Man Eau Fraiche by Versace Fragrance / Cologne Review

Presentation: 1:08 | Smell: 2:13 | Rating: 6:31

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A fragrance review / cologne review of Versace Man Eau Fraiche. Thanks for watching!

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Bottle sizes available: 1oz, 1.7oz, 3.4oz, and 6.7oz
Concentration: Eau de toilette

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Jazz Baker says:

Bought it for myself for Xmas my girl won’t stay off me

Nick Kenner says:

ive had this cologne before. i wanted to try out fregrancenet and they were running a 25% deal so i bought this 3.4 and blind bought a 3.4 of versace pour homme cause i heard so many good things about. the packaging and construction of the bottle look perfect on both. but the man eau fraiche , when i spray initially it smells overbearing of alcohol but when it drys down after 30 seconds to a minute it smells how it is supposed to smell and its fantastic. the pour home has only a slight smell of alcohol but same thing when it dries down after 30 seconds to a minute it smells absolutely incredible but barely lasts for an hour or 2 if that. is it fake? thinking about going to macys to compare

Filippo Favretto says:

Is it similar to Cristian Dior Cologne?

Barry Conway says:

very professional review

Johnny Campfire says:

This smells great but I get terrible longevity with this.

truth for those who seek says:

“fraiche” it’s the same as fresh but with a guttural R…fResh!

אבישי דרעי says:

I liked this perfume very much womaen love it too
what other perfumes can you reccomand me in the same scencecategory?

Arnas Dre says:

True compliment getter, feels like summer . I get sparkling citrus fruity aquatic, quite strong note of starfruit which gives exotic fruity appeal. Great projection for a freshie. girls love this one. Only I don’t like is the smaller bottles sizes, , not comfortable in the hand, bad sprayers. 100ml is the size to go for, feels and sprays much better and price is still pretty low.

salvattore69 says:

I got it as a gift and I am actually upset!

Ibrahim T says:


GGScOpEZ says:

I got this but it’s not strong enough for people to smell it ):

M Shlock says:

Sorta unique fresh citrus-to-herbal fragrance with fairly linear staying power. And I feel it has a salty note that no-one else comments on. A Summer critical scent! Really lasts, albeit with close projection after it dries down and has softened a bit, for many, many, hours. By lunch time the gal in the cube next to you should not be able to smell you. A little synthetic, sorry, to me but is semi – safe if you don’t over do it which means two, MAYBE three, good sprays to me — I could see this being cloying if not headache inducing if one douses themselves. Like it, not love it, but I see where it may be a hot weather staple dumb reach.

Dmytro Fonotov says:

Hi Steaven!Can you do review on Versace Man original if you have one in your collection?Thanks.

Chemically Assisted says:

This shit smells like something my mom wears when going to church

Hakim عبد الخالق says:

Great review!Excellent fragrance for the Summer and Spring. I wear it to work indoors, Last around 5 hours on my skin.

salvattore69 says:

I dont like it… I love Versace perfumes for men but Eau Fraiche just doesnt make the cut…
I got it as a gift set together with the shower gel and a money clip and I am actually disappointed and I am thinking if I can exchange it. But the person who gave it to me is a great friend of mine so I had to take it.
I love fresh smells but this one reminds me of “wet grass” and “stench of humidity” that just doesnt blend well…
I am sorry but it is most definitely NOT for me.
Eros and Versace Pour Homme are way better, the smell more masculine and fresh, although Eros is a bit on the sweet side but still both beat Eau Fraiche by 1000 miles!!!!
It was a gift and I had to accept it I would NEVER WASTE MY MONEY ON THIS PERFUME…
I respect other people like it but it smells terribly…

voidz says:

This or Versace Pour Homme?

Tauke Ori Perfumes says:

Hi guys, we are selling perfumes 100% authentic original perfume for Versace Man Eau Fraiche EDT 100ml (MYR 186) and other perfumes. Check out my facebook page

Chew Cox says:

to me it smells shitty

Dean Spence says:

matching tie and pocket square is a no go

Boss Vids says:

I watched the complete video so its only fair I give my opinion. I really like your video format and how in depth you get into the scents. It makes me care about your opinion. Keep it up. Sub from me

Zach Taylor says:

Versace Pour Homme or Eau Fraiche for summer?


i just got it, it smells fucking amazing

Saimmon Ramalho says:

Do you send to Brazil

Iroquois666 says:

Managed to pick up a 200 ml bottle of this as a semi blind buy… Serious bargain for £40 😀

I could literally bath in this stuff, my go to juice for summer now…

John Okane says:


Rohan Kapoor says:

Hey , could you share your top 5 soapy and lemon based scents for summer that have amazing projection. I am currently using green irish tweed & Issey Miyake Can I use mugler cologne in summers ?

Capt. - F/V Atlantica says:

By far one of the best aquatics on the market. Just simply amazing. Not boring or generic. Sadly this one doesn’t perform well

Ya Boi Trapezius says:

it’s difficult to find good unbiased cologne reviews and your reviews are by far the best I have seen as they are neither biased or boring.very well organized and you earned a subscriber after the first review of yours I saw…I have this cologne and I gotta say it’s my signature scent…we don’t have very cold winters here in southern NM and cold falls are practically nonexistent so I will see how it does further in the year here.

datstocklyfe says:

is it true that it smells slightly feminine

Michael Diaz says:

Good review

daniel smith says:

When you said it’s a phenomenal scent 8/10 that word is quite strong for i think a generic kind’a fragrance. Sorry..Don’t get me wrong it’s a nice scent coz one of my friends love it. But i think there are better choices out there and with better longevity.. BTW you got an amazing set up there. Hope you keep your treasures in a controlled room temperature. And my best wishes to your upcoming wedding..So happy for you man…

95TurboSol says:

This vs Invictus, which do you prefer?

B yourself says:

i got this as a gift i love it !!!

Alex Francisco says:

My girlfriend got me this cologne but I worry if it’s fake the box looks like yours she got me the 3.4 oz bottle with the price to good to be true. Can you help me out

Maurice Sas says:

This fragrance is not groundbreaking but it works perfect in the summer. The starfruit gives it a very pleasant summer vibe. I only wear this in summer because in winter you almost smell nothing. I received many compliments with this fragrance.

albert ferro says:

Awesome video Steven !!

Bob Xu says:

can you review mont blanc individuel 😀

Gamerforlife327 says:

My dad has it but it’s almost out

MrVuittonboy says:

I love this Versace Eau Fraiche! I buy it continuously, just get my 6th bottle!

Vad Cuber says:

What’s the name of the male model of this smell? My mom is interested…not me

MisterRoshi says:

believe it or not, this one can be pulled off in early to mid fall. you notice the spicy notes a little more but its still great.

Jari Wintersun says:

Comprehensive review. Thank you.

Vishwadeep Babuji says:

Hi, will you recommend this or Versace Eros ?

mwboost says:

Though smells different I sometimes get an acqua di gio vibe from it.

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