Men’s Best Cologne Mix | A Man’s Life in 8 Fragrances | Perfume Collection Advice

Men’s Best Cologne Mix | A Man’s Life in 8 Fragrances | Perfume Collection Advice

Welcome to Big Beard Business, Youtube’s authority in men’s beard growth, beard care, urban fashion, fragrance reviews, fitness and lifestyle. In today’s video Big Beard B of Big Beard Business discusses a man’s life in 8 fragrances.

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The Fragrance Journey

1. A Boy’s First Fragrance

2. The ‘Fit In’ Fragrance

3. The Scent Of Dating Success

4. Cologne For The Alter

5. The ‘F**k You!’ Fragrance

6. A Scent For A Man In His Forties

7. The ‘I’ve Arrived’ Fragrance

8. The Finely Matured Fragrance


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Famous Benz says:

My “I’m going to f your girl” fragrance is La Nuit De L’homme because I really did that at a party haha

luis chavez says:


Khalid Ahmed says:

men any tips for growing a full beard lol

lee w says:

love d n g the one EDP got a bottle love it

The Tech Librarian says:

Therry mulgar cologne in the green bottle in a hidden gem look it up

Tripp Doogan says:

Man… that By Man from Dolce&gabbana was a hit!!!!! Not many know about that one. I couldn’t believe they discontinued that. That hurt me.

Jeremy Sharpe says:

By the fireplace is so freaking dope. My gf got it for me and every time I spray it, she’s stuck to everywhere I sprayed it

A Scented Soul says:

Green Irish Tweed is amazing and so is Jazz Club by Replica. Great video!

Marwan Daief says:

Sorry man but the seventh one I can’t get it …

FragBoy Stewie says:

Love your videos bro…subscribed!

Rohan Mehta says:

Burberry touch is awsum .. one of my favs ..


Nice vid! 🙂

Der'Ral L. says:

By The Fire Place Is AMAZING!!

Tim Dasilva says:

That’s a good list of occasions there lol
Good concept for a vid.

AGentlemansJourney says:

Interesting video. I sent you a personal message through YT but also tweeted you in regards to us working together.

Khalid Ahmed says:

amazing one mr beardo lol
btw did u ever reviewed or used an middle east fregrnce.
men they are cool for sure.
for example daarej from the house of rasasi and hawas from same house.
and thier is my best one legend by the house Ember.

Durrell Grinage says:

AB Paris

Bre Positive says:

I’m 41 and I would never purchase Green Irish Tweed. It put me in the mindset of Old Spice, Stetson, or Brut. That crap the crack heads would sell to my grandmother for $1 a bottle. Bond No. 9 Oud and Brooklyn are nice and great compliment getters. When you turn 40, and you take care of your self by hitting the gym, eating healthy and your money’s good, nothing changes. It actually gets better.

DUICE08 says:

good call on the Apple Brandy!!! love that stuff!


Whats Up? Great Vid! Been waiting on this..gud info!

Derek Jones says:

Sauvage really don’t smell good

Blueman Cloud Fragrances says:

Cologne is not the same as edt. Word gets used too much. I have edt’s and edp’s, not colognes.

J Copeland says:

Great list bro!

Sean Doyle says:

Look at this on eBay

Here’s the By Man you’re looking for.

S says:

1. A Boy’s First Fragrance – Mont Blanc Legend

2. The ‘Fit In’ Fragrance – Prada Luna Rossa

3. The Scent Of Dating Success – V&R Spicebomb

4. Cologne For The Alter – Acqua Di Parma Colonia Essenza

5. The ‘F**k You!’ Fragrance – Creed Bois Du Portugal

6. A Scent For A Man In His Forties – Creed Himilaya

7. The ‘I’ve Arrived’ Fragrance -Yves Saint Laurent M7

8. The Finely Matured Fragrance – Gucci Pour Homme (2003) — Oh I miss that one the most. They used to sell them at Marshall’s $25 for a 50ml

A Scented Soul says:

Yo, Bois du Portugal is a GEM, and Royal Oud. Both are def I’ve Arrived scents!

Edwin Youngblood Jr says:

I’m just curious. Big Beard B, about how many different colognes do you personally own?

Kelby where can i find that tshirt Ramsey says:

by man by dolce an gabbannid on scentmastets 59 .99 kelbyramsey@yahoo

Alonso Moreno says:

Aventus is my ” Im going to F you girl ” fragrance

afzaal1987 says:

The fuck you fragrance

luke delpriore says:

Tell your viewers how much you love Tom Ford noir anthracite

glensigma says:

Yo, CK One Shock smelled like bug spray to me at first, then it grew on me and I smelled the finer parts of it. I ended up liking it so much tha tI bought another bottle. It could be that I was wearing it in the Middle East Heat, but I don’t know Lol

Ryan Guy says:

Big Beard Business Dope video. You should start doing fragrance review collaborations with the other reviewers in the community Brooklyn Fragrance Lover, Redollesence, Fragrance Bros, Simply Put Scents, Dradoc, etc.

benguin7 says:

Cool video.

1. A Boy’s First Fragrance–Dior Savage

2. The ‘Fit In’ Fragrance: Bleu de chanel

3. The Scent Of Dating Success: PR Invictus Aqua

4. Cologne For The Alter: Amouage Jubilation xxv

5. The ‘F**k You!’ Fragrance: Tom Ford Patchouli Absolu

6. A Scent For A Man In His Forties: Aqua di gio profumo

7. The ‘I’ve Arrived’ Fragrance: Xerjoff Uden

8. The Finely Matured Fragrance: Amouage Memoir Man

FuckYou,PayMe says:

I’ve seen dozens of top 10 fragrances for spring, summer, fall, winter, office, school, date, clubbing, one night stands, gym, dog walking, prison, deep sea diving, and trips to the moon, and no one ever mentions By Kilian.

Mark Ayres says:

Nice video!

Stefano says:

Holy shit By for men D&G was my fav! Totally forgot about it, used to wear it all the time back in Italy …loved it! I’ll be looking for it now

Kelby where can i find that tshirt Ramsey says:

you good boss are you gonna do a review on it

Steve Oosterhof says:

Guerlaine L’instant Homme is my signature scent around work and church. Ysl La Nuit and Perry Ellis Red is what the ladies adore on dates. Man Made 1821 is for outdoor activities and hanging out with the boys. Thierry Mugler Pure Malt accompanies me when I do road trips on my Harley.

Jonathan Reeves says:

Been following long enough to automatic like. This is gonna be gold.

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