Men and Women Don’t Buy these Fragrances!

Safe Blind Buy Fragrances but not modern anymore:
1:55 Chanel Allure Homme Sport
3:09 Dior J’adore
4:39 Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male
6:54 Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue
8:02 Thierry Mugler Angel Man
10:07 Tom Ford Black Orchid

Top 5 Fragrances for Men:

Top 5 Fragrances for Women:

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Braden Armstrong says:

You should do an update of this video soon. Keep up the great work

anju neemy says:

wo0ow she is hot i fi***** . give u 5000$

Musicology1975 says:

That coat and color is mesmerizing. Dracula red

Felicity Faulkner says:

Is the Angel Man the man version of Angel?

The Bizness says:

Jeremy always keeps a bad bitch!

teroel says:

I’ve always loved DnG Light Blue, thanks for the Versace tip.

Lee says:

Jeremy Fragance… the next James BOND 007 😉

Mark Gibson says:

Jeremy, you seem to give your own opinion alot, ladies should decide what smells best on a Man, of course there is differences of opinion, but you need a network of ppl to ask many women and not just a few what fragrances for Men they like best, also, you speak of compliments you get from woman about certain fragrances then you suggest those fragrances to your viewer’s based on the compliments you get, Dude, you could spray Windex behind each ear and get a compliment, you should ask unattractive men about the compliments they get because you’ll know for sure the compliments are genuine, question….how did you accumulate sooo many fragrances?

Aron Kardumovic says:

You forgot; Boss Bottled

L. M. M. says:

Ive been kicking the dead horse that is is so over..Dior destroyed that formula

Diane Harrison says:

I love light blue

Monique Smith says:

Sorry Gabrielle is too weak and boring

Bill Jackson says:

Your jacket is incredible, but you have to be a boss pimp to pull it off like Jeremy does.

Liliana Chelu says:

You have a stupid Assistent…..

William Aguirre says:

I have been searching for a video that´s called idem; i remember that start with an honorable mention with Sander for men. Why i can´t find it anymore?

Paras Kapotra says:

Jeremy which is the best best best fragrance you love. Without which you think you die.

Andrei Rădulescu says:

When Jeremy posts, you take a break from work and watch the damn video

kenyatta crisp says:

I actually sold my Sauvage because so many people I know wears it. Funny thing is, I just bought a 120ml bottle of Allure sport Cologne I’ve been wearing for the past few days now as my summer scent. Haven’t gotten any compliments yet but I wanted to try a more sharp and clean fragrance vs the usual sweet spicy fragrances I’m use to wearing.

Jay Al says:

If you didn’t now , the thing is after 1999. The perfume industry cares more about quantity .

William Farley says:

Jeremy, keep this girl around. She has something to add to each scent. She compliments you perfectly.

Betsy Green says:

Love all of these videos. Still trying to find my signature scent!

helenagoblet says:

I want an alternative to D&G light blue intense. I don’t like the initial lemon and green apple. Any suggestions?

MoahGentle says:

We. Want. More. Sara.

Jay Al says:

J’adore mixes so well with my body chemistry , it doesn’t smell sweet on me but very different.
The same with butterfly Hanae mori , even though the note was strawberry , when I was in the hospital visiting my relative , the nurses would ask if I brought cupcakes because I smell so strong like it. I said no . It’s very interesting .

MsMarie0072 says:

Dolce and Gabbana last 24 hours on me

Alex Puig says:

Silicone tits…

sNow says:

i get goosebumps when I see lara

Ray Webb says:

What about Canoe!

Central Intelligence Agency says:

How do you smell a headache?

Capnvig KK says:

But I really like jadore by Dior

Brandon Vyper says:

she has one of the most beautiful set of eyes I’ve ever seen..

da chef says:

Ultra male is slightly weaker than the original. Original le male last like 13 hours on me where ultra lasts 8

bobie dime says:

What’s up with versace pour homme

khattiyarat sattayakul says:

I think Gabrielle like Jadore^^

Beebee 90 says:

It’s Dior sauvage (sssooowaaasch)

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