Mens Fragrance Oils Review (Perfume Parlour)

I wanted to make a video about the many fragrance oils I have bought from Perfume Parlour and my experiences with them.

Perfume Parlour:

Reviews Coming up:

*Armaf – Club De Nuit Intense MAN (Aventus Clone, I’m Still testing this one)

*Federico Mahora – FM 195 (D&G: The One Clone, Still waiting for it to come in the mail, can’t wait!)

*Federico Mahora – FM 224 (CH: Men Clone, still testing this one out)

*Armaf – Tres Nuit (GIT/COOLWATER/CHEZ BOND Type fragrance, really nice!)

*Armaf – Tres Bon (Love this one, has an Aventus vibe but mixed with violet and lavender)

*Armaf – iDivo (Aventus Clone)

I am not promoting perfume parlour, I’m just sharing my experience with this particular brand of fragrance oils 🙂


sagar ahuja says:

Hi there! I’ve recently started to use perfume oils, so everything is okay but there is no projection. What should I do?

Imehta7 says:

do you know of any reputable websites selling fragrance oils based in the United States? thanks

johan nguyen says:

hey it’s Tintin lol

Fabi baeker says:

Hey Killafrags,

im from germany and i did not understand everything from your video.

My question is whether these oils have enough projection that peoole who are around me ( 1,5 meter) can smell me?

Can you summ up this Video in a few sentences. Good Video bro.

Luke Mosse says:

Thanks for this. I mix them with a small amount of vodka and put them in atomizers. It means they disperse well. I don’t really like using the rollerballs. Will check out the ones you recommended!

Samuel Gustav says:

I’ve been trying some of the oils from PP, funny thing, I think the control quality is really weird, for example my black afgano is very very weak so I was surprised to see yours is powerful… very weird, I sometimes buy them oils, but I got some very weak oils from them, like you said, sometimes is seems you get only the carrier oil with some fainted fragrance in them, my biggest concern if this is indeed the case, if I buy a bigger roller of one of my favorite oil and I get one with more carrier oil and weaker smell :/ I’ve tried getting some response from them about this issue, but got ignored or the question was avoided. All in all with some luck you really get some amazing fragrances.

From the ones I have my favorites are indeed: Aventus (powerful stuff very very good), virgin island water (coconut lime, summer delight) The One (love this one, will buy more, probably my favorite) Back to black (honey and more honey, very sweet and strong indeed) Dior Homme intense (oh my god, almost as good as the original, almost 😉 ) Noir de Noir (kinda chocolaty rose, amazing) Oud Malaki (sweet tobbaco really nice) Oud Wood (not my favourite but good fresh woody) Panther (a copy from the women perfume by cartier, very good copy)

Others i’ve ordered but was too weak like black afgano and some others for women, i’ve bought the tobbaco vanile and reviewed it on their site, yup too much tobbaco, really disgusting.

Got curious about some of them you talked about 🙂 maybe I will order some next time.

dirkmike says:

I also orderded here some. But if you look on they site i have a tip. If you want to buy larger quentaties of a frag look at they prices. 3ml goes for like 2.25 6ml for 3.50 10 ml goes for 5 and 36ml goes for 20. Looking at this you are best off buying they 10 ml…….

pierre janvier says:

love your video been watching your review very interesting . I would love if you can make a list of the perfume on this video

Jarvis Frye says:

Hey, did you (or anyone else) tested the aventus clone ?
Great video

Juan R.d.O says:

Thanks for your review mate!
i was wondering with one of the oils have more sillage ? any beast?
have you even tried the oils from the perfumepeople?
thanks and keep the videos going!

Bernardo Cardoso says:

I enjoyed your video. What are the main differences/similarities between fragrance oils and the original fragrance sprayers? Now that you have these oils, do you feel buying conventional fragrances a rip off?

