it.

Dillo159 says:

What are you gonna do when your fragrances expire?

SDtacoslammer says:

I’d buy it if it lasted. Smells good at first, but gone within a couple hours for me

D Leal says:

Do you feel similar to Prada Amber pour lomme ? I’d hate to spend on same scent. Great video

ronnie mori says:

would the ladies prefer L’homme by YSL over Prada L’homme?

ryan james says:

hmm the atomizer on mine doesnt go all the way to the bottom. is that normal? it only goes about half way down.

308bushmaster says:

Sorry but I have to disagree with you on this review. I purchased this and it smells wonderful to me , I’m always getting compliments when I wear this fragrance , I get like 7 hrs on my skin.

Ascendo Tuum says:

It is simple…and that’s the beauty of it. In my “world” every woman who has smelled me likes it a lot. I get a Bazooka bubble gum opening. Iris is overrated as a masculine note anyway. It’s a “metro-sexual” note, that’s for sure.

nikhil23 says:

Don’t know why you don’t like this one.. it’s my best office scent and honestly this is capable of being anyone’s signature scent.. I can’t stop smelling my hand..anyways to each his own

ITS Prof_C says:

I wasnt a huge fan of it the first time i smelled it. prada l’femme i think is amazing and i bought it for my mother. i kept hearing how much people love the smell of prada l’homme so i bought it just to have it. I also picked up john varvatos artisian aqua and Robert Graham courage.

Nicky T says:

This is good but I think the L’Homme Intense is way better

Christian I Barnes says:

L’homme > Luna Rosa

Ray Zhong says:

Steven, have you tried infusion d’iris cedre? I’ve heard that it’s the EDP version of the discontinued infusion d’homme. If you have, do you find them similar? Thanks.

Jordan Russell says:

I agree it smells nothing like Dior’s scent! I dislike Dior’s scent and loved this enough to buy it – if they were so similar to me, my opinions wouldn’t be so polarising.

Nirvana Of Monkasar says:

Here where I live it costs 110 dollars.

The Chairman says:

Totally agree with your analysis. Bought this on a recommendation and won’t buy again unless it halves in price.
Projection is minisule, longevity is minimal and the smell is non-offensive, about the only positive going for it.
I’m tempted to blend it with something, to give it something !!

John Perez says:

Now that you mentioned it, what do you think about Dior Homme Eau? I have multiple bottles of it, and have gotten many compliments with it.

Free soul says:

u don’t know what u are taking about. stupid

Scott Geoffrey says:

This is one of the best scents I’ve smelt in years.

hazel calica says:

i was just thinking and supposed to ask u which one should i choose.. this or dior savage..thank u for your review steven!!

Ascendo Tuum says:

Teacher to Teacher, I completely disagree with you on Dior Homme being a better choice. Dior Homme is absolutely not only metro-sexual, but a woman could easily wear it. Prada L’Homme, may be metro-sexual, but I can’t really see any woman wearing it. Other than that, a good opinion review as usual. Teachers Rock!!!

Mario Chanderbhan says:

What is that timepiece on wrist Steve?

Pardon Me says:

This stuff is an addictively fresh and enjoyable frag. I normally concur with your takes on fragrances, but to me, this is a must have.

Marcus P says:

Great video Steven! Do you think Dior Homme Eau is better than Prada L’Homme though?

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