Christian Osorio says:

Mr. KillFags do fragrance oils actually project scent so that people will actually be able to smell you? which oil name projects the best

mc ifty says:

la nuit back in stock. have just ordered 36ml oil. hope it is good

nolan trotman says:

what size are the oils your showing

David G says:

Thanks for your videos – ordered 5 today. Here’s hoping. Keep up the great work, very informative.

theandroids says:

I’ve just started buying some of the oils on ebay and i’m completely shocked at the ones I’ve gotten. Tom ford and creed montale etc amazingly similar 99-100% and in some cases better. Even Aventus is amazing. Cafe Rose, Tuscan Leather WOW! I will be saving on the real thing from now on for the most part.

Neo Tsebe says:

Hi KillaFrags. Love the video’s, keep them coming. How and where do you apply the oils and how much for maximum longevity and projection? Thanks in advance.

Patrick Johnson says:

love your video reviews. very informative. also love that welsh accent its awesome

Maximus Genatilia says:

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on Armaf Idivo. I bought it and I’m not too keen on it.

Fun with Frags says:

Awesome video man, love to see more frag oil reviews! 😉

James Holman says:

cracking stuff. I’ve also been waiting ages for frozen cologne to come back in stock! I’ve tried rubbing the oils in and I find it seems to lower the overall performance. I find keeping them in my pocket warms them up though and they seem to apply better and more liberally. it’s like they thicken when they get cold and less comes out. good ones I’ve had from PP that you didn’t mention are Original Santal, Amouage Reflection, and Tom Ford’s Oud Fleur. worth a go next time you put an order in!

Neil Smith says:

Love the channel. Keep it up. Have you tried the Bleu De Chanel copy?

John Nimmo says:

I have currently been using oils made by Swiss Arabian and my oh my the quality is incredible regarding clones and longevity

KnightOfTheKing says:

Perfume Parlour are just great. I have many oils and sprays from them. Most are really close. Especially good for things like Acqua Di Parma and Black Afgano. Also discontinued stuff like M7 lives on through Perfume Parlour 🙂

Asmat Ali says:

Great Video how is the projection and sillage

Mosh Ali says:

mate your videos are getting better, you are one of the most real reviewer on YouTube, love your videos. keep up the good work.

evilprada101 says:

Hi Killa, what is perfumedust? i mean i see that as an option to buy on the website.

Handsome Smells says:

brilliant video pal! I’m looking to get some perfume parlour!

Kinta02 says:

Hey KillaFrags you received FM 195 by now? If so could you give a quick overview on smell and performance? 🙂

ColourForBlinds says:

Thank you so much for sharing!

Mike Lykan says:

I’ve ordered Tuscan Leather and Dior homme intense from Perfume Parlour. Is this company as good as some of the reviews? Or are their clone’s limited.

Russell Crowe says:

I just received some oils from Purfume Parlour and they do smell strong, but not like the original fragrance; the top notes aren’t as punchy. Do you think the major Niche and designer fragrance houses cheat customers with the EDP concentrations? Personally, it should be at least 50% by volume, but the EDP is a measly 33% at best.

Supa Dupa says:

Please review viali perfumes. They are clones of designer

Hamid Dhais says:

what do you think of the sillage/projection for oils ? I know some oils have poor projection but last for ever as skin scent

sdrawkcabvag says:

hey man! dont know if u saw, but perfume parlour just came out with a regular YSL La Nuit oil, not frozen. Thought i’d let you know 🙂

Mackcore007 says:

nice vid bro

Chris Broadbent says:

Okay, this might sound like a stupid question but here goes. I’ve bought from Perfume Parlour quite a few times now but have always bought the sprays. Are the oils the roll ons they have listed on the site?

raikahoken says:

Hey killa, I recently bought a haul from PP. The La Nuit one was not good at all man, smells nothing like La Nuit, zero spiciness, just sweet floral notes. Maybe it’s not the same anymore? There were some goodies there, like Black Afgano, DHI, The One and Aventus. I have a question, there is this sharp metallic note in all the oils, which is apparently caused by the oils reacting with the plastic roller caps. How do you deal with this? Get another bottle? What kind of bottle?

Fred Bill says:

I will definitely check this site out. Since I have school it would be way easier to use and bring around

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